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Qin Lin knew this would happen.

At such an occasion, a young man among a group of middle-aged people would definitely attract attention.

He could only nod politely at the men.

“There you are, President Qin,” came a familiar shout.

Sun Ming walke lso came.

Qin Lin saw Chen Li and Sun Xian, whom he had heard Chen Li mention several times.


Sun Xian was also famous in Youcheng County and had a very good reputation in the hearts of the people.

Because before this Sun Xian had come, Youcheng County had been very poor.

No high-speed roads, no train stations, no business squares… all the entertainment had been very scarce.

It was said that before that, the county still owed more than 20 billion yuan.

As for how they owed it, no one knew.

Anyway, they did not do anything serious at that time.

However, after Sun Xian came, they had high-speed trains, train stations, and a commercial square.

Moreover, the other party had accurately formulated an all-domain tourism plan to quickly improve the peoples livelihood and entertainment.

These were things that the people of Youcheng County could accurately sense.

The economic summary was actually very simple.

It was an official celebration of merit.

It roughly described the achievements of the various companies last year and their contributions to the county.

Then, what the county had achieved.

Naturally, Qinglin Villa and Qinglin Food Company were also mentioned, especially Qinglin Villa.

This also made those bosses look at Qin Lin in unison.

It was almost noon when the summary meeting ended.

The county had also prepared lunch for everyone in the cafeteria.

If it were any other time, these bosses would definitely not go to the canteen to eat.

But todays occasion was different.

They chatted with each other as they walked towards the canteen.

Being able to eat in the county canteen today represented their status in the county.

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Naturally, the county would not really cook according to the usual canteen standards today.

They had hired a chef outside and specially prepared the ingredients.

These had to be flexible.

“President Qin, lets sit over there and talk about the villa project.” Sun Ming invited Qin Lin into the canteen.

“Please, President Sun.” Qin Lin nodded and followed Sun Ming to a table.

Sun Ming sat down and said, “President Qin, the construction of your villa and the countys support fund have basically been completed.

Theyre all at the finish line.

You can start setting up.”

Qin Lin nodded.

The countys support fund project included rafting, bridal chamber, staff dormitory, restaurant, and a comprehensive sea of flowers.

The comprehensive Sea of Flowers was built not just by Youcheng First Construction Company, it was also contracted by three greening companies.

It would take a longer time to complete.

After all, many flowers had seasonal requirements.

Now that the project that Youcheng First Construction Company was responsible for had been completed, their villa was about to be set up.

This way, they would be able to put it into use in half a month when the test review reached the standard.

Sun Ming continued, “In addition, the foundation of the manor villa has been laid according to President Qins design requirements.

Does President Qin have any new ideas about the ranch”


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