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“Gold chest!”

“Its a good chest!”

Hannah and Rana both ran up to it, their eyes shining.

“Wait wait, don’t just go open it! Wait for everyone!”

“Obviously, hurry up Ciara!”

The impatient brat turned as rushed Ciara.

“Good work Ciara, you did well.”

“Thanks, it was kind of hard.”

“Even so you did well.”

“You’re instructions are what saved me.”

She had put in a lot of effort to overcome her fears this time.

“Hey, hurry up and lets open it!”

“Oh right, everyone’s here I guess.

Who’s turn is it”

“Ester, please go ahead and open it.”

“Oh, thank you for the honor.”

When did it become an honor to open a chest I thought we were just taking turns

Ester slowly opens the chest for everyone.

“A staff!”

“A two handed staff.”

Rana shouted as Ester pulled out a 2m long staff from the chest.

….it fits, it’s magic.

“Manalite staff! That’s a big score”


Hannah jumped up and down in excitement.

As for the staffs details, attack:7, magic attack: 28, empty slot.

An empty slot is something exclusive to super rare dropped items.

It allows you to equip it with an ability ball to use any kind of magic.

My lighting, Ranas light, Hannah’s fireball, any of it can be used as this staff supports it all.

If you were to sell it, you could get at the very least 10million off of it.

I took a moment to explain that.

“T….ten million”

Hannah seems to have broken down when I said that but she booted back up pretty quickly.

She didn’t get it herself this time which is probably why she didn’t faint.

“Thats amazing, for it to be worth that much.

“What are you doing”

“Hmm, oh Hannah collapsed when she looked at her money before so I moved closer incase I needed to support her.”

“Is that so It’s just something about your hands seemed creepy.”


Ciara is too sharp, I’ll keep talking for now.

“Hannah, why don’t you try it out”

“W, whaaaaaat!”

That was a nice reaction.

“Its so expensive! If I break it I wouldn’t be able to compensate you!”

“Then, don’t hit anything with it.”

Hannah said something strange, you can just use a purification and repair tool… there’s one in the laundry room at the dorms… And truthfully it will be difficult for Hannah to continue forward using he level 2 fireball wand.

It was definitely time to update equipment because her fireball would end up being just a waste of MP.

I don’t care how much she refuses, she’s taking the staff.

“Everyone’s OK giving the Staff to Hannah right”

“Yeah, we don’t have anyone else who can use it it anyway.

Try it out Hannah.”

“I’m not going to use it either.

I have a talisman.”

“Me either I use my spear.”

“There you go, now just give up and take it.”

“B, but…”

She’ll get used to using expensive equipment eventually.

“Alright, let’s collect the drops and get out of here.

Should I make an ability ball when I get home”

“We’re not going to do bosspop today”

“I’m not sure Ciara would like that.”

“You’d be correct in that assumption.”

Ghosts normally drop magic stones but, if we need those the hoard that Hannah has in her room should be enough.

It’s actually a little scary.

Since it’s all for just leveling up we don’t have to do so in a dungeon that Ciara is scared of.

She heaved a sigh of relief when we exited.


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