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Qin Lin immediately said, “Chief Chen, this 40% will be a benefit for the tourists.

Some tourists will buy tickets to these two scenic spots.

They will be responsible for picking up the tourists and giving them gifts, such as Youcheng Countys bamboo products or gold ingots.”

“Alright, well do as Boss Qin says.” Chen Li did not refuse and immediately agreed.

After hanging up, Sun Xian couldnt help but say, “This Boss Qin is really magnanimous.

He has a sense of the big picture and is a person who does big things.

He said that he would try his best to do it well and wasnt afraid of giving more gifts.

This time, the publicity for these two scenic spots is more than making money.”

“I know.” Chen Li nodded.

As he walked out of the conference room, he took out his phone and dialed.

After Qin Lin called Chen Li, he turned on his computer and logged into the lucky draw program.

There were two more chances to win, so he had to make some changes to the lucky draw settings.

Moreover, everyone was worried that the tourists who were selling tickets to the other two scenic spots would not buy it.

They were right to be worried.

Therefore, it was necessary to operate secretly.

He had a lecture at the university on psychological suggestion propaganda.

It was the theory involved in this underhand operation of his.

As long as the first Supreme Set meal was given to the tourists who bought tickets to the two scenic spots in the county, it would give the others a psychological effect.

It seemed that the ticket winning rate for these two scenic spots was higher.

With such a mentality, there would definitely be people who would buy it.

As long as they bought tickets to two scenic spots, they would definitely go.

This way, they could divert a lot of people.

At that time, before these people could play in Qinglin Villa, they would have to stay in the county for a night and come to Qinlin Villa tomorrow.

The county would probably be overjoyed.

This secret operation was not difficult.

After all, the ticket prices for the two scenic spots were different.

It was very easy to set up.

The only thing was that he did not know who the lucky person in the end was.

After operating the lucky draw program, Qin Lin sighed.

In this situation, he really hoped that the comprehensive Sea of Flowers and pasture had already been built.

Coupled with the planned aquarium, if all of them were ready, the number of tourists today could be easily received.

It didnt take long.

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Chen Li brought the two middle-aged men to Qin Lins office.

As soon as he saw Qin Lin, he introduced, “Boss Qin, these two are President Li and President Huang, the people in charge of Nine Clouds Mountain and Zhuzi Cultural Garden.

They personally brought their employees over to cooperate with you.

They also brought their tickets.”

When President Li and President Huang saw Qin Lin, they immediately went forward to shake his hand enthusiastically.

“President Qin, Ive heard a lot about you.

Ive finally met you today.”

“President Qin, thank you so much for your support.

Ill follow your instructions today.”

Their attitude was respectful.

Their Nine Clouds Mountain and Zhuzi Cultural Garden were semi-official contractors.

Their operations were also under great pressure.

The main reason was that there were not many tourists and there was no way to develop new customers.

Seeing that Hero Valleys publicity on Douyin had worked, they now had more than a million fans.

They also wanted to learn, but on the same platform, the opportunities and serendipity of becoming popular were obviously too great.

They were not as lucky as Hero Valley.

The number of tourists could only maintain the balance and did not increase much.

What the two of them did not expect was that Qinglin Villa would suddenly force a mouthful of rice into their mouths.

They were already being ungrateful by not treating President Qin as the God of Wealth.

Qin Lin also said to the two of them, “Now, I really have to ask the two of you to cooperate.

In addition, I hope that the two of you can give the tourists who have been sent out a good experience.

Be it our Qinglin Villa, the county, or your scenic spots, we cant ruin our reputation.”

President Li immediately said, “Dont worry, President Qin.

Were not ungrateful people.”

President Huang nodded in agreement.

Chen Li watched from the side with admiration on his face.

He really admired this Boss Qin.

The other partys view of the big picture seemed to have convinced President Li and President Huang.

He was like a leader.

Qin Lin also called Gao Yaoyao over and instructed her to cooperate with the employees of the two scenic areas.

Triangular Plum Blossom Seas sales hall.

Wang Yang had already come over from the drifting project after taking a shower with his female companion.

He had even brought his female companion to the sales center to buy two cups of medicinal honey water and two catties of strawberries worth 200 yuan.

He had spent a total of 600 yuan and won six prizes.

Unfortunately, he still didnt win any.

The girl frowned and asked, “Brother Yang, theyre not selling the Sea of Flowers tickets this morning.

What should we do now”

Wang Yang was also very distressed.

It wasnt that he didnt have money, but that he had nowhere to spend it now.

He couldnt eat anymore after drinking a cup of medicinal honey water and eating some strawberries.

It wasnt that he couldnt afford it.

In the past, after going to a nightclub, booking a table would cost at least 1,200 yuan.

If he was lonely, spending 2,300 yuan a night wouldnt be a problem.

But what was wrong with Qinglin Villa He had only spent 800 yuan, but he could not spend the money.

He wanted to draw a lottery.

There were plenty of complaints around, too.

For so many tourists to come to Qinglin Villa, it meant that this scenic area was really popular.

Why didnt the owner of this villa develop more projects Did he have to be so petty for a big shot who could get his hands on Xiangshui Tribute Rice

At this moment.

A saleswoman came over with a small loudspeaker.

“First of all, I apologize on behalf of the villa and everyone.

Because the villas function is not perfect, it has brought everyone unhappiness.

Now, we will sell tickets to the two scenic spots in the county, Nine Clouds Mountain and Zhuzi Cultural Garden.”


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