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Qin Lin had a new idea about the ranch.

This time, after Wang Cai learned the skill of catching the Frisbee, it made him think of horse racing in the game.

Perhaps he could also learn horse racing skills when the time came.

Therefore, he wanted to build a riding track that might be useful in the future.

Besides, it should be good to have some horses on the ranch.

They could provide tourists with pictures or experience riding horses.

However, he did not know if the original land was enough.

The riding track was too small and petty.

Qin Lin told Sun Ming his thoughts.

As they chatted, Chen Li and a few people from the county department came in to entertain them and chatted with everyone at every table.

“President Sun, Boss Qin, hows the food today” Chen Li walked to Qin Lin and Sun Mings table and asked with a smile.

Sun Ming teased, “Chief Chen, how about the food No matter how delicious it is, can it be better than the food in President Qins manor”

“Thats true.” Chen Li smiled and said to Qin Lin, “Boss Qin, eat first.

I have something to discuss with you after eating.”

“Okay!” Qin Lin nodded.

After the meal, Chen Li found Qin Lin and brought him to his office.

After inviting Qin Lin to sit down, he handed him a document.

Qin Lin took the information in confusion.

When he saw the contents, he asked, “Chief Chen, is my villa qualified”

This information was about the application for 4A Scenic View.

The application for a Grade 4A scenic spot was not simple, and it was not something that any scenic spot could apply for.

First, one had to apply for a report from the city-level tourism department.

If the city-level application was approved, one had to contact the provincial-level tourism department to evaluate it.

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The most troublesome thing was the various conditions.

One had to know that after Youcheng Countys comprehensive tourism program, there were more than 30 scenic spots of all sizes in the county, but only four of them could successfully apply for a 4A scenic spot.

Chen Li smiled and said, “Qinglin Villa isnt qualified now, but its barely enough after the expansion project is completed.

Boss Qin, you can take a look at the conditions for the application.

What your villa lacks now is written on it.

Ive also given you some suggestions.”

Qin Lin nodded and read the document.

There were many conditions to apply for the 4A scenic area.

The information given by Chen Li listed every condition in detail.

First condition: transportation and transportation problems.

The information given by Chen Li indicated that there were two roads that led directly to the county city.

There was also a suggestion written on it: The mountain villa applied to the county city for a special bus.

Second condition: facilities perfected.

The bridal chamber, the restaurant, the shopping center, the rafting project, the sliding grass, the jungle adventure, the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea, and so on.

There were also many suggestions written at the back: Identification information, guidance information perfected, sales center salesperson training, holding a certificate…

Third condition: tourist safety.

Security, surveillance, scenic patrol.

Also given advice: Set up an infirmary.

Fourth condition: hygiene.

When the villa opened for business, it was approved by the county.

There was basically no problem.

‘Qualified was written at the back.

Condition five: Post and Telephone Service.

Here, Chen Li wrote that the county would coordinate communication and complete it as soon as possible.

Condition six: tourist shopping.

This had the sales center.

Chen Lis advice: Build at least one specialty shopping product.

When he saw this, Qin Lin felt that the triangular plum potted plants were just in time.

He wondered how the trial sales at Yu Shuis side were going.

Condition nine: tourist satisfaction.

Suggestions: Establish tourist scores, complain, suggest services.

Condition 10: Market attractiveness, with sufficient visibility and character: (Qualified)

Condition 11: Receive more than 500,000 people a year (Qualified).

These conditions had to be met before the 4A rating would pass.

The last two conditions were undoubtedly the most difficult, but to Qinglin Villa, the last two conditions were the simplest.

After reading Chen Lis information, Qin Lin suddenly realized that his villa would really be qualified to apply for a 4A scenic area.

If he could apply, he would naturally not give up.

This was also a form of affirmation to his villa.

And 4A meant a national scenic area.

As for 5A, it was at the international level.

It had to be upgraded on the basis of 4A.

First of all, it had to be at least 4A for three years.

If the 4A upgrade was successful, he would dare to think about 5A three years later.

“Chief Chen, thank you.” Qin Lin closed the documents and thanked Chen Li sincerely.

