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We ate lunch after returning from the fight with the emperor goblin.

As usual Hannah brought a lunch box for me so we ate at the lounge nearby and it was as delicious as ever.

The only thing I can get her in return is alchemy materials.

No, I’ve given her various things haven’t I A staff, ability ball, I’m even upgrading her equipment for her, but should I give her some other kind of reward I stared down at the lunch box and considered this seriously for a moment.

“Thank you for the meal.”

“ Sorry for it’s poor quality.”

While I was thinking I finished eating in no time at all, it was so delicious that discovering that there wasn’t anymore left was almost physically painful.

“We have the interviews for the new members this afternoon right”

“Yeah, we have the Ester’s recommendation first, the Elf.”

“Elf I haven’t met an elf before, did you know about them Zephyrus”

“Well, Yeah.”

Hannah looked at me as if to say ‘again’ she was probably wondering why I knew about elves.

Although I think it might be a good idea to explain about elves.

“Elves are weak physically but they have surprisingly high quality magic, most are pure magic users and their magic is often stronger than that of humans.”

The status normally starts around the same as humans but the jobs that they acquire are wizard types which focus on higher INT.

“They also have access to magic known as [spirit magic] which can only be used by elves.

In addition to having a higher capacity for MP than the other jobs this job can make use of various magical attributes depending on what kind of spirits they call.

They can even lend spirits to other members.”

“Lend spirits”

“Spirits control 6 different attributes in all, STR is governed by the fire spirits, VIT is governed by the ice spirits, INT the lightning spirits, AGI the light spirits, RES the dark spirits, and finally DEX is governed by the holy attribute spirits.

Each spirit you lend will buff the select stat of the person you lend it too by 30 percent.

Unfortunately you can only lend one spirit per person but the effects will continue for as long as you continue to lend the spirit.

It’s a wonderful ability, for example if a spirit was lent to Ester her already powerful STR would jump from 150 to 195.

Not only that but it would be this would continue for the entire time we’re in the dungeon.

As a trade of the spirit mage can no longer use fire magic during this time but the spirit can easily be recalled.

But if you have a spirit mage in your party you can freely raise the status that you want to be higher depending on the situation.

Then as you meet certain conditions the amount of spirits you can lend goes up.

Although the limit of one per person stays the same you can then lend different spirits to other party members .

Unfortunately though I don’t have any gift items to recruit the elf so I’m a bit worried about what will happen in that regard.

“Hannah, What time is it”

“Huh Oh, we should go soon, its already 1pm.”

“Alright, shall we go then”

The meeting will be held in our guild room so, let’s go get our first look at an elf.

“Hello Zephyrus, did you go to the Wildflower dungeon today”

“Hey Ester, Yeah I wanted to replenish our stock of MP potions this morning.”

Next I listened to how Rika and Kahlua did in the lower tier jungle dungeon.

“Okay you two, how was your first time going into a dungeon Wasn’t it difficult to stay calm I also learned a lot when I went.”

“It wasn’t like that.”

Seriously! What did they just walk through silent with serious faces on, where’s the fun in that How can you not find joy in diving into a dungeon You should enjoy it more.

Now onto the main event.

A girl with green hair in pigtails was sitting next to Ester, she had pointed ears marking her as an elf.

She was taller than Rana but slightly shorter than Ester, she had a beautiful face with gentle eyes.

There was a crown of flowers resting on her head which caught the eye.

“Her name is Caicheria, I call her Shera.

“I’m Caicheria, nice to meet you Hero.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m the acting guild master of Eden, Zephyrus.”

Caicheria stood up and bowed as she introduced herself, she was very polite.

To start with why don’t we have her answer a question first.

“Theres something I’d like to ask.”

“Ok, I’ll do my best to answer.”

“Ok, Our guild doesn’t have a Yggdrasil Sapling, red fruit, or any plants, are you still willing to join”

I asked her the same exact question I asked Ester.

Her eyes flicked around nervously.


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