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“The time for my rematch with the emperor goblin has come!”

I shouted this from the rest area in the wildflower dungeon.

“Good luck Zephyrus.”

Hannah was making tea behind me as I went to push open the door to the boss room.

Hannah was staying behind this time as well because half of the reason I had come here was to have a rematch with the Emperor goblin.

Although as for the original purpose we managed to collect 568 of the magic grass used to make MP potions.

I collected more that Hannah did the last time….

Basically what I’m saying is Hannah’s AGI is low.

The closer we got to the boss room the more and more grass I was able to collect, as such it will be faster for us to defeat the boss and teleport back to the top instead of going back on foot.

As such my plan was simply, get here and fight a rare boss battle.

Maria probably won’t complain if it’s just one.

Thats why I took it out, The rare boss whistle, it had 5 glowing spots on the side of it that went out as it was used.

“Here it goes! Bi~~~♪~~~♪”

It sounded like I was blowing a whistle even though it was shaped more like a flute.

When I put my fingers over the holes in it the sound didn’t change at all, why are they even there! Although one of the glowing spots on the side of the whistle did go out, I couldn’t see inside the boss room so I didn’t know if it worked or not.

When you use the whistle the success rate is roughly 70% though.

When I opened the door I didn’t see anything so it seems like it was a success.

After a moment a shadow appeared, it was the opponent that I had come looking for a rematch against.

“Hey! I came back to play!”



The emperor goblin seemed to grin as well, like it was happy to be having a rematch against me.

I walked slowly towards the middle of the room and the Goblin reacted by doing the same thing.

This was odd behaviour, normally the boss would react by dashing forward or casting magic if we had a lot of distance between us.

This is exciting, the distance between us grew shorter until it was within range of [sonic sword].

At that moment our faces both changed and I rushed at the Emperor goblin, it however stayed still and began to glow red in response to my actions.

‘Goblin style, deadly crushing sword’ I was waiting for this.

“Good! If thats how its going to be then.

《Hero’s sword》!”


Our rematch started off with a clash between our strongest moves, mine glowing with a blue light while the emperor goblin’s glowed red.

The result was..


Our skills collided but neither of them were able to overpower the other and they were thrown back into us.

As such we were knocked back, I staggered as it was the first time I experienced it but I managed to avoid falling over.


The goblin recovered from the knock back quicker than I did and swung down at me.

“Ow! Take this!”

I took a lot of damage but I ignored it and counter attacked.


But he also swung at me with his rod and sword, I blocked his sword with my shield but I took another direct hit from the rod.

“Guoh! Not yet!”

We continued exchanging blows, isn’t this exactly what happened before Last time my HP sank really low and I was about to be hit with another [deadly crushing sword] skill when I managed to pull the win out of my backside somehow.

“《Sonic sword》”

I activated my skill to avoid the goblins next blow by activating my skill and wrapping around behind it.


Beautiful, the result was exactly like I’d seen it in my dreams.


Although I wasn’t able to deal critical damage and knock it down from the back since it wasn’t in its cool down after using a skill.

As such it immediately turned around and tried to attack with its sword, but that wasn’t a problem.


Using the skill this time resulted in an interesting development, when the sword hit me it bounced off.


It worked like a parry, I inadvertently knocked it back, this was the deciding moment in the fight.

“《Hero’s sword》”

Hitting it with a high damage skill while it was knocked back almost guaranteed that it would be knocked down.

“It’s over!!”

Once it fell down I had managed to deal a ton of damage with normal attacks and was now ready to finish it off.

“《Sonic sword》”


Sonic sword drained the last of it’s HP and it disappeared into a sea of light particles, leaving behind Two gold chests.


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