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Chen Li was indeed stunned.

He opened his mouth and looked at the long speech on the table, not knowing what to say.

The county also knew the power of the Internet and wanted to use a more positive method to open up sales for some of the countys slow-moving products.

He had prepared 4,000 catties of honey this time.

He had thought that even with the heat of Qinglin Villa, it would take a long time to sell the products at night, so he had prepared a long speech.

But he had never expected that the 4,000 catties of honey would be sold out so soon.

His prepared speech had not come in handy at all.

“That… is really surprising.

Let me introduce everyone to Youcheng Countys honey farming…” Chen Li could only speak to the audience in the live broadcast room awkwardly.

After finally introducing himself, he finally couldnt take it anymore and said, “Then, this live broadcast is over.

Thank you, everyone, for your support of our Youcheng Countys products.”

On the other side, Zhong Lei turned off the live broadcast after receiving the signal.

Only then did Chen Li stand up with a sigh of relief.

He took a piece of paper and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Fortunately, I held back just now.

I cant do it anymore.”

Zhong Lei also stepped forward with a smile and said, “Chief Chen, its not just you.

We also didnt react in time.”

Chen Li nodded and said, “This has also allowed us to see the network power of this information society.

If we make good use of it, it can completely benefit the people.

In addition, follow this batch of honey closely.

We cant have any problems with the quality.

Our Youcheng County cant afford to lose face.

If anything goes wrong, the county wont let us off.”

Then, he said to Zhong Lei, “By the way, there are already a lot of customers in Qinglin Villa.

To prevent any accidents, write an application for Qinglin Villa to set up a scenic patrol officer.

Ill submit it to the county.”

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“Okay!” Zhong Lei replied.

He knew that if the live broadcast results were given to the county, the scenic patrol officers would definitely set up.

In the villa.

Qin Lin also ended the days statistics.

Today, the villas turnover had maintained at 250,000 yuan.

However, after the medicinal honey water was officially sold tomorrow, the turnover would break another new high.

“Qin Lin, the countys live broadcast is trending!” Zhao Moqing walked up to Qin Lin with his phone and said in surprise.

“Thats good.

At least we helped.” Qin Lin nodded and asked, “How many catties of honey have they sold”

“See for yourself!” Zhao Moqing handed the phone to Qin Lin with an inexplicable smile.

Qin Lin took his phone and saw a video.

The title stunned him for a moment: Youcheng Countys official support, Bee Farmer Live Stream.

Before the director of the Tourism Bureau could organize his words, it was sold out.

The director was stunned.

“Uh, it was sold out in an instant” Qin Lin asked in surprise.

Zhao Moqing nodded and said, “Ive been watching the live broadcast.

It was sold out as soon as it was connected.”

“…” Qin Lin was abnormally surprised.

Moreover, this video was already popular.

The comments section was even more exciting.

“Host: Uplink.

Chief Chen, please speak.

Alright, its sold out.

You can turn off the live broadcast.”

“Chief Chen: The product we brought today is honey… Secretary: Director, the honey was sold out when you spoke!”

“Chief Chen: Ive been preparing my speech for two hours, but Ive only said one sentence, and the stock is sold out.”

“Next time, give them some face and let them have some room to play.”


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“Chief Chens confused face is going to be an emoji.” Qin Lin couldnt help but laugh when he saw these comments.

Even through the screen, he could imagine how stunned Chief Chen must have been.

Time passed.

After a night of fermentation, the countys farm assistants live broadcast became even more popular the next day.

Naturally, there was also the medicinal honey water.

Qin Lin moved all the items from the game to the villa and went to the sales area of the sales center.

Three girls in work clothes had already arrived and were waiting.

These three girls were newly recruited.

Gao Yaoyao brought them to familiarize themselves with the villa and helped them get used to the work there in a day or two.

“Boss!” The three girls shouted in unison when they saw Qin Lin.

Qin Lin nodded at the three girls.

After a free trial drink yesterday, the taste and effect of the medicinal honey water had been confirmed.

No one would question it.

Today, it would depend on the sales.

90 catties of honey could be soaked in 1,500 large cups of medicinal honey water.

In total, it could earn nearly 150,000 yuan.

After that, Qin Lin returned to the hall and called Chen Dabei into the back.

The large shed that he had instructed to deal with had already been built.

It was going to be used to plant ordinary watermelon seeds.

He and Chen Dabei took the hoe and turned over the ground in the greenhouse.

Then, they planted ordinary watermelon seeds and pollinated the seeds during the flowering period.

Watermelons were too short in bloom.

Besides, the two varieties had different flowering periods and had to be carefully calculated.

At that time, after the new quality 2 watermelon seeds grew, they would also need to use colchicine to change their chromosomes and become multiples again.

The description was simple, but the process was complex, even dull.

Chen Dabei didnt know what his boss was doing.

He didnt seem to need to grow watermelons himself, but he knew that as a security captain, he had to do whatever his boss ordered him to do.

He didnt ask or inquire.

The greenhouse wasnt big and the two of them quickly finished rummaging through it.

Just as they were about to take a break, Gao Yaoyao ran in and reported, “Boss, the medicinal honey water has been sold out.”

“So soon” Qin Lin was surprised.

There were only 1,500 customers a day, but the medicinal honey was sold out before the morning was over

“Are the tickets for the Sea of Flowers sold out today” Qin Lin asked again.

Gao Yaoyao explained, “Many people came to the villa early this morning.

The first thing they did was to go to the sales center to buy medicinal honey water.

Some people even bought many cups at once.

After buying them, they didnt stay any longer and left directly.

They should be from Youcheng County.

They came specially for the medicinal honey water.

Now, the tourists cant buy it even if they want to.

Many people are complaining.”

Qin Lin frowned slightly.

He did not expect the medicinal honey water to sell so quickly, but on second thought, it was normal.

Medicinal honey water was very popular, and there were people who specially bought it to take videos and clock in.

What was the point of buying 10 glasses at once It was probably to make a video and gain more popularity.

This was a deformed consumption.

It was probably why the first cup of milk tea in autumn had appeared.

Once it was autumn, the entire circle of friends would be showing off their milk tea.

It was as if they would fall behind if they did not show off.

It directly promoted the consumption of milk tea.

Gao Yaoyao continued, “Boss, are we going to take out the medicinal honey in our inventory and continue selling it”

He had kept the 90 catties of honey in stock for emergencies.

He had not intended to take it all out.

“Take out another 20 catties!” Qin Lin thought for a moment and said, “Moreover, if they want to buy medicinal honey water now, they have to use the Sea of Flowers tickets or the villas 50-yuan receipt to buy a cup.

If they have both, they can buy two cups.”

Since there was such a phenomenon, he naturally had to think for the tourists.

He might as well do a bundle sale.

Moreover, the conditions were not harsh.

Basically, all the tourists exceeded this standard.

This kind of bondage sales was often criticized.

However, there were some exceptions.

They were limited in quantity and precious.

Not only would such restrictions not be criticized, but they could also be upgraded.

His medicinal honey water belonged to this category.


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