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The couple who had won the prize looked at the two people who were fighting to bid.

The husband asked the attendant eagerly, “Can we sell this winning chance”

Although the couple could leave some money to travel every year, they were not rich and were also under mortgage pressure.

Would the couple choose to sell the Supreme Set Meal for more than 60,000 yuan, or would they experience a meal that they could only eat once in their lives

“Hold on, let me report it,” the attendant said.

She picked up the radio and said, “Yaoyao, the tourist who won the prize wants to sell the winning spot.

What do we do with it”

When Gao Yaoyao received the news, she immediately went to Qin Lins office to report.

“Boss, the tourist who won the prize wants to sell his spot.”

“Then let him sell it,” Qin Lin said with a smile.

This was all to be expected.


Chen and Mr.

Ma would definitely send someone to buy it.

Liu Yi and Zhao Furong, who had never seen it before, would probably do the same.

It was even possible that other people would join in the fun.

Gao Yaoyao nodded and said, “Then should we let them make the deal themselves, or should we be the middleman”

Qin Lin said, “Let the tourists do as they please.

We just need to register the information of the last owner.

Remember to get both parties to sign when the transaction is over.

Dont let anyone take advantage of the situation.”

“I understand.” Gao Yaoyao left.

At this moment, Chen Li said, “Boss Qin, Im afraid that in the future, there will be rich people coming to spend 60,000 yuan on a meal.”

Qin Lin shook his head and said, “The materials are rare.

Not every tycoon can buy it for 60,000 yuan.”

These words made President Li and President Huang look envious.

They were promoters of scenic areas, but look at how confident the other party was.

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Seeing that the data was as expected, Qin Lin also invited Chen Li, President Li, and President Huang to a tea table at the side.

This activity did not end immediately.

It was also a Southerners pleasure to chat and make tea.

Chen Li sat down and took a filtered teacup to wash.

President Li also took a kettle to boil water.

Southerners were very good at making tea.

Gao Yaoyao left Qin Lins office and went to the Sea of Flowers ticketing hall immediately.

She saw the couple who had won the prize.

“Sir, madam, congratulations on winning the prize.

As for whether you can sell the prize, thats your freedom.

The prize already belongs to you.”

“However, when you make the transaction, please cooperate with our villa to register your identity and sign to prove that the ownership of the prize has been completed.”

The couples faces lit up when they heard this.

The young assistant and the young secretary approached the couple again.



Clearly, both of them wanted to complete the mission their boss had given them.

In the end, the couple chose to sell it to the young man who spoke first.

They had obtained 60,000 yuan from this.

They didnt care about the additional 1,000 or 2,000 yuan.

The young assistants face lit up.

In this way, the task assigned by the chairman was half done.

Gao Yaoyao brought both parties to the new hall to register their information.

Then, in front of everyone, the two parties completed the transaction.

The couple also received 61,000 yuan.

This stimulated the other tourists.

For a moment, the tourists who were only thinking about traveling and lucky draws became a little restless.

Many of them could not help but go to the sales center to start spending, wanting to make up for the number of lucky draws.

After all, someone had really sold it for 60,000 yuan.

Furthermore, someone came to buy it immediately after winning the prize.

It was the most intuitive thrill.

Time passed.

Because of the news that the couple had won the lottery for buying the other two tickets, more and more tourists were buying tickets to Nine Clouds Mountain and Zhuzi Cultural Garden.

This also allowed Qin Lins diversion plan to succeed.

Many tourists were diverted towards the two scenic spots.

As noon approached, someone else won another prize.

In the sales center, a girl who looked like a student bounced excitedly.

“I won.

I won.”

The surrounding tourists, including the salesperson, looked at the girl in disbelief.

Because she had only spent 100 yuan in total.

She had bought a small glass of medicinal honey water and some snacks, and then won it after one draw.

This girl was definitely one of the luckiest people in the world.

Those who carried large bags of shopping and swiped the lucky draw times were extremely envious.

Similarly, after the girl won the prize, a secretary-like person came forward and asked if she wanted to sell the spot.

All this left the girl momentarily at a loss.

60,000 yuan.

She had never seen so much money in her life.

In the end, the girl sold the winning spot.

She felt afraid to eat something that cost 60,000 yuan.

After the second winner appeared, it seemed to make Qinglin Villa even more restless, or some tourists became a little impatient.

They all wanted to hit the jackpot.

Another spot was gone.

A third winner appeared around noon, also in the sales center.

A fat man was holding a phone and dancing with excitement.

“Haha, I won, I won.

I made a killing.

Wheres the person who wants to buy the winning spot”

Five watermelons lay at the fat mans feet.

These watermelons were special watermelons that cost 200 yuan per catty.

He was here to get more lucky draws.

Five watermelons for a total of more than 12,000 yuan.

He had drawn a total of 120 times and finally won once.

This was equivalent to him earning 48,000 yuan directly, not to mention that there were five melons.

“Sir, Ill buy this winning slot on behalf of my chairman.” A girl in an OL suit came running over when she heard the fat man.


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