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As a result of the interview with Caicheria I decided to have her join.

“Although you’re okay to join the guild do you mind waiting a little longer before officially joining”

“Sure, I don’t mind.

Wait for how long”

I don’t want to make her wait that long but our guild is still F rank.

I’ll be interviewing 4 people so if all of them were to join we would be over the maximum number of people.

“Until we reach E rank.

I think we should be able to make it by the end of next week.”

The condition for E rank is that the guild master has to clear all three beginner class upper tier dungeons.

Today is Saturday so Hannahs equipment should be completed around Monday.

So after that we would be able to do a test run in one of the upper tier dungeons, with a proper attack no later than Wednesday.

The upper tier dungeons are a little tougher so I estimate it will take around three to four days to be able to clear them.

“I understand.

Then I will officially join you next week after your guild goes up to E rank.


It was Nice to meet you.

Although for now I was thinking I could teach you about the [spiritualist] and then I’ll also be talking a bit about the tutorial dungeon.

Can you give me more of your time later”


“Of course.”

For now Caicheria bowed and then left together with Ester and with that we gained a [spiritualist].

Up next was the child of a Viscount the Ciara was bringing.

The guild door opened and Ciara walked in carrying a sleeping little girl on her back.

“Sorry, It looks like she fell asleep.”

I don’t know where to go from here.

I couldn’t even see the girl well as she looked to be sleeping comfortably on Ciara’s back.

“What should I do”

“I don’t know, this was unexpected…”

Do we wake her up Why is this little girl asleep Hannah was looking at the situation from further away and seemed to be having a crisis of her own.

“Uhm, Ciara Is this girl really the same age as us”

“Well, She doesn’t look it but I’ve known her since we were little so she should be the same age as us….


Ciara muttered the last part, it seems that even she isn’t confident in this girl’s age.

In fact she appeared to be all of six or seven years old.

“For now why don’t we lay her on the mat we got from the dungeon, I don’t want to leave you standing like that.”


“I didn’t think we would actually ever end up using that.”

My thoughts exactly.

We laid her down for the time being and I saw that she wore the same uniform the Ciara did.

Although she still looked much too young, she was even drooling a little as she slept.

After she laid the girl down Ciara began to introduce her.

“Her name is Lulu, Shes the daughter of a Viscount.

She used to place with Rika and I when we were little but, since shes so small I’m a little worried about leaving her to the mercy of other guilds.

So, if possible I would like her to join our guild.”

I understand whats she’s saying, She wants to leave her in a reliable guild.

Does that mean that she thinks our guild is reliable I should ask her, although this kid looks like she belongs in elementary school.

“I wonder if our guild is good enough”


Oh! That means she thinks our guild is safe! In that case I will gladly accept this viscount and turn her into a [lolita hero]! ……Why is Ciara looking at me like that


Why is she sighing

“Fumya myu.”

The girl was sleep talking, it was really cute.

Even Hannah thought it was cute as she was approaching the girl, her eyes practically in the shape of a heart.

“Hey Zephyrus, Is that girl going to join our guild”


“She’ll join”

“I agree!”


Hannah and I provided a strict examination but Ciara seemed to object for some reason.

What’s wrong We already decided that she could join the guild while she was sleeping.

“Wait a minute, Are you actually serious”



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