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Qin Lins head hurt.

Their villas publicity was very serious, but the people on the Internet had led the comments section astray.

Who could blame them

They were promoting the bridal chamber, but the netizens insisted on being the artillery.

Could he control them

Naturally, many people knew that the promotional video of Qinglin Villa had been reviewed.

Many people were watching the video and were about to join in when the video suddenly disappeared.

With popularity, therIf you see this message this chapter is being messed up, you dont need to report it, just come back in 10 minutes to read the correct chapter, sorry for the inconvenience

At that moment, he was on the phone while standing in front of the window.

He spotted her running in and gave her not more than a side glance.

He quickly moved his gaze towards the outside of the window and continued his serious conversation on the phone.


He acted as if picking her up from prison was nothing more than a matter of convenience.

Zhong Nuannuan finally felt relief in her heart when she once again saw this man, who was as tall as a pine tree and as noble as the gods.


There was a sudden pain in her heart that flooded into her eyes.

If she had not done all she could to keep them under control, her tears would have fallen again.

“Nuannuan, how are you doing Youve been in prison for a month.

Did anyone bully you Are you hurt anywhere Tell mum and Ill make sure to settle everything for you!” 1

“Nuannuan is my daughter.

There is no way that the daughter of Zhong Kuijun would be so weak.

Just look at Nuannuans healthy face, she is in the pink of health.

One look at her and anyone can see how well she is doing! Hahahaha… My girl, the Zhou family has withdrawn their suit against you.

You have been pronounced not guilty for murder.

Your dad is here to take you out of prison.

Are you feeling happy” 4

Zhong Nuannuans sight was suddenly blocked as her father, Zhong Kuijun and mother, Jiang Shuwan, stood in front of her.

One of them took her left hand and the other held her right.

They were concerned over her as they kept asking about her wellbeing.

In the middle of the room, her older sister, Zhong Qianqian, whom they shared the same father but had different mothers, stood not far from where Chi Yang was.

Her body was a little slighted and from where Zhong Nuannuan was standing, it looked as if they were standing side by side.



A 150-yuan ticket to drift.

That was the regular drift price.

The bedroom cost 300 yuan a night.

That was already more than the price of a hotel in Youcheng County.

In fact, it was higher than many hotels in 4A View.

However, the people who saw the video were quickly distracted by Gao Yaoyaos next words.

“Alright, its time to tell everyone the good news.

Tomorrow, the new project will be opened, and the villa will also be open for a lucky draw.

As long as you spend 100 yuan at the villa tomorrow, you will be able to produce a lucky draw.

The winner will be able to enjoy a 50,000 yuan Supreme Set meal.

The ingredients for the set meal are rare treasures that are difficult to obtain outside.

There are only a limited number of slots.

For three consecutive days, there will only be five lucky tourists every day.”


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