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There were plenty of collection points to visit and the monsters were pretty tough.

So along with the increase in floors it was already 4pm by the time we reached the safe area outside of the boss room.

“We finally made it!”

“I’m tire~d.”

It seems having to move around that much was quite tough on both Rana and Hannah since as soon as we were safe they sat down with their backs to each other.

I tried to take the shortest route possible to the collection points but we did walk around quite a bit more than usual and the battles were tougher so even with taking breaks in between the levels everyone was more tired than usual.

But, it was worth it and we gathered a fair number of materials since once we got down to the tenth floor there weren’t as many depleted collection points.

It almost seemed that the upperclassmen didn’t have time to worry about collecting once they had reached the lower levels.

Of course we went to the other hidden doors as planned as well.

Ciara was looking at me weirdly as I was able to pinpoint the doors every time but the others were absorbed in the chests behind the doors.

Should Ciara have been excited about the chests as well All of the chest in the hidden doors are silver or above and there are no wooden chests as rare items are pretty much guaranteed behind one.

All of the chests we received this time were silver.

[T/N: I messed up it was a silver chest they found first.

Apparently I was excited as well and just willed it to be gold….

It was not.

The site is being buggy so I can’t go and change it right now.]

“We have the boss fight after this, will we be alright”

“Yeah, but fighting it multiple times might be a little rough.”

“I’ll do it! Even if Hannah collapses I’ll cover her!”

Hannah responded tiredly to Ciara’s worries while Rana seemed highly motivated.

The originally plan though was to have Hannah use alchemy to make items here and use those items to fight the boss but she seemed to tired to be able to do this.

This never happened in the game so I guess I need to pay a little more attention to my party members in the real life version.

“Lets take a break for an hour or so and then we can fight the boss.

After that whether we fight it again or not will depend on everyone’s condition after the first fight.”

“Okay we don’t mind.”

Ester was already preparing to take a break, of course there’s no need to rush since we are already at our end goal for the day.

After an hour had passed and we stuffed ourselves with sweets that Hannah had made, we all felt revitalized and ready to fight the boss.

We walked through the gate and saw it sitting there meaning there was no rare boss this time, I was kind of disappointed.

“What is that green thing”

Despite my explanation when we were taking a break Rana seems to have no idea what she is looking at.

“Thats the cactus type boss monster, Cactuar.”

“Ca, ct, us”

“No, the syllables don’t separate like that.

It’s cactus.”

It’s entirely different from the one that appears in the famous fantasy games… I swear.

It’s a large monster that is 5 meters tall and it looks nothing like the one in the other game.

It had wide round eyes and a similar open mouth, and the red bud on top of it will burst summoning a poison cloud so it’s recommended to get rid of it quickly.

The boss doesn’t move at all and it attacks using long range style attacks where it shoots it’s thorns.

The downside is that unlike other bosses that would focus on the tank this one will shoot thorns at everyone so you have to be careful.

And since it specializes in long range attacks you can’t really aim for a defensive win against this boss.

Although it does have a pattern to its attacks where it will pause its attack for a while so the theory behind defeating this boss is to attack it during those pauses.


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