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“Tsk!” Qin Lin suddenly wanted to slap himself.

He had been careless.

If he drank, he wouldnt be stupid enough to get behind the wheel.

Many tragedies caused by drunk driving were ultimately caused by the drivers bad luck.

He could only take out his phone and call for a designated driver.

When he logged in to find a driver, his head hurt again.

In the suburbs, there was actually no way for the program to locate him.


In the end, he could only call the transport teams supervisor, Zhao Liyuan.

“President Qin, Im transporting goods at your factory.

What are your orders” Zhao Liyuans tone was even more respectful than before.

Qinglin Food Company was developing faster than he had expected.

When it first outsourced its business to them, it was only a factory.

Now, several factories were ready to start work.

Just the outsourcing business of Qinglin Food Company was enough to support this convoy.

“Captain Zhao, I have something to trouble you with.” Qin Lin had no choice but to make up an excuse.

“I drank a little with a client in the warehouse.

It was only after the client left that I realized that I couldnt drive anymore.

I cant even locate a substitute driver.”

On the other side, Zhao Liyuan revealed a stunned expression.

President Qin…

Although he didnt understand why President Qin had to go to that warehouse to drink with someone and couldnt drive himself in the end, he didnt ask further.

He directly called a subordinate who was moving ketchup into the car and headed to that warehouse.

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Qin Lin didnt wait long before Zhao Liyuan arrived.

“Drive my car back.” Zhao Liyuan instructed the young man as soon as he got out of the car.

Then, he walked towards Qin Lin and said with a smile, “President Qin, where are you going now Ill be your driver this afternoon.”

Naturally, he wouldnt let anyone else have the chance to drive him.

This was a good opportunity to improve their relationship.

He could not let it go.

He knew very well that as Qinglin Food Company developed in the future, the outsourced transportation business would definitely grow.

He could not be the only one.

An upper-sized company could not possibly outsource transportation to a single company.

Zhao Liyuan walked to the car and opened the door for Qin Lin.

After Qin Lin got into the car, he got into the drivers seat.

After Qin Lin got into the car, he said, “Lets go to Youcheng County.

I want to bring some things back.”

“Alright!” Zhao Liyuan immediately started the car and drove towards the county.

When they arrived at Youcheng County, Qin Lin moved everything home before letting Zhao Liyuan send him to the villa.

When they arrived, he got out of the car and said, “Captain Zhao, sorry to trouble you.”

Zhao Liyuan immediately said, “President Qin, why are you being so polite with me If you encounter such a thing again in the future, you can just call me if you think Im worthy.”

“Sure!” Qin Lin smiled and nodded.

He knew what Zhao Liyuan was thinking.

As long as the other party did not make a mistake, he would not terminate the contract.

When they entered the villa, Qin Lin received a call from Chen Li.

He answered it and said, “Chief Chen, what are your instructions”

Chen Lis laughter could be heard.

“There are no instructions, but there is a notice.

After New Years Day, the county has a meeting to summarize the past and look into the future.

They will invite the countys corporate elites to participate.

This quota was originally decided three months ago.

This time, Sun Xian specifically instructed that you must come.”

Qin Lin naturally knew what these so-called corporate elites were.

They were probably the big bosses with higher strength in the county.

Three months ago he was naturally not qualified to attend such a summary meeting.

With the influence of Qinglin Food Company and the mountain villa, he should be qualified now!

Time passed.

Because he had an appointment with Zhao Moqings parents for the New Years gathering, Qin Lin, his mother, and Zhao Moqing left the villa in the evening and returned to Youcheng County to prepare.

Today, Qin Lin was going to personally cook fish.

After learning how to cook fish, he had to perform from time to time.

Seeing Qin Lin take the initiative to bring up the fish, Zhao Moqing teased with a smile, “Someone is finally willing to make fish again.

Didnt I discover it last time Youre afraid Ill scold you if you dont cook for me, right”

How could Qin Lin not understand the hidden meaning “Ill cook for you when I have time in the future,” he quickly said.

“Hmph!” Zhao Moqings pretty face revealed satisfaction and a hint of arrogance.

Lin Fen came in and said, “Moqing, ask when your parents will arrive.”

Zhao Moqing said, “I just called.

They should be here soon.”

As she spoke, there was already a trace of rice fragrance emanating from the kitchen.

That was naturally the meal cooked by the Quality 2 Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

Youcheng Countys First Class district.

Zhao Xianhong parked the car and got out.

He had been in a good mood recently.

After his son got married, his daughter also found a good husband.

Everyone could see how promising his son-in-law was.

He didnt even need to worry about his children anymore.

He was about to rise another level in school.

Chen Xiao also got out of the car with Li Jiawen.

“When is Moyun coming over” Zhao Xianhong asked his daughter-in-law.

Li Jiawen explained, “Dad, its New Years Eve today.

KTV has been busy all day.

Hell make arrangements first and come over later.”

Zhao Xianhong nodded.

“Lets go up first!”

When Lin Fen heard the doorbell, she opened the door immediately.

When she saw the three of them, she said happily, “Chen Xiao, in-law, and Xiao Wen, come in quickly.

The meal is just about to be ready.”

“Auntie, I can smell it.

Its the fragrance of Xiangshui Tribute Rice,” Li Jiawen said with a smile.

She was craving it.

After eating the Xiangshui Tribute Rice at Qin Lins place, she felt that the difference in the rice outside was too great.

Unfortunately, the small bag of rice given by Qin Lin was gone after a few meals.

The three of them were ushered in.

When the food was almost ready, Zhao Moyun also mysteriously came with a bag.

After entering, he said apologetically, “Im a little busy.

Im not late, am I”



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