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“I, I like this! Let me have it! Please!”


After I finished teaching Celestin about the best way to go about developing [Butler] the sleeping girl woke up and immediately asked me to give her our resident cat god.

Absolutely not.

“What is this It’s so soft! Give this to me! Please!”

“You can only touch it.

Someone else would be very sad if you took it.”

She had switched onto the stuffed animal that had somehow received the nickname of Mochi-chan.

When the girl saw it she grabbed it overjoyed.

However in an unexpectedly gentle tone Rana explained that Rika would probably cry if she took it.

“I figured this would happen so I brought a lot of stuffed animals.

Can I put them here”


Ciara came out of the room that lulu had been in and started lining stuffed animals up under his kittyness.

Hannah and the smaller girl were surprised to see more that 10 other stuffed animals put there.

“Ah, How cute..”

“As expected, is Ciara also a stuffed anime lover”

“Huh Hmm I wonder.

I mean I do like cute stuffed animals.”

“Me too! We can love stuffed animals together!”

Now that Lulu had woken up she was full of energy and dragged Hannah off towards the stuffed animals.

It was sort of relaxing to watch the two of them playing with them.

Ciara spoke as she stood next to me.

“Sorry, normally she should greet you as the guild master but as you can see she’s really childish.”

“I think she’s going to get along well with Rana.”

“Hey, what is that supposed to mean”


“What’s wrong Rana You don’t think you’ll get along with her”

“Huh I didn’t say that.”

“Then why don’t you go enjoy the stuffed animals together It looks like you will get along and some of those stuffed animals look really cute.”

“Y, yeah.

Ignoring the stuffed animals it’s important for us to get along since we are in the same guild now.”

Rana claimed that the stuffed animals had nothing to do with the reason she was heading over.

“Could you stop making fun of her Highness lady Rana Isn’t she supposed to be a princess”

“Didn’t you just do the same thing by saying ‘Supposed to be’ Besides this is how I communicate with Rana, she doesn’t seem to mind so it’s not a problem right”

“Slip of the tongue.

However if you upset her highness I’m sure you’ll be in for it.”

I looked at Celestin behind me.

“You want peace of mind for the person you like right I understand.”

Celestin had a suspicious smile on his face as he said this and I feel like I should correct him.

But I guess its fine.

While I was thinking this the other three came back over, each of them had a stuffed animal in their hands.

Hannah began to introduce Lulu to me while still hugging a stuffed animal.

“Lulu, this is the guildmaster Zephyrus.

Most of the members here were gathered by him.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Lulu and I love stuffed animals! Thank you for letting me join the guild!”


What a cheerful loli.

She had already become friends with both Rana and Hannah before I knew it.

Of course since she’s cute it’s not weird at all to introduce herself as a stuffed animal lover.

“I am Eden’s guildmaster Zephyrus [Hero Lvl 34].

Nice to meet you.”

“Wow! You’re strong!”

“Kinda huh!”

I was very proud of the pure look of shining respect.

What a pleasant look.

“Can I ask a question, Big brother Zephyrus”

“Big brother!!!!”

I can’t believe this, it’s my first time experiencing this! I’ve never once been called that.

I shouted involuntarily as my hands covered my chest, those two words held great power.

“You can ask me anything! I will answer it!”

“Okay! Where did you get that kitty drop that’s on the wall I really want it!”

So that’s what it is.

This girl has a good eye, she knows that she can’t buy it so she’s going to aim for getting it as a drop.

Thats very gameresk of her, I like that.

Big brother will tell you exactly where to get it!

“His kittyness is a gold chest rare boss drop from the beginner level intermediate tier dungeons and up.

By the way, I actually defeated that boss solo.

“Wow! Big brother defeated the rare boss on his own and even got a gold chest!”



I felt like I was making a fool of myself a bit but it felt good to have those big round eyes looking at me.


I was in a very good mood when suddenly Lulu’s expression grew serious.

Apparently she had something very serious to talk about.

“Big brother Zephyrus I have a request!”

“Tell me.”

“Okay! Please make Lulu a [Lolita Hero]!”

“I will, even if it costs me my life!”


“Wait a minute you guys.”

Ciara was saying something but I can’t hear it.

[Lolita hero] officially ranks as the fourth strongest job in my mind.

Do I need another reason to support such a cute girl trying to awaken to this job No, No I don’t!


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