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The car drove directly to the drifts starting point, where a small reservoir dam had been built to control the drifts momentum.

In winter, the valves would be tightened to try to make the waters momentum as gentle as possible.

Next to it was the preparation area where the kayaks, life jackets, and hard hats were placed.

It was naturally empty now, and only the employees of Youcheng First Construction Company were doing the finishing touches.

“President Sun.” One of Youcheng First Construction Companys men immediately ran forward when he saw Sun Ming.

Sun Ming also introduced, “This is President Qin of the villa.”

“Hello, President Qin.” The man from Youcheng First Construction Company immediately greeted him respectfully.

Qin Lin nodded at the other party.

Sun Ming instructed, “Bring out the kayaks, life jackets, and hard hats weve prepared.

President Qin and I are going to test the drift personally.”

The people from Youcheng First Construction Company immediately went to prepare.

A moment later.

Qin Lin and Sun Ming put on life jackets and hard hats, got into the kayak, and began to drift toward the river.

The river had not been polluted.

The water was still relatively clear.

It was obvious that many of the angular marks had been artificially removed.

Many hidden dangers that could cause danger had been removed.


There were also special ornamental plants standing on both sides of the river.

It was a good view.

Sun Ming introduced, “The county has built a small ecological park on this mountain with this drift as its support.

These ornamental plants are also provided by the county.

By the way, a few filming spots were specially built along the way.”

Qin Lin nodded.

The filming location was arranged for the employees to specially take photos of the tourists or control the drones to take videos.

When the time came, they would give the tourists photos and videos in the floating hall.

The photos or videos that the tourists liked could be bought with money.

It was also a regular revenue-generating item for the rafting project.

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Because of the gentle current, the kayak traveled very slowly.

It took them two hours to reach the villa in the evening.

The drifts end point was north of the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.

A special platform had been built there, and there was a path that led directly to the showers.

When Qin Lin reached the finish line, his pants were already wet.

Overall, he was doing very well.

However, when he moved while playing, especially when he was rowing the kayak, he did not feel cold.

Now that he was down, he felt cold.

“President Qin, go to the shower room and take a look.

Its working too.” Sun Ming only felt the cold shiver when he got off the raft.

Sometimes peoples neural responses worked wonders.

When Qin Lin arrived outside the shower, Zhao Moqing was already waiting and helped him get a set of clothes and a towel.

She asked expectantly, “Qin Lin, hows the rafting Theres no problem, right”

Qin Lin saw through Zhao Moqings thoughts and took the clothes.

“Ill bring you along when it officially opens.”

Zhao Moqing snorted.

“Hurry up and wash up and change your clothes.

Dont catch a cold.”

Qin Lin nodded and carried the clothes into the shower.

Sun Ming also had an employee from Youcheng First Construction Company help him prepare his clothes.

The shower room wasnt small.

It was separated by individual rooms, each with a dedicated showerhead.

Under the showerhead were grooves for shampoo and shower gel.

Soaps were rarely used.

Not only were they not worth it, but they were also prone to slipping.

Tourists had trouble picking them up.

Besides, he had to bring his own bath towel and towel for the rafting bath.

It would provide a hairdryer, so he had to start preparing these things.

After taking a shower, Sun Ming bade farewell.

Qin Lin also returned to the villas hall with Zhao Moqing.

A girl held a document and looked for Zhao Moqing.

“Sister Moqing, this is the account structure document from the new factory.

Take a look.”

This was a new hire for the finance department.

Zhao Moqing nodded and led her into the bar to read the documents.

The game in Qin Lins mind also received a notification at this moment.

A batch of crops in the evening had ripened.

He looked at the game in his mind and was about to pick it when he looked at the watermelon on the 2 plots of Level 3 land in surprise.

The newly upgraded plot of Level 3 land was also used to plant watermelons of Quality 2.

This way, a batch could mature 40 to 50 Quality 2 watermelons.

The sales center could consume about 25 per day now, so he had to stock up on the rest first.

However, after picking the Quality 2 watermelons today, Qin Lin realized that something was wrong.

This was because after the watermelons were placed in the storage room, there were two separate watermelons beside the pile of Quality 2 watermelons.

It was of a different quality.

It shouldnt be possible for a Quality 2 seed to grow a Quality 1, right

The game did not have this setting.

It would only grow better.

In other words, these were two watermelons of Quality 3

At the thought of this, Qin Lin quickly found an empty place and entered the game.

As soon as he reached the storage room, he saw two especially different-sized watermelons.

As for how big the two watermelons were, he was shocked.

He had never seen watermelons that big in his life.

Qin Lin immediately went up to look at the sign in front of the two watermelons.

[Seedless Watermelon: Quality 3 (486 catties)]

[The high-quality watermelons produced by the game have no harmful substances.

Be it the texture, taste, or fragrance… They are far superior to ordinary watermelons.

They can make you unable to control your taste buds.

Delicious 2, sweet 2, taste 2, aftertaste 2, weight 3!]

Sure enough, these were two watermelons of Quality 3.

However, Qin Lin looked at the notes of the two watermelons and was stunned.

The notes and the Quality 2 watermelons seemed to be exactly the same.

The only difference was that both watermelons had an additional 3 weight attribute.

In other words, these two Quality 3 watermelons only had an additional 3 in volume compared to the Quality 2 watermelons.

Moreover, these two watermelons were indeed very heavy.

The two of them weighed a total of 486 catties, and each watermelon weighed more than 240 catties on average.

It had to be known that in the worlds Guinness records, the largest watermelon was only about 300 catties.

And the largest watermelon king in China had only broken through 210 catties two years ago.

It was obvious how heavy these two watermelons were.

Seeing these two watermelons, Qin Lin had many thoughts.

Apart from the free trial of the medicinal honey water and ketchup, there was no other serious activity at the villa.

These two Quality 3 watermelons could be used for an event.

Just the size of the two watermelons alone was enough to generate a lot of popularity.

With that in mind, Qin Lin exited the game and left the villa.

He drove the blue truck straight to the warehouse and entered the game the moment he arrived.

When he reached the storage room, he touched one of the watermelons and brought it out of the game with a thought.

Repeating this, he immediately brought out the second.

Qin Lin fixed the two watermelons before getting into the car and transporting them to the villa.

When he reached the villa parking lot, he called Chen Dabei again and asked him to bring people and a cart over.

When Chen Dabei received the call, he naturally knew that his boss had returned with the goods again and brought them to the parking lot as quickly as possible.

Without Qin Lins instructions, he got into the car and was about to move the goods.

However, when he saw the two big watermelons, he exclaimed, “F*ck… Boss, where did you get this”

Qin Lin made up a sentence.

“I asked someone to buy it for an event.

It just arrived.”

“Its so big.

Its too awesome.” Chen Dabei was in disbelief.

Hed eaten a lot of watermelons and seen a lot more, but hed never seen a watermelon this big in his life.

The other security guards were puzzled.

They went up and were surprised to see the big watermelon.

This watermelon was ginormous.


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