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Zhao Moqing said, “Brother, youre just on time.

Were just serving the dishes.”

Zhao Moyun smiled and said, “Thats good.

After a busy day, Im starving.”

Lin Fen also greeted them.

“Everyone sit down.

Xiao Lin is making fish.

Its almost ready.”

After the group arrived at the table, Zhao Moyun saw the bottle of medicinal wine that Qin Lin had brought out.

“Is it that wine again Dad, shall we have a drink”

He had drunk the wine before and naturally knew what effects it had.

“Yes.” Zhao Xianhong nodded when he saw the wine.

The last time his daughter and son-in-law moved, he knew the effect of this wine after drinking it.

Even though he was old and weak, he was still very enthusiastic about his wife after returning home.

Father and son poured a cup.

“Eh, this wine is different from last time.” Zhao Moyun couldnt help but be surprised.

He ran a KTV and inevitably dealt with alcohol.

This wine tasted far better than the last one.

Moreover, he had drunk 15 years of Maotai before.

The taste was not as good as this wine.

“The fish is here.

Everyone, try it.” Qin Lin quickly brought out a large basin of fish and placed it at the center of the table.

He did not play any tricks tonight.

There was only a large pot of boiled fish.

In addition to the side dishes, he also added some braised eel.

This basin of boiled fish had a taste 3, texture 3, appetite 1.

“This boiled fish looks delicious.

Qin Lin, I didnt expect your culinary skills to be so good.” Li Jiawen was a foodie and praised when she saw the big pot of boiled fish.

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Zhao Moyun, Chen Xiao, and Zhao Xianhong also nodded.

From the looks of it, Qin Lins pot of fish was definitely better than those chefs.

“Jiawen, try it.

Qin Lins fish is delicious!” Zhao Moqing said proudly.

After all, she knew how delicious her husbands fish was.

Li Jiawen didnt stand on ceremony.

She picked up a piece of fish and placed it in her mouth.

Before she could swallow it, she couldnt help but pick up a second piece of fish because it was too delicious.

Even the chefs of the big restaurants could not make such delicious fish.

Zhao Moyun looked at his wife and picked up a piece of fish with his chopsticks.

After eating it, he was in disbelief.

“Qin Lin, I didnt know that you were so good at cooking after knowing you for so long.

This fish is too delicious.”

When Chen Xiao and Zhao Xianhong saw this, they also picked up their chopsticks and tasted it.

The two of them were also attracted by the deliciousness of the fish, which made them even more satisfied with Qin Lin as their son-in-law.

After getting along with this son-in-law, they realized that there were more and more advantages.

The meal was thoroughly enjoyable for both families.

There was nothing left of the big pot of boiled fish.

“By the way, I prepared gifts for everyone today,” Zhao Moyun suddenly said.

Then, he took out the bag he had brought earlier and handed over small gift boxes from his face.

He first gave them to Li Jiawen, then Chen Xiao, Zhao Xianhong, and Zhao Moqing.

In the end, he didnt even forget about Lin Fen.

“Happy New Year, Auntie.”

“Child, its enough that you came.

Why did you have to give me a gift” Lin Fen was a little embarrassed.

After all, there was no need for Zhao Moyun to give her a gift during the New Year.

“Everyone, open it and take a look.

I especially chose it,” Zhao Moyun said with a smile.

Christmas Eve had traumatized his brother-in-law, Qin Lin.

When he returned home, he almost knelt on the keyboard.

Therefore, he had chosen the gift early today.

Chen Xiao, Li Jiawen, and the others opened the gift box and saw a golden necklace inside.

Even Zhao Moqing and Lin Fens box was also a golden necklace.

Only Zhao Xianhongs gift was a watch.

“Hubby, youre the best!” Li Jiawen hugged Zhao Moyun and kissed him.

“How can I accept this gift…” Lin Fen was clearly embarrassed.

However, Chen Xiao hurriedly said, “Lin Fen, just accept my sons gift.

If you dont accept it, youre not giving me face.

I wont shop with you anymore.

Come, Ill put it on for you.”

When Lin Fen heard this, she smiled and did not hesitate anymore.

She let Chen Xiao do whatever he wanted.

“By the way, Ive also prepared a gift for everyone.” Qin Lin smiled when he saw this.

He also got up and walked into the room to take out the gifts he had prepared.

He first gave it to Zhao Moqing and Lin Fen, then to Zhao Xianhong and Chen Xiao.

“Dad, Mom, this is a gift specially prepared for you.”

When Chen Xiao and Zhao Xianhong arrived, they also did not expect their son-in-law to prepare a gift for them.

After all, they had never seen any son-in-law do this.

The surprise on their faces could not be concealed.

No matter what their son-in-law had given them, it meant that he was filial to them.

How thoughtful.

As parents, the two of them were sincerely happy for their daughter.

“I knew you wanted to prepare a surprise for my parents wedding anniversary,” Zhao Moqing said, then asked Qin Lin curiously, “Whats in it”

“Open it,” Qin Lin said.

“Hmph, youre still pretending to be mysterious.” Zhao Moqing snorted and impatiently opened the gift box.

An exquisite and beautiful yellow jade ring was imprinted in her eyes.

Chen Xiao, Lin Fen, and Zhao Xianhong opened the gift box and looked at the exquisite ring inside in surprise.

“Its so beautiful.

There are even words!” Zhao Moqing was pleasantly surprised.

When she took out the ring and saw the words, she couldnt help but hug Qin Lin and kiss him.

Qin Lin also smiled as he took out his ring and put it on.

He placed it on Zhao Moqings finger and said, “Do you like the couple ring”

“Okay!” Zhao Moqing nodded with a face full of gratitude.

Qin Lin requested for a night full of love, and she agreed to reward him.

Zhao Xianhong and Chen Xiao naturally saw the words engraved on their rings.

It was their wedding anniversary.


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