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Zhao Moqing nodded.

Chen Xiaoru was indeed cheerful, but she was also a little worried about this little sisters jumpy personality.

She and Qin Lin knew that the young lady had no ill intentions, so they smiled and let it go.

However, when they went to university and went out into society, they would meet all kinds of people.

There would always be some narrow-minded people who liked to make a fuss about nothing.

The young lady might have suffered greatly when she encountered such a person.

In the afternoon.

After lunch, Chen Xiaoru played in the villa for a while.

When she was about to return to school, she specially found Zhao Moqing and Qin Lin to say goodbye.

In the afternoon.

Qin Lin entered the backyard again and looked at the seeds of his experiment.

At Quality 2, among the lush vines, the green watermelon was already the size of a rubber ball and was about to ripen.

This was slower than he had expected, but not by much.

It was definitely far less than the three months of growth needed for a normal watermelon.


On the other hand, the Xiangshui Tribute Rice seeds in the artificial water field announced that the experiment had failed again.

He could only take out the Xiangshui Tribute Rice seeds that he had brought out of the game previously and soak them in water to disinfect them again.

He did not believe that he would not be able to trigger the mutation probability that was suitable for the geographical environment.

After soaking the Xiangshui Tribute Rice seeds, Sun Ming walked into the hall and greeted him with a smile.

“President Qin, lets go take a look at those projects together.

If theres anything youre dissatisfied with, we can fix it.

After that, well start cleaning up.”

With the countys support fund, it had been more than a month since Youcheng County was built.

The bridal chamber, dining room, dormitory, and rafting project were almost over.

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Qin Lin followed Sun Ming out of the hall and walked towards the construction area.

There was a large divider in the area of the villa and construction to keep visitors from running into the site.

In the future, Qin Lin planned to spread the grass on this quarantine zone and plant all kinds of flowers as ornamental areas.

This way, it would be connected to the rest area.

When the time came, tourists would sit at the rest table or on the swing.

Looking at the green grass and colorful flowers would also be refreshing.

It was how to prevent tourists from stepping on and littering.

Dont doubt it.

Sometimes it was useless to even put up a sign that forbade trampling.

When they entered the construction site, Sun Ming gave Qin Lin a safety helmet.

The first thing that caught his eye was the restaurant.

The main building was made of horizontal wood, bamboo, and a special tiled roof.

This was the architectural style that many ecological scenic spots would choose.

Then there was the dormitory not far away.

With more employees, there would be a night shift system after the consummation project was completed.

Dormitories were a must.

The dormitory and dining room had also entered the renovation process.

Ahead was the bridal area.

The 150 caves had been built into several areas.

There were also different appearances and forms.

They were exquisite and complete.

They even surrounded an independent courtyard.

At that time, special ornamental plants would be planted between each area.

The consummation material was specially chosen.

It was made of soundproof glass and soundproof material.

He couldnt do it without the materials.

Otherwise, hed have to hold a concert every day in this cave.

Well, it could be a symphony with the sounds intertwining.

Qin Lin was actually at ease with these projects.

He knew that Sun Ming and Youcheng First Construction Company would not act recklessly.

Firstly, the county was keeping a close eye on them.

Secondly, the villa was too popular.

There were so many tourists.

If anything happened, the tourists would post it online and it would definitely be trending.

Sun Ming and Youcheng First Construction Company were the first to be unlucky.

Sun Ming didnt look like he was out of his mind.

Sun Ming brought Qin Lin out of the bridal room and asked, “President Qin, do you want to take a look at the drifting project Our people have tried it dozens of times and there are no more problems.”

“Alright, lets go take a look.” Qin Lin smiled.

Sun Ming said, “Then President Qin has to get someone to prepare a set of spare clothes first.”

Qin Lin nodded and called Zhao Moqing before going to the new parking lot on the other side with Sun Ming.

He got into Sun Mings car and drove up the mountain.

The road to the top of the hill had been built.

It wasnt very wide, but it was wide enough for vehicles to transport visitors.

It would also prohibit other vehicles from entering.

To the side of the road was a track that was still under construction and various garden plants were being planted.

It was the countys eco-park project.

That track was naturally a small train track.

When the time came, many tourists would definitely choose to spend money to view the plants while going up the mountain.

Drifting had originally originated with the Eskimos kayaks and Chinas bamboo rafts.

Back then, it was all about meeting peoples needs for life and survival.

Now it has gradually evolved into water rafting.

Even in winter, there was no shortage of visitors to the various scenic spots.

In fact, there was even a special drifting project in the northern region of China that specialized in winter drift.

In the snow and ice in the north, there was still an endless stream of drifting tourists in thick cotton jackets.

The southern drift was just as full of tourists in winter.

Besides, the southern drift played a different game in summer than in winter.

The summer water was fierce and powerful.

On some swift and exciting slopes, under the impact of the current, the kayak would plunge into the water like a cannonball.

It was a thrill to play.

The drifting water in winter was very slow.

Even the impact of the slope would not be very strong.

In fact, tourists would have to row kayaks themselves for most of the journey.

It was controllable, but there was no way to play with water as recklessly as in summer.

Naturally, it was inevitable that water would enter the raft if they played with the rubber rafts.

Many people could not accept it in the middle of winter.

But for many people, this could not stop a restless heart from wanting to play, especially in the atmosphere of group action and excitement.


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