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They were nothing like the squirrels shed encountered before.

After drying its fur and combing it with a comb, she put on its small clothes.

Red Hairs looks seemed to have improved significantly.

When it was put down, the wild squirrels came over and surrounded it curiously.

Zhang Guizhu carefully grabbed another wild squirrel.

The wild squirrel subconsciously struggled, but in the end, Zhang Guizhu placed it in the basin.

Qin Lin was relieved to see that Zhang Guizhu had successfully cleaned the first wild squirrel.

It could be seen that Zhang Guizhu was very skilled and professional.

He could at least be at ease about her as a pet handler.

Qin Lin let Zhang Guizhu busy herself before sitting down at the side.

He simply looked at the game in his mind and controlled his game character to go to the mine to mine again.

The night after tomorrow was New Years Eve.

He only had a piece of yellow jade in his hands now, and he had yet to settle the gift for Zhao Moqing and his mother.

New Years Eve was a little different for him.

Zhao Moqing was already a member of the family.

He planned to invite the Zhao family to a New Years gathering and also wanted to give Zhao Moqings parents a gift.

So he went to dig at the mine.

It seemed that the heavens had made up for his business losses because of the rain today.

This time, he didnt dig for long before he actually received a game notification:

[Congratulations on obtaining a piece of Green Jade: Quality 1]

[This is a piece of green jadeite ore that can be sold for gold coins.

You can also find Sebara from the Forging House to forge jewelry!]

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to put away the jade.

With the harvest, he was even more motivated and continued to control his game character to mine.

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“Qin Lin, what are you thinking about in a daze” Zhao Moqing came over and sat beside Qin Lin.

Qin Lin came back to his senses and smiled.

“I was thinking about you.”

Zhao Moqing snorted.

“When did you become so glib-tongued”

Qin Lin smiled and focused on the game in his mind again.

He controlled his character to mine.

Today, his luck seemed to be really good.

Soon, there was another notification.

[Congratulations on obtaining a piece of Black Jade: Quality 1]

[This is black jade ore.

It can be sold for gold coins.

You can also find Sebara from the Forging House to forge jewelry!]

However, this was the end of his luck today.

Next, he controlled the game character to dig through the remaining area of the third level of the mine and dig out the entrance to the fourth level.

He did not obtain anything good.

Moreover, he controlled the game character to enter the fourth level and received the notification of the level restriction.

He had to level up again before he could enter.

Qin Lin could only give up on mining.

Because of Ranches Storys mine setting, special ores and items would only appear after the first dig.

It was impossible to dig them again in the future.

He steered the game character toward Sebaras Forging House and clicked on the forging list.

This time he intended to forge the ring.

[Please choose the style of the ring you want to make!]

[You can also give me the design drawings you already have!]

Qin Lin looked at the designs of the rings in the game.

Compared to the pendants, none of them seemed to be good.

He could not help but feel a little disappointed.

Since he wanted to specially make gifts for others, he naturally did not want to be casual about the style.

That led him to the second prompt.

He could give Sebara the design blueprints that he already had.

There were naturally no design blueprints in the game characters toolbar now.

What if he took the design drawings into the game in real life Could he get Sebara to build the jewelry according to the designs hed taken into the game

If that was the case, the available styles would change from the original few to countless.


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