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“Ah, there’s a collection point.”


We searched the floors for places where we could collect materials but the upperclassmen seemed to be focusing on them as well so we didn’t find very many.

Honestly I was happy to find any at all as we searched all the places that I could remember.

“How’d we do this time”

“We got some materials!”

“Alright, let’s keep this going!”

The items we are gathering right now are important items for Hannah to be able to continue dungeon diving with us in the future.

Although we won’t actually be making any of the items until we get to the rest area outside of the boss room.

“Oh a monster! Guys lets get it!”

Rana was on guard as we were collecting materials.

She sounded excited like a gamer who was totally absorbed by the game they were playing.

I thought it was kind of nice as Hannah and I gathered our things and headed over to where the shout had come from.

“It looks like there are 5 Trees this time.

I’ll support you so, if you don’t mind Ciara.”

“Leave it to me! 《Provocation》!”

The battle seems to have already started before Hannah and I even arrived.

I understand the excitement but could you be a little more patient

“Don’t leave me out! 《Sonic Sword》!”

“《Fire Lance》!”

Most of what appears in this dungeon are plant type monsters.

This time it was a monster that looked like a moving fir tree with vines growing out of the top, it’s roots were above the ground as it was using them to move.

It had the incredibly plain name of Tree.

Slashing and fire attacks are very effective against them which is why I chose this dungeon as our first upper tier one.

“Au, that hurt.”

“Ester, don’t get too close to the tank, you could be caught up in the attack.”

The trees use a whip like attack with the vines so if you get too close to the tank you might get hit by it.

Although we were well equipped and able to finish the battle quickly we were hit a number of times.

“Ester, are you okay”

“Yes Lady Rana, You healed me so I have already made a full recovery.”

“We’re getting hit more and more, although since our stats and armor are good we aren’t taking much damage.”

Thanks to this, the actual damage that Ester received was insignificant.

“Well, you look okay for now I guess.”

“We will be fighting these more in the near future so it’s good to learn where you can and can’t stand early on.”

“Thank you for your instruction.”

Ester thanked me for my advice but even I am still studying the skills used in real life and how to improve them.

While exploring the 5th floor I stopped in front of a certain wall.

“ Zephyrus, What’s wrong”

Hannah leaned to the side as she questioned me, it was a pretty cute gesture.

If you put your hand up against the wall, 《Intuition》will tell you that there is something strange about it so I used this to my advantage.

“My 《intuition》went off, there is a hidden door here.”




Hannah and Rana’s collective reaction to this information blew me away.

Anyway I gave instructions on what to do while looking at the wall.

“Rana, let me see that key.”

“Huh, What”

You forgetful princess…

Since it’s real life in theory we could just break the entire wall but Rana got the key.

If you have the key then it would be much simpler to use it but the person in charge of the key forgot it! As I was thinking about what to do Ester snuck up behind Rana and put her mouth up near Rana’s ear.

“Lady Rana…..

Tickle tickle tickle!”

“HYA! Don’t tickle me! But I remember now, you want that key I got out of the gold chest right There’s no way that I would forget it.”

Liar, Ester probably reminded you about it just now.

Although she did say that she didn’t forget it Rana took it out from her item back but when I reached out for it she seemed hesitant.

“Let me open it! I want to know what’s in it.”



Sometimes the guildmaster yeeteth equipment and sometimes using his higher STR stat he yoinketh it away.

“Hey my key!”

It isn’t your key Rana, it is the key you found.

It might be similar but, I inserted it into the keyhole I’d found in the wall either way.


“As expected of you Zephyrus.”

“Wow, it really is a hidden door.

I heard that they could start appearing from the upper tier dungeons on.”

Of course, and I know the location of every one of them.

“Fine, but I get to open the next one!”

Sorry, I destroyed the last one in order to open it so I really wanted to open it properly this time.

I’ll let someone else open the next one.

There should still be three of them left in this dungeon.

“A golden chest!”

Of course it was Hannah that was the first to react.

Since I already knew what was inside I decided to let one of the girls open it.

“Uhm, who was next”

“Ester didn’t open one the last time so it should be her turn.”


“I think so too.”

Ester didn’t open a chest when we had four of them drop the last time.

“Okay then.”

Without hesitation Ester slammed the top of it back on its hinges.

“A magnifying glass”

“Yeah, it’s a level 5 appraising item like what Maria used.

It’s pretty convenient because you can appraise the drops immediately.

It’s actually better than the one Maria used as her’s was only at a level 4.

Before we had this I was able to tell them what all the items were but now they should be able to use this to figure it out without me.

Or maybe we should give it to Kahlua and the others since they don’t have me there to tell them what everything is


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