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As time passed, there were more and more tourists at the mountain villa.

The number of visitors in one morning had probably far exceeded the usual 1,500.

In the past, tourists came to the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.

No one wanted to come empty-handed if the Sea of Flowers was limited.

This time, most of them were here for the two melon kings.

After last nights hype and popularity, the value and anticipation of these two world kings had reached an extreme.

Many people would probably post it on their WeChat Moments immediately after winning the prize, right


Chen Dabei and the security guards carried the watermelon to a table specially prepared outside the hall.

Master Lin also took out a special machete and prepared to cut the melon.

The two ticket collectors at the side were also ready.

Captain Hong was also maintaining order with two patrolmen.

Gao Yaoyao had already come out with a few waiters.

She was holding a microphone in her hand and announced to the tourists with a smile, “Attention, tourists.

The melon king in the morning is about to be cut.

Tourists who have drawn the lottery can queue up for the reward based on the winning information.”

Immediately, countless tourists rushed over.

However, with Captain Hong and the others around, none of them dared to crowd around recklessly.

They were still very intimidating in their police uniforms.


While Master Lin was sharpening his knife, the tourists were already taking photos with their phones.

The video of the melon king being cut open was enough to be posted on WeChat.

At least they were involved!


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With a crisp sound, Master Lin cut open the melon king under everyones anticipation.

In an instant, the delicious melon meat was revealed.

Just looking at it made one want to take a bite.

Gao Yaoyao also held the microphone and said, “Now, tourists who have won can come up to receive their rewards based on the winning information.”

The waiters behind her had also reached the large halves of the split watermelon.

They were all holding a ball spoon and a special disposable cup.

Gao Yaoyao was in charge of checking the information, while they were in charge of giving the watermelons.

Two beautiful women were the first to run forward.

“We can trade for two.”

One of the beauties had obviously attracted the attention of many men.

This beautiful woman looked too much like Teacher Ohashi and seemed to have a similar figure.

They knew Teacher Ohashi very well.

Gao Yaoyao picked up the scanner gun and scanned the information of the two beauties.

The two beauties also received their first and second portions of watermelon.

Those who had won looked over, curious about how the melon king tasted.n

The two beauties picked up small forks and put a piece of watermelon into their mouths to chew.

Their mouths were instantly filled with sweetness.

Coupled with the delicious juice, it was perfect.

The beauty who looked like Teacher Ohashi couldnt help but exclaim, “Xiao Di, this watermelon is too delicious.

Ive never eaten such a delicious watermelon in my life.”

Xiao Di nodded crazily.

“Yes, its still sweet in my mouth after eating it.

There shouldnt be any watermelon better than this, right”

The praises of the two beauties seemed to be a little exaggerated, but the way they enjoyed it made the tourists who had won the prize unable to help themselves.

They went up to Gao Yaoyao to check the information of the prize and then received the watermelons.

More and more winning tourists were receiving watermelons.

Without exception, even a Quality 2 watermelon was something that countless people had never eaten before.

Even Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen were shocked by the delicacy.

Therefore, even though the other attributes of this Quality 3 watermelon were only 2, those lucky tourists had never tasted it before.

After eating it, they praised it in unison.

“Its really too good.

You wouldnt believe how delicious watermelon can be until youve tried it.”

“Haha, its delicious.

I almost destroyed my butt on the slippery grass for the lucky draw.

Its really worth it now.”

“As expected of supreme enjoyment.

I swear this is the first time Ive eaten such delicious watermelons since I was young.

Im afraid I wont be able to eat them again.”


The tourists who didnt win were a little anxious.

There were fewer and fewer winners left.

The more people who won the prize said that it was delicious, the more they wanted to eat it.

As noon approached, the 300 winning tickets for the morning were all released.

Tourists who did not win could only take their purchases to the buffet barbecue or let the kitchen cook.

Even the kitchen would be busier today.

After all, many people had bought a lot of things for the lucky draw, and most of them were unwilling to come out and bring these things back.

Chen Dabei brought the two halves of the watermelon skin in with the security guard.

“Boss, what should we do with the rest”

The watermelons had all been dug out with a ball spoon.

The watermelon rinds as a whole had not been destroyed.

They looked like two large, complete green hands.

There were more than 240 catties of watermelon, but only half a catty of each prize spot.

Even after deducting the weight of the watermelon skin and distributing another 300 portions, there was still a lot of melon meat left.

Qin Lin instructed, “Dig out the rest for everyone to eat as snacks.

Oh right, hand the watermelon skin to Master Lin and let him soak it.

Lets braise it for a taste tonight.”

“Okay, Boss!” Chen Dabei nodded and brought the watermelon rind into the kitchen.

Qin Lin was looking forward to the watermelon rind.

People born in big cities would definitely not eat watermelon rinds.

Some people might not even know that watermelon rinds were edible.

However, many villagers should have eaten watermelon rinds before, and they tasted pretty good.

He missed the braised watermelon rind that his father used to make.

As Qin Lin was recalling, he saw Chen Xiaoru running in, sweating profusely.

It was obvious that school had just ended at noon.


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