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In the end, Zhao Moqing gave the statistics to Qin Lin.

“The total number of lucky draws today has reached 18,324.

The number of visitors is 5,086.

Most of them were here for the melon king.

The average lucky draw for each person is 3.6.”

When Qin Lin obtained the data, he could not help but marvel at the effect of the two Quality 3 watermelons.

This was far more than expected.

The limit on customers was 1,500.

In the end, they received more than 5,000 people.

This was almost too much.

Fortunately, he had decisively restricted the tickets to the Sea of Flowers.

With 16,324 lucky draws and 50 yuan produced once, the turnover would be at least 916,200 yuan.

The main force would naturally be the goods like the Quality 2 watermelons and those supplied by suppliers like Lin Feng.

The number of items taken out in the game could not last a day at all.

After that, the situation was only held up by the ordinary products provided by these suppliers.

However, even if the turnover reached 916,000 yuan, the per capita consumption was still only 180 yuan.

In the eyes of those popular tourist attractions that received 5,000 people per day, such per capita consumption would probably be despised.

Even if the number of people was given to you, you actually couldnt squeeze out any money.

But this couldnt be helped.

There werent enough spending projects.

Some tourists didnt even know how to gather 50 yuan for the lucky draw.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have kept going to the slippery grass activity.

Moreover, the employees of the villa were all exhausted from the overload.

Gao Yaoyao kept shouting into the microphone, her voice hoarse.

However, it was always joyous to have a successful event.

Qin Lin also instructed Zhao Moqing, “Everyone has worked hard today.

Give each employee a 100 yuan red packet.”

“Alright, Ill arrange it.” Zhao Moqing nodded.

The employees had worked hard, so the rewards had to be given.

Everyone was indeed too tired today.

If he wanted a horse to run, a horse had to eat grass.

He believed that a 100-yuan red packet would definitely make the employees who had worked hard all night happy.

Just as he was about to leave, Qin Lin received a call from Chen Li.

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“Chief Chen, why are you calling at this time”

“Isnt it to congratulate Boss Qin on your successful event By the way, let me ask about the reception at the villa today.

The tourists who came to your villa today almost blocked the intersection.”

“Thanks to the countys traffic police, the villa received 5,086 people today.”

Qin Lin did not hide the number of customers he received.

On the other hand, Chen Li hung up the phone and said to Sun Xian in surprise, “Sun Xian, Qinglin Villa actually accepted 5,086 people today.”

Since the melon king event at Qinglin Villa was so popular, the county naturally paid attention to it.

“Over 5,000 because of an event” Sun Xian felt like he couldnt sit still anymore.

One had to know that a famous scenic area with 5,000 visitors a day was a watershed.

The famous Wu Mountain scenic area had only received 5,000 visitors last year.

And there was no scenic spot in Youcheng County that had this number of visitors.

Although Qinglin Villa had only broken through 5,000 people through this event, it also meant that they had the potential.

Sun Xian hurriedly instructed, “Old Chen, hurry up and prepare the relevant materials.

Youll be qualified when the other projects in Qinglin Villa are officially opened.

Send the information to Boss Qin immediately and get him to apply for a 4A scenic spot.

When the time comes, our county will help to recommend the information.”

“Yes!” Chen Li immediately nodded.

The number of guests received by Qinglin Villa today made the usually calm Sun Xian a little uneasy.


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