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A hero with a butler I’ve never heard those words in that order before.

“You’re going to serve me from today on”


If possible that’s what I intend.”

The rest of the interviews ended without incident and the maid and valet left.

However, Celestin stayed behind for some reason.

All three of them would officially join once our guild went up to E rank as we were now at 12 members unofficially.

It feels as though we are steadily approaching the title of the strongest guild.

But first, there’s a problem I have to take care of.

“Why did you stay behind Oh, no that’s probably the reason……….

I still don’t understand, can you explain in detail”

Celestin seems to have become my servant at the behest of the king.

However, Rana’s explanation was difficult to understand so somebody please explain!

“Actually, I don’t know either.”

“…I’m sorry”

When I asked, it seems like he was selected because he was the only first year to have gotten the butler job.

The day before yesterday he was suddenly called home and then shown a royal order.

Hearing that I couldn’t imagine that he enjoyed being told to serve me, so I asked.

“As a butler I worked hard in order to serve my noble Master.

It is a great honor to serve the legendary [Hero].”

“O, oh, I see.”

To be honest what he said annoyed me a little.

Right now the members of Eden are all friends of equivalent status.

Although there is Rana and Ester who have a hierarchical relationship.

The butler was put under me by royal order, at first it seemed like it would be troublesome.

However there was no quest to get him or anything and having a butler is generally seen as advantageous.

Maybe it will be fine after all.

“Well, nice to meet you Celestin.”

“Yes, I look forward to serving you.



“Do you mind if I call you Sir Zephyrus”


Isn’t that kind of putting me on a pedestal I haven’t done anything of note yet.

Although I probably will in the future so it’s just a little in advance right Fuhaha, I accepted the title with a nod.

“It seems everything is settled then.”

Rana who had been waiting quietly stood up thinking that everything was finished now.

“Aww, you’ve been waiting so quietly, what a good girl.

Shall I pat your head”

“I’m not a child! I’m a princess! Don’t treat the princess like a child! …Although if you really want to you can pat it…”

I was joking but she’d bent her head forward.

Well, she did bring three excellent recruits so, I guess I’ll pat this tsundere’s head.

Although her tiara proved to be a bit of an obstacle.


T,That’s enough! It’s enough! If you keep going I’ll punch you in the throat!”

What, was she nervous”

“How surprising.


Zephyrus and her highness Rana seem very close.”

Celestin stared at the situation and said this with a smile.

Although I wasn’t sure if he was surprised or if he just had a good poker face.

But when it came to Rana this situation was a bit surprising.

“Right! The Saint and Hero are close! This is very important so keep thst in mind Celestin!”

“Understood your highness.”

“OH Celestin, I wanted to ask this as well.

How level [Butler] are you”

This is an important question after all.

“I’m currently [Butler Lvl 2].

I have the [court manners] [Tea production] [Straight Punch] and [Taster] Skills.”

“Ah~ I see.

So you leveled up then.”

[Court manners] is a passive skill that raises DEX like Kahlua’s [Agility boost].

There’s not really any point in getting it unless you’re going to concentrate on production though.

But, [Tea Production] is in fact a production skill.

It’s used to make things like black tea or royal milk tea.

[Butler] and [Maid] can make use of cooking items, however when compared to specialized cooking jobs they’re lacking.

So I never went too far down the the [tea production] or [court manners] path in the game.

However, in real life there may be a possibility that it has an effect on the taste.

Since they can’t return the SP once it’s been used we’ll just have to let him take this as far as he can.

Maybe we should have a feast at some point

Next up is the [straight punch] skill.

It’s a good skill that a lot of fighter jobs have.

iIts a single attack skill that delivers a punch from the waist.

And finally, [taster] it has the effect of boosting the effectiveness of cooking items.

I don’t know why taster makes them more effective though.

After that he told me his status verbally but to be honest I was a little disappointed.

I asked him how he would like to develop the job further down the line but he didn’t have any idea.

Although as soon as I heard him say that I broke into a grin.

In that case, I shall show you the way.

“Actually, Celestin, I happen to know the strongest way to develop your job.

Are you interested”

When I said that I showed him the memo that I had written earlier.


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