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The next morning was a Saturday, a free day.

We aren’t going to the dungeon today since we managed to overload Maria’s guild.

If we went to the dungeon again and came back with even more materials for her to sell we might accidentally break her.

It’s unfortunate that the real version is different from in the game, if this was a game the sale would be over in an instant.

We wouldn’t have to worry about having to much for the other party to purchase.

As such today I’m going to take care of a few things that I’d put off in favor of going to the dungeon.

I asked Rana, Ciara and Ester about the recruitment of the new members they recommended and their bringing them over since the other party is free today.

I planned to hold the interviews in the afternoon, although Rana mentioned that she was bringing another person so they were waiting with 5 people.

We’ll have to hurry and raise the guild rang to E or we’ll hit the member cap soon.

Now that the plans for the afternoon are set, what should I do in the morning.

Oh, I know! Let’s go to the dungeon!!!

“What are you talking about”

Hannah interjected as the voice of reason.

“Sometimes Gamers have to push forward even when they’re told no.”


Well, I tried to make it sound cool but in the end it was just a joke.

I was currently in my room in the aristocratic dorms and Hannah had come to have breakfast with me.

At this point it was just natural for her to make me some as well when she was cooking, which is great because Hannah’s cooking is delicious!

“You said you were going to take a break from the dungeon today right But you’re going to go”

“I’m going.”


In fact, Ciara, Rana, and Ester are going with Kahlua and Rika to the lower Tier dungeon as helpers and advisers.

I should have gone, I said we weren’t going to the dungeon but that was a flat out lie.

“Didn’t you use to many MP potions yesterday We’re running low now so I thought we’d go replenish.”

“I say there isn’t many left but we’re probably fine, we still have something like 150 or so.”

I used close to 200 yesterday so 150 MP potions really isn’t very much.

However I still want to save money even if I’m replenishing stock so I’m going collecting today.

“I’m going to the Wildflower dungeon today.”

“Can I go too”

“Well, I figured you’d say that.”

I decided to go to the dungeon with Hannah.


“《Ice Lance》《Fire Lance》!”


Although Hannah’s INT stat hasn’t changed at all with the upgraded versions of her magic she’s become able to defeat the goblins in a single blow.

Furthermore she got better by hunting the faster [wolves] and the speed of the goblins can’t compare.

“Last one! 《Ice Lance》!”


Hannah finished the goblins off easily and looked back at me with a refreshing smile.

“Good job Hannah, You’ve gotten good.”

“ Thanks Zephyrus! I could just feel it!”

“Fufu, Good.”

“Yeah! Zephyrus, Can I keep going It feels really good!”

“I see, Okay, then I’m just going to go around and collect stuff.

Good luck!”



Isn’t this the exact opposite of the last time we did this Now I’m the collector while Hannah is running around casting magic and abusing the poor goblins.

How did i t turn out like this

“I wonder if I should practice on the slimes once we go back”

Poor, Poor slimes.


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