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“Is Maria here~”

“I’m here~!”

“Hello Maria.”

“Ooh Hannah, hello.”

After the ghost dungeon we split up and only Hannah came with me to see Maria.

I was here about the drop items like normal but I decided to also consult her about the ability ball while I was at it.

“Maria, I wanted to ask, do you know someone with the skill to make ability balls”

“Huh! You got some equipment with an empty slot!”

I nodded.

“Seriously! That’s awesome!”

“Isnt it!”

Maria and I double high fived.

“We decided to give it to Hannah.”

“Congratulations Hannah!”

“T, thank you.”

The two of them held each other’s hands, it kind of looked like they were flirting.

“Right, we do have a couple members with that skill.

Some of them have even gotten it up to level 10!”

“Seriously! You’re guild is amazing!”

“Isnt it though”

The skill we were talking about us the ability to create an ability ball out of equipment like Hannah’s flame rod.

Although her flame rod is only level 2 so it wouldn’t create a very strong one.

However, the main attraction of those with a high skill level in making ability balls isn’t a pass fail rate.

Instead aspects like the magic, level increase, upgrade, and change are randomly generated.

In other words it could come out as fireball level three, or even be upgraded to intermediate magic like fire lance.

There’s also the possibility of it becoming a water attribute like aquaball.

It’d a very powerful skill but it’s often wasted because equipment with empty slots are so rare.

I’m very much looking forward to the conversion, however it’s a one time thing, no do overs.

So, let’s hope his kittyness helps us out.

“They should be here today, I’ll go call them over.

Just wait here and prepare the equipment.”

“Got it, take your time.”

I turned to Hannah once Maria had disappeared into the back.

“So, the flamerod…..”

“Its fine, you want to turn it into an ability ball right”

“Sorry, it’s the only equipment we have that has magic.

If you’re against it we can always buy different equipment and have it turned into an ability ball”

“Its ok.

I know it’s especially hard for production workers to keep diving into the dungeon and I’m aware that my fireballs aren’t dealing enough damage against the small monsters anymore.

It’d reached its limit so let’s just use it.”

Hannah seemed determined.

“Thanks, it sounds like you’ve been having a difficult time.”

“Fufu, that has nothing to do with my weapon.”

Hannah giggled at her own joke as Maria returned.

“It kind of feels like I’ve intruded on something here.

I’ve brought her with me though.”


The girl behind Maria was a sophomore like she was but had messy hair and was rubbing her eyes.

No matter how you looked at it, she had just been woken up.

“Sorry she looks like this.

She was here working all night last night so as soon as school was over she came here and went right to sleep.”

In that case I can understand then.

“Uhm, are you ok”

Hannah seemed worried.

“I’m fine, even though I’m tired my skills still work.

Now, where’s the item”

The sleepy girl reaches out as she said this.

I mean, it’s probably fine right Her skill is level 10 after all and this guild hasn’t failed me yet.

“It’d this rod….

Hannah let her have it.”

“Its really ok right”

Hannah flicked her eyes back and forth between me and Maria for a moment before handing the girl her flame rod.

“Ok, I’m doing it.

《Ability Ball conversion》.”

The moment the rod hit her hands the skill was activated.

The flamerod contorted and shrunk until it formed a single solid mass in the shape of a ball.

“Job done, I go sleep sleep again.”

“Good work, sorry for waking you up.”

The girl just walked off into the back and Maria waved her off like she was used to it already.

“This is an ability ball”

“Yeah, although we won’t know what’s in it unless we get it appraised.

Maria, think you could to thst for us”

“Normally I’d charge a fee for it but since it’s your first time I’ll do it for free.”

Maria took out an item and stared at the ball in her hands her eyes growing wide.

“No way!”

She sounded astonished, what did she see

“This is a super rare ability ball, Hannah let us have it!”

Maria was grinning as she held the appraisal item out to me so I could take a look.

When I looked through it I saw the magic as if it was written on the outside of the ball.

‘Fireball level 5’ ‘fire lance level 3’ ‘ice lance level 1’

“A triple magic ball!”

“Huh What”

Hannah was even more confused when I shouted.

But it was super rare, far from a double take I rechecked it 5 times.

A level one ability ball conversion skill would have simply created a level 2 fireball skill.

However even at higher levels the chance of even a double magic ability ball appearing is about 4.8% while a triple magic ability ball is below 1%.

In other words our luck is out of control! I have to go and buy some expensive meats for his holy kittyness, praise be!



“The world seems to be telling you to continue forward!”

“I’m not sure what you’re saying but that makes me happy!”

I grabbed Hannah by the shoulders and shook her, it may be time to upgrade her equipment in its entirety!


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