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“Zephyrus, You said that before.

What does he mean”

Ester asked Caicheria.

Well to be honest the reason they were needed wasn’t explained in the game either.

It was just written that they were key items for recruiting elves.

“I’m interested to know where this information is coming from as well.”

Caicheria said she was interested in it as well.

Although now that I think about it elves had a setting in the came where they had a strong desire for knowledge.

“I just heard that it was something important to elves.

I don’t know any specifics behind it so I figured I’d ask you in detail.”

I really don’t know so I’m technically not lying.

“I see, it makes sense that being a human you wouldn’t know.

I guess telling you won’t cause any problems.

Would you like to know”

“Yes please!”

You’re going to tell me! I would love to know.

I love finding new information about Dun-life.

“Wow, you’re really interested.”

“Oh, sorry.

I’m just excited to hear.

Please go ahead.”

“Zephyrus, Next should be Ciara’s introduction”

Oh, right.

I shouldn’t rush this, I’m sure there will be another opportunity.

“Anyway, Without these three items it would be difficult for a young elf.

So as long as I’m able to enter the guild, I brought them.”


I have no idea what she’s saying She brought them Brought what

“Among the elves these three items are collectively known as the spirit items.

Yggdrasil seedling, Red fruit, and an ornamental plant set.”

“You brought them!”

Caicheria was lining up the three items on a desk after taking them out of her small school provided item bag.

Did this elf just seriously bring the gift items with her But in the game these were items that you had to give to the elf in order for one to join

“Now, with this the conditions for me to join are all met.

So I would appreciate it if you would consider it.”

Wait a minute, this elf is moving too fast for me now.

How did it come to this I’m so confused.

Wasn’t I supposed to be conducting an interview

“O, okay.

Let’s continue.”

After that I asked about why she wanted to join and what her goals were.

She had yet to acquire her job but she was hoping for [spiritualist] although she hasn’t met the conditions yet.

Although I know the conditions of course so that isn’t a problem.

“So, you do know it.”

“There is no job I don’t know.

Er… Nothing nevermind.”

For the time being her job meets the requirements for her to join.

Now on to her reason.

“I want to become the strongest [spiritualist].”


I became interested immediately when I heard that.

The strongest.

That is what a player should aim for.

A true player should always be thinking about how they can be the strongest.

Wonderful, You can just leave it to me then, if you want to be the strongest then there is no guild better for that than ours.

I will guide you properly.


I announced the results of the interview immediately.


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