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The indicator on the tablet, which belonged to the Scout Robot No.

1, had also completely stopped transmitting signals.

Su Mos face tensed up.

In the past, he had used virtual reality to create such a door on a mountain to deceive the ents in the basin.

The same scene was happening in a different location.

However, Su Mo was sure that the mountains these trucks drove into were not virtual reality.

There was something strange about the mountain!

‘Is it possible that this is the entrance of the ruins

He watched as the third car with the sensor also disappeared into the cliff, and the tablet in his hand lost track of it.

Su Mos face darkened.

There were two scout robots attached to the trucks—one on the first truck and another on the sixth truck.

The sensor was mounted in a pack of flour on the third truck.

These three items were no longer detectable after entering the mountain.

The consequences would be unimaginable if the other party realized their position had been exposed after finding the scout robots and sensor.

‘What should I do Should I go in after them

Su Mo glanced at the mountain covered in snow and was at a loss.

Ultimately, he did not dare to take any action.

The mountain could be ruins with a shielding barrier; then it would be very dangerous to go in recklessly without any information or knowing where it was randomized transportation or headed directly into the other partys base camp.

He would surely sustain injuries if it was headed directly to the other partys base.

Su Mo thought about his safety very carefully.

After a while, all the trucks disappeared from sight, and the wilderness returned to silence.

Meanwhile, Su Mo was like a stone, lying on the ground motionlessly.

He was surrounded by white snow on a dark night.

Su Mo hid as much as possible to reduce the chances of exposing himself like a seasoned hunter.

Ten minutes passed, and there was no response from the mountains.

Thirty minutes later, it was already two in the morning, and no sounds or creatures were coming from the mountain.

Two hours later, the indicator of the tablet belonging to Feng Long and Feng Tianmin was about a kilometer away from where Su Mo was lying on his stomach.

Meanwhile, the mountain that was still in sight showed no abnormalities.

After waiting for such a long time, Su Mo could only get up to squat from time to time to ease his numb body.

His anxiety had long disappeared and was replaced with anticipation of what was to happen next.

‘The scout robot has a simple intelligent logical system, so after a long time of losing contact, it will automatically return from the way it came.

‘As long as a scout robot can come out and provide me with information on the inside, Ill rush in immediately with Feng Long and Feng Tianmin on guard outside! Su Mo thought to himself.

Soon, Feng Long and Feng Tianmin arrived with exhausted faces after traveling mountain roads all the way from Origin Territory.

It was still very dark, and they were highly unfamiliar with the surrounding terrain.

Upon seeing Su Mo in the distance, the two used the last of their strength and quickly approached.

Then, they fell to the ground and gasped.

Judging by their appearance, they were obviously exhausted.

“Shelter leader, these people are really cunning.

After the trucks left, a group of people came to clean up the tracks.

“We didnt realize them at first and almost got caught! I was so anxious!”

Feng Long complained as soon as he sat down.

“They sure are cautious.

However, they didnt head this way, right”

Feng Long shook his head.

“They headed back as soon as they arrived at the mountains.

Is the destination this snowy mountain”

“Yeap, its right there!”

The two looked in the direction Su Mo pointed to.

Apart from the trails left behind by the tracks, there were no other signs of people in the area.

The two realized that the trails stopped in front of the mountain, and their jaws opened wide open, unable to make a sound.

“We wait until they come out or the scout robot comes out with information of the inside.

“Recklessly going inside is too dangerous!”

Humans have seen too many supernatural phenomena in the wasteland.

Feng Long and Feng Tianmin were surprised that the truck had driven through the mountains, but they accepted it very calmly.

It was three in the morning.

With two more people on the lookout, Su Mos burden decreased significantly.

The place was extremely desolate, but Su Mo did not dare to explore for fear that he would trigger some hidden mechanism.

Thus, they could only stay in place and wait patiently.

He watched the two transport team captains go into the mountains.

Thus, according to the territorys transportation rule, the two captains must return to Origin Territory before the curfew was lifted.

Therefore, they would not have to wait long.

Three-thirty in the morning.

Due to waiting all night and the temperature outside getting lower, the human bodys self-protection mechanism has begun to urge the three of them to preserve heat.

Without a choice, Su Mo opened the storage space and took out a small bottle of psychic energy water.

They took turns drinking it to keep focus.


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