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Seeing Qin Lin walk to the bar, Red Hair jumped into his arms and squeaked at him, his claws constantly moving his clothes.

Qin Lin miraculously understood.

The little guy was going to get clothes for these two wild squirrels

There could be such a thing

Thinking about it, it was really possible.

After all, squirrels were one of the top 10 intelligent animals in the world and Red Hair was a game product.

The note said that it was very intelligent.

But didnt that mean Red Hair was helping him train these wild squirrels

Qin Lin didnt know if his guess was right, but it was worth a try.

He immediately looked at the game character on the screen in his mind and controlled the game character to go to the pet merchant.

Previously, he had received a hint from the little squirrel game that he could buy what pets needed from the pet merchant.

Did that mean there were clothes for squirrels to wear

After controlling the game character to head to Ore Town and finding the pet merchant, he clicked on the purchase list.

Not only did a row of available pets appear, but various pet supplies also appeared.

Among them were supplies including squirrels, everything from rations of pine nuts to clothes.


Small clothes like Red Hairs were not expensive.

They did not cost much gold.

Qin Lin decisively chose to buy two clothes for the squirrel.

But on second thought, he bought more.

Then, Qin Lin hurriedly left the hall and found an empty place to enter the game.

He brought the squirrels clothes out of the game.

When he returned to the hall, he found that Zhao Moqing and Lin Fen were also there.

Chen Xiaoru was holding some pine nuts and placing them on the table one by one.

Red Hair picked up the pine nuts and placed them in the small bag in front of his chest.

The other two wild squirrels hooked their heads and watched.

One of them even reached a paw towards the bag in front of Red Hairs chest, but Red Hair quickly retracted it with a squeak.

Chen Li quietly watched from behind his daughter.

He also felt that this little squirrel was very cute.

He really didnt know how Boss Qin trained her.

“Qin Lin, why are these two squirrels here” Zhao Moqing asked in surprise when he saw Qin Lin.

“Theyre lackeys that Red Hair brought over just now,” Qin Lin explained as he placed the squirrels clothes on the bar.

When Red Hair saw this scene, he immediately squeaked.

The other two squirrels seemed to have heard the call and hesitated behind Red Hair.

Seeing this, Qin Lin tried to reach out and grab one of the squirrels.

The little squirrel was very timid.

Under such circumstances, it would usually have scurried out and run.

But this time, the squirrel was actually in his hand.

Its watery eyes looked at him nervously.

Qin Lin picked up a squirrel-sized shirt and carefully put it on the little squirrel.

He was afraid that he would accidentally hurt it.

Miraculously, the little squirrel did not resist.

He felt incredulous.

A moment later, there was another piece of clothing on the little squirrel.

It was the same style as Red Hair, but the color was different.

Then, Qin Lin grabbed the other squirrel and dressed it up.

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The scene surprised everyone.

The little squirrels were too well behaved.

Chen Xiaoru took out another pine nut and placed it on the bar.

This time, a wild squirrel ran over and grabbed the pine nut.

It seemed to want to put it in its bag, but its first attempt failed and the pine nut fell back onto the bar.

The other one scuttled forward and picked up the pine nut.

It also tried to copy Red Hair and put it in its bag, but it didnt succeed the first time either.

Instead, the two squirrels started fighting over the pine nut.

Seeing this, Chen Xiaoru hurriedly placed all the pine nuts on the table.

Only then did the two wild squirrels stop fighting and start trying to put the pine nuts into their bags again.

Zhao Moqing couldnt help but say, “Qin Lin, arent they too smart”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “In terms of food processing, squirrels are the top 10 intelligent animals in the world.”

It took half a day for the two wild squirrels to successfully put a pine nut into the bag.

“Squeak!” Red Hair squeaked as he scuttled away.

The two squirrels looked around and immediately ran out.

Chen Li brought Chen Xiaoru to play in the villa for a while before leaving with the reluctant little girl.

As evening approached, the kitchen started to get busy again.

Master Lin and the others started to cook for the employees.

Just as Qin Lin was about to enter the kitchen to see what he wanted to eat today and ask Master Lin to make some, he realized that Red Hair had appeared again.

This time, other than the two wild squirrels from before, Red Hair actually brought four more over.

Qin Lin looked at the four squirrels lined up behind Red Hair in surprise.

Was this guy addicted to taking in underlings

“Qin Lin, do they want clothes too” Zhao Moqing was surprised.

If that was the case, she really wondered if these little squirrels had become spirits.

“Probably.” Qin Lin nodded and took out the little squirrels clothes from under the bar.

Fortunately, he had bought more previously.

Seeing this, Zhao Moqing asked eagerly, “Can I dress them”

“Here.” Zhao Moqing took the clothes and carefully grabbed a small squirrel.

The little squirrel actually did not resist.

This made Zhao Moqing happily help it put on its clothes.

When she helped the seven squirrels put on their clothes in unison, it was especially graphic.

The seven dressed squirrels gathered there as if they were an animated scene.


Red Hair called out and scurried out of the hall.

The wild squirrels followed again, running in the direction of the Sea of Flowers.

It seemed that Red Hair was already the leader of these wild squirrels.

A moment later.

In the Sea of Flowers, many tourists discovered seven neatly dressed squirrels.

This was attracting too much attention.

Not long after.

Red Hair brought the little squirrels back to the three Quality 3 triangular plums.

When they saw a tourist putting down the pine nuts, the squirrels immediately scurried up.

They were different from before.

This time, after the little squirrels picked up the pine nuts, they actually tried to put them in their bags.

This different scene was noticed by the tourists.

They were all surprised and took out their phones to take photos.

“Have these little squirrels leveled up”

“How clever.

They all know how to wrap things in bags.”

“Squirrels are one of the top 10 smartest animals in the world.

Besides, the owner of this villa trained them well.”

“The owner must be a pet trainer”

Night fell faster in winter than before.

The lobby was bustling, too.

Tourists were starting to eat.

Qin Lin was chatting with Senior Brother Chu from Power Law Firm on WeChat.

If he wanted to invest in Zhou Chengjun, he definitely had to have an investment agreement.

He explained everything to Brother Chu, then asked him to help draw up an investment agreement.

After chatting for a while, the sky turned completely dark.

There were fewer tourists at the villa today, and the tourists at the buffet quickly left.

As it was Christmas Eve, the villa did not have any Christmas decorations.

On such a day, there was no such atmosphere.

Due to this situation, the tourists naturally ran to the county for a meal.

Today, the tourists could see Christmas decorations along the way to the villa.

More importantly, he could not stay overnight at the villa.

On a day like today, this was a sore point.

Qin Lin had no choice.

The bridal chamber had yet to be opened.

Maybe this time next year, the men who delivered the apple and the women who got banged up would come to the bridal chamber for a concert.

But this was good.

The special day allowed the employees of the villa to get off work early.

After the tourists left, Qin Lin also asked Chen Dabei to bring in the chocolates and nuts he had bought from RT-Mart.

They were all big gift bags and there were a lot of them.

These two large bags added up to at least 100 yuan.

Although 100 yuan was not a lot, it was a big surprise for the employees to receive it for free.

Some girls like Gao Yaoyao posted on their WeChat Moments after receiving their gifts, thanking their boss for his gift to share their joy.


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