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“Thank you, President Qin.” Zhou Chengjun thanked him again.

Not long after, Chen Li arrived.

When he saw the contract in Zhou Chengjuns hand, he smiled and said, “Boss Qin, have you signed the contract Looks like our Youcheng County is going to produce another product with potential”

“Chief Chen, take a seat.” Qin Lin welcomed Chen Li over and sat down.

He did not forget to introduce him to Zhou Chengjuns grandfather and grandson.

“This is the director of the countys Tourism Bureau, Chief Chen.”

Zhou Chengjun and the old man hurriedly greeted Chen Li respectfully.

To ordinary people, a chief was already a big deal.

“Chief Chen, stay for lunch.

Ill get the kitchen to make a bowl of dumplings.

Why dont you try the sauce” Qin Lin knew that Chen Li had come over to inquire about the sauce, so he invited him with a smile.

He even wondered if there was a way for Zhou Chengjun to get a corporate guidance fund from the county.

After all, this sauce was also a recipe of Quality 1.

The prospects were definitely good.

“Sure.” Surprisingly, Chen Li did not refuse.

At noon, Qin Lin asked Master Lin to kill a wild big fish to entertain Zhou Chengjun, his grandfather, and Chen Li.

The fish was delicious, and Zhou Chengjun and the old man were full of praise.


However, Chen Li was not lucky.

He only paid attention to the dipping sauce and was full after eating the dumplings.

After his meal, he left in a hurry with a bottle of sauce.

Qin Lin also said to Zhou Chengjun, “The first sum of money will be transferred to your account in a few days.

Now, you can go to the factory and make preparations.

I wont interfere with how you operate, but you have to let me see the results.”

“President Qin, I wont disappoint you.” Zhou Chengjun promised Qin Lin before leaving the villa with his grandfather.


Qin Lin handed the investment agreement to Zhao Moqing and asked her to put it away.

When he had nothing to do, he controlled the game character to go to the Spring Mine to mine and see if he could dig some more jade ores.

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After all, it will be New Years Day in a few days.

There would be Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Zhao Moqings birthday, and his mothers birthday in the future.

There would be many days to give them presents.

The county.

Chen Li quickly carried a bowl of dumplings and a bottle of sauce to the office.

This attracted the attention of many of the staff, who wondered what the chief was up to.

After Chen Li entered the office, the people inside also put down their pens and documents.

They cleared the table in front of them and asked Chen Li to put down the dumplings and sauce.

Chen Li smiled and said, “Sun Xian, I have to say that this sauce is really good.

It tastes even better than Lao Gan Ma.”

Sun Xian picked up his chopsticks, picked up the dumplings, dipped some sauce into them, and put them in his mouth.

Then a second and a third.

After eating three in a row, he sighed and said, “It does taste very good.

Its a pity that its only been discovered now.

Weve missed the best time for such products to develop.”

Chen Li nodded and said, “Indeed, this kind of product is like a huge mountain that occupies almost the entire market.

However, the fact that theres this sauce today means that our Youcheng County has something good.

Its just that we havent discovered it yet, but Boss Qin has.”

Sun Xian smiled and said, “Human success is not a coincidence.

The restaurant has been in Shui Nan for decades, and so many people have eaten it.

How was Boss Qin the one to discover the value of this sauce This is why Boss Qin can succeed.”

Chen Li smiled and said, “Thats true.

Everyone on the Internet feels that they were born at the wrong time.

They envy others for having good opportunities, but if they were to take the helm, their companies might not be able to survive those few cold winters on the Internet.

Should the county support this sauce”

This made Sun Xian frown.

He thought for a moment before saying, “Lets take a look first.

Zhou Chengjun is just an intern.

After all, hes not Boss Qin.

We have to inspect him.”

Chen Li nodded.

If the management rights of this sauce were with Boss Qin, the county would definitely support it decisively.

However, Zhou Chengjun was not Boss Qin after all.


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