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“Boss, theres one more thing,” Gao Yaoyao reported.

“Many tourists asked about honey today and wanted to buy some ordinary Youcheng County honey.

They said that they didnt manage to buy it yesterday.”

“Got it.

Ill deal with this later.” Qin Lin nodded.

This meant that the countys farm assistant live broadcast last night had made a name for itself.

Qin Lin returned to the hall and saw Zhao Moqing teaching Lin Fen how to use the computer at the bar.

In the end, Lin Fen got her wish and was responsible for the registration of the goods.

Therefore, she was very curious about how to use the computer.

Actually, many old people were like this.

They felt that if they could do something to help their children, they would still be useful.

They would feel an indescribable sense of accomplishment.

Unfortunately, many young people did not understand this kind of mentality.

Qin Lin could only follow his mothers wishes.

He secretly instructed Zhao Moqing to check on his mother when she was free to prevent any mistakes.

It was not that he was afraid that there would be many losses.

After all, there were still bills.

If they were wrong, he could just redo them.

He was worried that his mother would blame herself and affect her mood if something went wrong.

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The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law chatted seriously in front of the computer.

Wang Cai was thrown aside and paced around their feet.

From time to time, it would look at the computer as if it had been excluded.

It ignored the cashier girl at the bar who wanted to play with it.

Qin Lin walked into the bar and played with Wang Cai.

He saw Chen Li bringing three people to the villa.

One of them was his secretary, Zhong Lei.

The other was a man in a suit and the other was a middle-aged woman.

“Chief Chen, congratulations on a successful live broadcast last night.” Qin Lin immediately walked out of the bar and walked forward with a smile.

Chen Li shook his head and said, “Boss Qin, just watch me make a fool of myself.

Ive already been made into a meme online.”

The man in the suit and the middle-aged woman could not help but smile when they heard this.

The two of them also knew about the countys farm assistant live broadcast last night.

They could imagine how awkward Chief Chen was at that time.

“That means youre famous, Chief Chen.

Isnt this better for the future farmers live broadcast” Qin Lin smiled and led the group to a table to sit down.

Chen Lis mood improved a lot when he heard Qin Lins words.

After sitting down, he said, “Boss Qin, I actually came here today for two things.

The first is to thank you first.

The live broadcast last night was very effective, and Youcheng County Honey has also gained some fame.”

Qin Lin said, “Chief Chen, let me tell you something about the honey.

Many tourists want to buy honey today.

It seems that its time for my sales center to buy a batch of honey.

Its just that the quality of the goods is hard to guarantee.”

“Boss Qin, this is a good thing.

Dont worry about the quality of the goods.

Ill arrange it.” Chen Li was naturally happy to see such a win-win situation and immediately guaranteed.

That was Qin Lins goal.

He smiled and said, “Then Im relieved.”

Chen Li continued, “Boss Qin Lin, lets talk about something else.

The countys support fund will arrive at your villa in the afternoon.

Ill also introduce these two to you.”

“This lady is Section Chief Hu of the Finance Bureau.

This is President Sun of Youcheng First Construction Company.

Youcheng First Construction Company will be in charge of the construction of the project and will send the best engineering team to complete the project in the shortest time possible.”

Qin Lin nodded and greeted the two of them.

Chief Hu was in charge of reviewing and supervising this support fund.

This was also a necessary monitoring procedure under the relevant regulations.

Youcheng First Construction Engineering Company could be considered to have an official background.

They were in charge of official demolition projects and road projects.

Previously, when the county said that they would help contact the engineering company, he had guessed that it would be this company.

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“Hello, Boss Qin.” Chief Hu shook hands with Qin Lin.

“Boss Qin, dont worry.

We will do our best in the villa project.

We definitely wont embarrass ourselves in front of the tourists.” When President Sun shook hands with Qin Lin, he made a promise.

He had seen Sun Xian before he came and knew the significance of this villa project, so he naturally didnt dare to neglect it.

Besides, he was more afraid that something would go wrong.

In this age of the Internet, with so many tourists, it would be a huge problem to take a video and upload it online.

The small things would be magnified tenfold.

He couldnt handle it.

Honestly, he was under a lot of pressure to take on this project.

Seeing that everyone was chatting, Zhao Moqing personally made four cups of honey water at the bar and asked the waiter to send them up.

She didnt join in the fun herself.

She knew that Qin Lin and the others were definitely going to talk business.

Seeing that four cups of honey water were served, Qin Lin also introduced, “Chief Hu, President Sun, this is our villas new medicinal honey water.

Try it.”

After drinking the medicinal honey water, Chen Li also said to the two of them, “This medicinal honey water tastes really good.

Qinglin Villa is very popular now.”

Chief Hu smiled and said, “Then we really have to try it.

Yesterday, my daughter was talking about this medicinal honey water.”

President Sun picked it up and started drinking.

After a few mouthfuls of the medicinal honey water, his eyes lit up.

Chief Hu said, “This tastes really good.”

President Sun: “Chief Hu, even if its not good, it wont make so many tourists like it.”

Chen Li casually added, “Boss Qin has a lot of good stuff.

For example, that special watermelon is still in the cultivation stage.

Only Boss Qin has it in Youcheng County.”

Qin Lin smiled inexplicably when he heard this.

Although Chief Chen had said this casually, it would be different after the news spread.

Then, everyone would have a consensus and it would become an established fact.

This was equivalent to official recognition of him.

When he really cultivated the seeds, the rest would be much easier.

After that, Qin Lin and Chen Li discussed many more details.

President Sun asked about his needs and style.

When the time came, he would get a design plan.

Qin Lin naturally had his own plans for the villa and told them his requests.

As for Chief Hu, he was listening at the side.


All he had to do was supervise the use of the funds.

When the time came, he would write the public announcement report.

The rest was none of his business.

After chatting for about an hour, Chen Li left with his men.

After lunch.

Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing were accompanying Lin Fen, who was holding Wang Cais hand when they received a notification.

Just as Chen Li had said, the money support fund had been transferred to the special card, totaling 23 million yuan.

23 million yuan was nothing to those rich people who lived in a neighborhood with a per capita population of 100 million yuan, but it was definitely a huge sum of money to the current Qin Lin.

It could save him a lot of time.

At the same time, without this money, not only would he have to build it slowly, but he would also have to pay for the villas daily income.

With this money, he might have finished paying his debts at the same time and not have to spend his own money.

Therefore, without him investing, his current capital flow would become abundant.

Then some things should be done.

Such as buying a house.


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