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After the uproar at the villa yesterday, the heavens seemed to have the intention to cool the villa down.

It actually rained the next day.

It rained all year round.

The spring rain was continuous and intense.

The autumn rain was sorrowful, but the winter rain was delicate and inconspicuous.

Qin Lin looked at the drizzle.

If it wasnt for the cold winter, it would have looked romantic.

“I didnt expect it to suddenly rain.” Zhao Moqing looked at the rain outside and frowned slightly.

“A few tourists came and left in disappointment just now.”

The ones who do scenic spots least want to see rainy days.

But it was going to rain.

Men could not control the weather.

“Send an announcement to the official account of the villa.

Dont let the tourists run away,” Qin Lin said to Zhao Moqing.

Many tourists who came to his villa were foreigners now.

When they ran over and realized that it was raining, one could imagine their terrible mood.

Not everyone could ignore the winter cold and feel the romance of this drizzle.

Although some tourists were already on their way here, they still had to show their attitude.

At the very least, they could avoid many people who saw them coming.

Gao Yaoyao walked towards the two of them.

“Boss, Sister Moqing, someone is here to apply for the pet breeder position.”

This piqued Qin Lins interest.

Now there were the squirrels left behind in addition to Red Hair.

The squirrels from the game were easy to teach, but the other wild ones were troublesome.

For example, taking care of their fur was very troublesome, and they couldnt be expected to undress, dress, and clean themselves.

Most importantly, domestic squirrels generally did not need to bathe, but squirrels that ran in the wild had to bathe regularly.

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After all, this was a scenic spot, and there were many tourists interacting with the squirrels.

And how to bathe squirrels was a difficult matter for him.

It was said that bathing little squirrels could easily cause them to get sick and catch a cold and eventually die.

“Let the other party come over!” Qin Lin instructed Gao Yaoyao.

A moment later, Gao Yaoyao walked in with a beautiful girl in jeans and a blue jacket.

“These two are the boss and the lady boss.” Gao Yaoyao introduced them to Qin Lin.

“My surname is Qin.

Please sit.” Qin Lin nodded at the girl.

“Hello, President Qin.

This is my resume.” After the pretty girl sat down, she immediately took out a resume and handed it to Qin Lin.

There were two certificates below.

Qin Lin took it and looked at it.

The girls name was Zhang Guizhu.

She was 25 years old, single, and a native of Youcheng County.

Pretty 25-year-old girls who were still single were rare.

Naturally, that wasnt important.

What caught Qin Lins attention was that the girl had actually graduated from Funong University with a veterinary degree.

She also had two years of experience at the First Zoo in Xia City and her treatment experience.

The certificates were a diploma and an outstanding employee certificate issued last year at the First Zoo in Xia City.

This was definitely a talent.

Not only could she take care of the squirrels, but she would also be useful when the ranch was open in the future.

The other party also wrote the expected salary: 7,000 yuan.

For a small place like Youcheng County, 7,000 yuan was definitely a lot, but for such a talent, 7,000 yuan was definitely too little.

In those big cities, people who had graduated from veterinary school and had two years of experience at the First Zoo in Xia City and treatment for animals would definitely have no problem applying for a salary of 15,000 yuan at the big city zoo.

It might even be higher.

However, the salary could not be measured that way.

After all, many people would rather be paid 5,000 yuan in their hometown than 10,000 yuan overseas.

Moreover, people who were paid 5,000 yuan in their hometown might not necessarily live a more miserable life than those who were paid 10,000 yuan overseas.

They could also accompany their families often.

If they worked overseas, they might not even be able to come home when their parents were sick.

“Zhang Guizhu, right” Qin Lin looked at the girl and asked, “Your resume is very good, but Im very curious.

Youre an outstanding employee of the First Zoo in Xia City.

Why did you leave The treatment there should be very good for talents like you.”

Zhang Guizhu nodded and said, “Yes, I was actually already undergoing the Breeding Team Leader assessment before I resigned.

However, Im a single child.

My parents were already old when they gave birth to me.

My father even found out that he has high blood pressure.

Naturally, I hope to find a stable career locally.

Moreover, my parents have never wanted me to marry far away.”


Qin Lin nodded and didnt ask any more questions about this.

Instead, he went straight to the point.

“Then do you know anything about squirrels Do you have any experience in how to take care of them”

“Dont worry, President Qin.

There are squirrels in the First Zoo in Xia City.” Zhang Guizhu nodded and took out her phone.

She opened some videos and handed them to Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing.

The video was of the other party interacting and rearing squirrels.

Qin Lin did not have any doubts and immediately expressed his intention to hire her.

Then, he got Zhao Moqing to prepare the contract and signed it with Zhang Guizhu.

After signing the contract, Qin Lin said, “Zhang Guizhu, you can go back and prepare today.

You can come back tomorrow.”

Zhang Guizhu shook her head and said, “President Qin, I have nothing to do when I go back on a rainy day.

Why dont you bring me to see those squirrels first”

While they were talking, a few little guys had coincidentally scurried into the hall.

It was Red Hair and the little squirrels in clothes.

The little ones were still wet from the rain.

Red Hair had brought its lackeys to the hall to hide from the rain.

When Red Hair saw Qin Lin, it jumped onto his shoulder.

The other squirrels were brave enough to run to the bar, and the timid ones scurried up the rafters.

“President Qin, are all the squirrels in the villa like this” Zhang Guizhu asked in surprise.


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