If he wanted to apply for the 4A scenic area, just this information alone could save him countless time.

If he were to do it himself, he would definitely waste countless time.

Chen Li waved his hand and said, “Dont thank me.

I want Qinglin Villa to rise to 4A more than you do.

When Qinglin Villa succeeds, our Youcheng County will have the fifth 4A scenic spot.

This is also my political achievement.

Perhaps I can rely on the influence of your Qinglin Villa to go further.”

These words were a little sensitive, so Chen Li stopped.

Then, he said, “In addition, theres something else that the county wants to ask Boss Qin.”

“Chief Chen, what is it” Qin Lin asked curiously.

Then, he said, “If I can do it, Ill definitely cooperate with the county.”

Chen Li explained, “Boss Qin, several factories of Qinglin Food Company have started production, right”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “More or less.

The last seven production lines are still in labor.

Theyre developing sour and spicy ketchup.”

The ketchup hed gotten from the game earlier had two secret recipes: sweet, sour and spicy.

The sour and sweet sales had basically opened up.

Now, there were 35 production lines producing sour and sweet products.

In addition to Cheng He, the provincial agent, Deng Guang had also bid for three more foreign agents.

They were already on the right track.

Therefore, he planned to use the remaining seven production lines to produce hot and sour flavors.

He had already given the formula to Deng Guang and asked him to adjust the equipment.

What Chen Li wanted to say must also be related to Qinglin Ketchup.

As expected, Chen Li said, “Boss Qin, actually, the county has always been paying attention to the production of Qinglin Ketchup.

We know that youve already ordered the raw materials from elsewhere.

The county wants you to place the raw materials in your hometown.”

The wordhometown was well used.

He was playing the emotional card.

The county had assigned a special person to supervise the direction and completion of the funds given to Qinglin Food Companys Enterprise Guidance Fund, so they naturally knew the detailed situation of Qinglin Food Company.

By the time those factories were all working double shifts to start production, 850,000 bottles of 200g ketchup could be produced on that day.

At least 300 million bottles could be produced that year, which was 60,000 tons of ketchup (more than 1.3 million tons of ketchup were produced in the country last year, and 60,000 tons was 1/3 of the ketchup produced by the top 10 brands last year).

Think about it.

How many raw materials did 60,000 tons of ketchup require

If these raw materials could all be placed in Youcheng County, how much wealth, jobs, and livelihood advantages could they create

Besides, if Qinglin Ketchup could squeeze out one of the top 10 brands, there would be even more demand in the future.

The county naturally wanted to keep this benefit in Youcheng County.

Qin Lin frowned and said, “Chief Chen, it would naturally be best if we could buy ketchup on the spot.

We can also save a lot of costs, but Youcheng County cant provide so many raw materials now.”

Chen Li nodded and said, “The county naturally knows about this situation.

Therefore, the county intends to take out another batch of support funds and let the county take the lead in getting people to plant tomatoes.

When the time comes, well supply them to Qinglin Food Company.”

“Of course.

We wont let Qinglin Food Company suffer a loss either.

When we sign the contract, well do it according to the market price.

Well do whatever needs to be done.

As for the problem with the planting, the county will step in to resolve it.

Qinglin Food Company will only be responsible for producing and selling at full capacity.”

“Alright, if the county has this plan, Ill cooperate with the county.” Qin Lin agreed readily.

This was a win-win situation.

If conditions allowed, he would naturally want to contribute more to his hometown.

However, he had to pay more attention to some aspects of real cooperation.

It wasnt that he didnt trust the county, but he couldnt completely trust the people who planted it.

If someone got greedy and planted it and catalyzed it, it would be big trouble.

When the time came, he would have to agree in advance that he would definitely not accept it.

Seeing that Qin Lin had agreed, Chen Li smiled.

“Then Ill thank Boss Qin on behalf of the county.”

This way, the county could start planting tomatoes in the future.

Tomatoes were actually a lot of places that didnt dare make a big deal out of it, because there were so many places where they were planted that they could easily stall sales.

News of last years sluggish sales of tomatoes was also endless.

But who asked Youcheng County to produce Qinglin Ketchup This natural advantage was meant to be a big deal.


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