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Everything devolved into chaos.

Suddenly the gathering was no longer about looking at jobs and instead everyone was focused on me.

After giving permission to the director, researchers in white clothes appeared around me and began taking notes on my job list.

Without the name of jobs finding them is difficult, figuring out the name of the job comes first before trying to figure out the requirements for them after all.

I can hear the researchers excited voices as they discuss previously undiscovered jobs.

Although, this was an event where many people were waiting to view their available jobs.

Because of that the researchers cried tears of regret and vowed to make more time later to view the list.

Good, because everyone was all excited about a job like [Berserker] so I thought maybe they were lazy about looking for jobs and their requirements.

Luckily though, it looks like there were some needs interested in it after all.

I’m not charitable enough to teach them everything for free, but I can give you a few tips on how to get a powerful enough job that you don’t need to run to something like [Berserker].

Everyone had since calmed down, instead they seemed to be concentrating, trying to see what job I would choose.

Even from behind me, Ciara was watching me too.


“Zephyrus, why don’t you take some time to decide.

There are a lot of jobs here as well as many previously undiscovered ones.

We’ll be happy to cooperate with you.”

The administrator suggested I take some time to think about it and I can’t say I didn’t understand the reasoning behind it.

It’s only natural that it should take time to choose with so many options.

…..Welp guess I should choose then.

“Please relax, I’ve already decided on a job.”

Addressing the director politely I chose the job that I had decided on my first day in this world.

It took such a long time, a ten minute section in the game took almost two weeks.

But now it’s time to meet the partner that I chose for this world.


[《T/N: The foreign one.》]

“Job obtained : [Hero]”

An announced went off in my head, then the list closed, and zoomed in on the [hero] job.

From here on out, I became a [Hero].

A commotion was stirred up around me, everyone had been watching for my decision.

But one word, one voice stuck out from the others, it said.


Thats right, I chose [Hero].

Requirements: Defeat 1000 monsters, do not have a job, possess a sword and shield, save someone’s life.

Only available to the main character.

It’s a powerful job, even though the amount of SUP doesn’t reach that of the [berserker] it’s capable of attack, defense, magic, and healing.

As well as possessing two unique skills.

Officially the strongest job, rank 1 [hero].

Even with everyone watching I didn’t hesitate when choosing it.

“Thank you, I’m glad I was able to get a job.”

“Huh Oh… Congratulations on your awakening…..”

When I thanked the female teacher she seemed to come to her senses after a moment and congratulated me.

It seemed like she was more polite to Hannah.

Although speaking of Hero’s because of the recent light novel boom there’s actually a trend where people become villains.

For those that don’t want to choose the [Hero] job, they’re free to play with any other of the 1021 jobs.

But if you want to be the strongest, there is no other choice other than [hero].

That’s why I chose it, so that I could fully enjoy this real like [Dun-life].

After I chose the director addressed me.

“Zephyrus, congratulations on your job.

I’ve worked at this school 60 years but it’s the first time I’ve seen such a job.

I also got to see all the other ones as well.

If you run into any trouble at this school, please bring the issue straight to me.”

The female teacher and Ciara as well were surprised by the directors words as the surroundings grew even louder.

“Thank you very much, I will be relying on you in the future then.”

With that the director moved to the edge of the stage and declared that the event would continue and the lines began moving forward again.


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