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Another girl, who also loved flowers, chimed in, “Yeah, can we order now Whats the price”

“I want to order a pot too.” Chen Xue also said that if there were only 100 pots, the other tourists would not be able to get them if they came.

“You can order them.

There are two types of potted plants.

One is 100 yuan per potted plant, and the other is 400 yuan per potted plant.

If you want to order them…” Yu Shui immediately introduced them, unable to stop talking for a moment.

The two attendants at the side looked at each other.

Uncle Yu didnt seem to need their help.

He seemed to be able to handle it himself.

As time passed, more tourists arrived.

Then they were surprised to see the seven-colored triangular plum potted plants in the area around the entrance.

Quite a few tourists were intrigued.

In todays society, most people kept potted plants on their balconies, whether for decoration or air purification.

This beautiful-looking seven-color triangular plum potted plant was obviously very good.

Moreover, they had to bring some souvenirs back when they came out to play.

Therefore, there were surprisingly many people who ordered potted plants.

Yu Shui was relieved.

This was a good start.

After Qin Lin returned home and took a shower, he also headed to the Youcheng County government.

The summary meeting that Chen Li mentioned was held here.

It was mainly a summary of economic development.

Other than the people from the various departments in the county, there were also the bosses of the companies in Youcheng County.

“President Qin, over here.” Zhong Lei went forward when he saw Qin Lin.

“Chief Chen is also speaking today.

Hes preparing a script now.

He asked me to pick you up.”

“Okay!” Qin Lin nodded and followed Zhong Lei upstairs to a very large hall.

At the front of the hall was a large multimedia screen that was broadcasting the results of Youcheng Countys economic achievements last year.

On the tables below were name tags with names written on them.

PLease reading on Myb oxn o ve l.


If these names were placed outside Youcheng County, it would definitely not be a big deal.

However, in a small place like Youcheng County, for their names to appear here, they could be considered notable figures.

Moreover, these seating arrangements were somewhat particular.

It depended on either financial resources, size, or influence.

Surprisingly, Qin Lin saw his name at the first seat in the second row.

At this moment, many people were already sitting in those seats and chatting with each other.

What made Qin Lin embarrassed was that almost all of these people were middle-aged men, and none of them were young.

Wasnt he going up a little too abruptly

Some of the people inside naturally noticed Qin Lin and Zhong Lei, but no one cared.

They treated the two of them as county staff.

“Hey, who do you think this Qin Lin is” A boss asked curiously.

Another person was also intrigued.

“Ive never heard of him before.

Hes ranked 11th this year.

Other than the 10 people who are still the same, its only a matter of time before Youcheng Countys Food Oil gets pushed to the third row.”

A man with glasses said, “I know.

This Qin Lin is the boss of Qinglin Villa and Qinglin Food Company!”

These words caused a commotion around them.

Their businesses were all in Youcheng County, so they naturally knew about Qinglin Villa and Qinglin Food Company because they were too popular.

Those who were well-informed knew that the county had directly approved more than 50 million yuan to the other party.

Just the importance the county placed on it alone was enough to surpass most of them.

“President Hu, is this news true” someone asked curiously.

President Hu said with certainty, “Of course its true.

Do you know President Sun of Youcheng First Construction Company He was the one who did the construction of Qinglin Villa.

I heard President Sun mention it before and even said that he admired him.”

Someone asked again, “What does the boss of Qinglin Villa look like”

President Hu explained, “I heard that hes very young.

Its precisely because of this that President Sun admires him.”

“How young is he” someone else asked curiously.

As these people were chatting, they suddenly looked towards a seat where a young man who seemed to have just graduated from university was sitting.

The name tag on that seat belonged to Qin Lin, who was first in the second row.

In an instant, the scene seemed to be a little quiet, followed by soft exclamations.


“Its him”

“So young …”

Qin Lins age had clearly exceeded everyones expectations!

He was awfully young!


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