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“These two scenic spots are also our Youcheng Countys special scenic spots.

They have many special landscapes to admire.

Zhuzi Cultural Park even has South Stream Academy, which Zhuzi has read.

‘Half an acre of square pond is opened, the sky is bright, and the clouds are lingering.

How clear is the canal For the source to come alive. The poem was created there in the first place…”

Clearly, this saleswomans introduction was very good, but there didnt seem to be many tourists who bought it.

After all, everyone was here for the Qinglin Villa event and the lucky draw.

Who would be willing to go to the Nine Clouds Mountain and Zhuzi Cultural Garden

After the saleswoman finished her introduction, she continued with the loudspeaker, “In addition, theres good news.

The purchase of tickets to these two scenic spots will also result in the number of lucky draws.

In addition, the number of lucky draws will increase by two every day to seven.”

This attracted a lot of attention.

“What a bunch of nonsense.

Just say that you can buy tickets to these two scenic spots and draw a lottery.” Wang Yang muttered and asked his female companion, “Since you cant buy tickets to Qinglin Villa, why dont you go to those two scenic spots”

“Anything you say.” The girl nodded.

There were clearly some people who had similar thoughts as Wang Yang.

They all went forward to queue up to buy tickets.

Wang Yang bought tickets to both scenic spots.

There were two tickets for each scenic spot, but when he saw that the price was only 50 yuan, he frowned.

“Four tickets are only 200 yuan, itll only draw twice.”

With that, he clicked on the lottery.

Unfortunately, both times, it was thanks for participating.

“F*ck…” He was annoyed.

Couldnt he win once

Other tourists who had bought tickets to the two scenic spots also clicked on the lottery.

After a couple took the tickets, the man casually clicked on the lucky draw.

He and his wife were purely here to travel.

The lucky draw was just in passing.

He didnt care much about it.

It was up to fate whether he could win or not.

“Congratulations on drawing the Supreme Set!”

“” The man dropped his hand and withdrew it in a rush.

There was a moment of disbelief.

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He had no intentions of winning, but who knew he would actually win the lottery

“What is it” his wife asked suspiciously.

“I… I won!” the man said in disbelief.

“Really” His wife was shocked.

She looked at her husbands phone and saw that there was indeed a notification that he had won a prize.

She couldnt help but exclaim, “You really did, honey.

Youre amazing.

You won your first lucky draw.”

This instantly attracted the attention of everyone around them.

Everyone looked over.

Wang Yang also looked over with envy in his eyes.

He won it on the first try

Was there no justice in the world

There was a commotion all around.

“What kind of luck is that”

“I drew more than a dozen times and I didnt get it.

He bought tickets to these two scenic spots and he won”

“Could it be that too many people spend at Qinglin Villa, so the winning rate is low Few people buy tickets to these two scenic spots, so the chances of winning are high”

“Maybe its because the ticket sales for these two scenic spots have just been added and there are two additional winning spots.

Theres a bug in the systems winning probability, so the person who bought the tickets for these two scenic spots actually won.”


Once something happened, many people would naturally have all kinds of strange associations in their minds.

Therefore, many people rushed to buy tickets to Nine Clouds Mountain and Zhuzi Cultural Garden.

In Qin Lins office, President Li, President Huang, and Chen Li were all very surprised to see the rapid increase in ticket sales in the two scenic spots backstage.

Qin Lins idea had clearly succeeded.

President Li and President Huang were full of smiles.

They had to build a good relationship with President Qin in the future.

It would be good if such things happened a few more times.


The couple who had won the prize were watched by more and more people.

After all, this was the first person to win.

A waitress hurriedly stepped forward and said to the couple, “Congratulations on winning the prize.

Now, you can follow me to register your ID information.

Well tell you the process of receiving the prize.”

Still a little confused, the couple could only nod and follow the waiter.

At this moment, someone shouted, “Wait.”

A young man in a suit ran up and asked the couple, “Are you selling this award Our chairman wants to buy it, he can pay 61,000 yuan and transfer the money on the spot.”

The young man was obviously in a hurry.

The chairman didnt have time, so he had sent him here.

He had been waiting early in the morning.

The chairman had given orders that he had to buy at least two winning places.

The next moment, another female secretary in a business suit ran up.

“You two, you can also consider our chairman.

Hes willing to pay 62,000 yuan to buy your spot.”

The price was raised again

The people around them finally couldnt help but clamor.

“People are really in a hurry to buy it!”

“The price actually went up.

It became 62,000 yuan.”

“Why didnt I win the prize I was right in front of him.

If Id known, Id have let him draw first and drawn it later.”


Annoyance, envy, and surprise mingled.

In a short period of time, the news that someone had won a prize and that someone had rushed to buy it spread throughout the entire Qinglin Villa.

More and more tourists knew about it.

For a moment, the entire Qinglin Villa seemed to be in a restless atmosphere.


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