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Night fell.

Most of the tourists had left the bustling Qinglin Villa.

Only a few tents were standing in a few places, and the tourists inside were preparing to spend the exciting night.

“Boss Qin, well get off work too.

See you tomorrow.” Captain Hong also bade farewell to Qin Lin and left the villa in a patrol car.

“Woof!” Wang Cai cried for help.

It kept jumping in front of Qin Lin, Zhao Moqing, and Lin Fen, but the red fur on its back had no intention of coming down at all, as if it wanted to be a squirrel dog rider.

The dog couldnt do anything to it.

Faced with Wang Cais request for help, Zhao Moqing and Lin Fen just watched.

Qin Lin only scolded, “Red Hair, dont bully Wang Cai.”

It was like watching two small children make a scene and not helping each other.

Seeing that its three masters were not helping it, Wang Cai lay on the ground and rolled, forcing Red Hair to come down and crawl onto Qin Lins shoulder.

Wang Cai got up and whined unhappily at Red Hair.

Gao Yaoyao ran over.

“Boss, look at Douyins trending list.

Red Hair is famous.”

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Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing both took out their phones to check.

As expected, they saw a trending video about Red Hair on Douyins trending list.

This was because many bloggers had reposted the same video which had hundreds of thousands of likes.

The video was the one where the beautiful woman fed Red Hair pine nuts and was despised.

It was unknown which tourist took it and uploaded it online.

The title read: “The squirrels in Qinglin Villa have become spirits.

They actually despise beauties!”

“Red Hair actually did this today” Zhao Moqing couldnt help but laugh when she saw Red Hair kick the pine nut away in disdain.

The comments below were even better.

“Little squirrel: This beauty has bad breath and wants me to eat her saliva!”

“Not very damaging, but very insulting!”

“The counter-attack from the little squirrel.

It looked disgusted.”

“The little squirrel has done its examination.

The beauty has bad breath, so everyone move aside.

Let me kiss this beauty!”


Qin Lin couldnt help but smile when he saw these comments.

That beauty would probably feel awkward when she saw this video, right

“Qin Lin, look at this bear.

Its even more popular than Red Hair.” Zhao Moqing suddenly handed another video to Qin Lin.

It was a black bear wearing a roller skate.

Most importantly, the roller skate was very slippery.

“Is this bear the reincarnation of the one from Journey to the West”

“I dont live as carefree as this bear!”

“I just saw a spiritual squirrel, and now its a black bear.

Are all the animals in Douyin spiritual”

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Such intelligent animals were always popular on the Internet.

The long-legged Internet celebrity that Douyin wanted to promote was suppressed by two animals.

With the appearance of Red Hair, the villa became much livelier.

In the next few days, many tourists appeared specifically to take pictures of Red Hair.

Moreover, something funny had happened at the villa in the past two days.

There was a tourist and a colleague from the company who came to the company to play.

He seemed to have bumped into his girlfriend.

Most importantly, there was a man beside his girlfriend.

The tourist hit him on impulse.

After the beating, the woman said that it was her brother and angrily broke up with the tourist.

The man was also taken away by Captain Hong.

He had a free meal in jail and was later bailed out.

In the end, he did not get a free three-day tour.

In addition, the 30 million enterprise guidance fund that the county had promised had already arrived at Qinglin Food Companys account.

In other words, Qin Lin had finally paid off his familys debt and now owed the county another 50 million.

However, this time, he did not feel the same sense of urgency as before.

Instead, he was filled with hope for the future.

Because this debt was nothing like what it had been before.

In the afternoon.

The sun was shining.

In the winter before Christmas, it was definitely a touristy day.

Qinglin Villa was also more lively.

After receiving Deng Guangs call, Qin Lin immediately drove the BMW 5 Series to the factory.

However, there were two long queues outside the factory.

There were also two tables at the entrance.

The two managers promoted by the factory were registering information.

They were hiring people.

The money from the county had arrived.

The factory was about to expand, and they were about to start hiring employees.

As soon as Deng Guang got into the car, he said, “President Qin, weve already contacted them.

We can just go over and take a look at the factory one by one.”

“Okay!” Qin Lin nodded.

The countys 30 million enterprise guidance fund had already been approved.

Naturally, they had to spend this money to expand the production of Qinglin Ketchup as soon as possible.

All that money came with interest.

The fastest way to expand was naturally to buy a ready-made factory that met the requirements for food production.

This way, he only needed to buy the production line, adjust it, and reach the approval standard before he could produce it.

Moreover, he had already ordered the production line for 30 million yuan.

Apart from the money for the reserved use of the factory and the initial raw materials and employee salary, the rest of the money had been used to order the same ketchup production line as before.

There were 35 production lines in all.

Very few factories in Youcheng County could set up so many production lines, and companies with factories of this scale would not sell their factories.

Therefore, Qinglin Food Company had to buy several factories to resettle them.

In a small county like Youcheng County, there was no way for them to develop quickly.

They could only invest in a large-scale factory when Qinglin Food Company developed well in the future.

Qin Lin and Deng Guang took turns reading through the scheduled factories and were satisfied.

They went through the procedures as quickly as possible and signed the contract.

These factories were actually contacted by the county, and those bosses did not dare to pull any tricks.

Now, the county was even more anxious about Qinglin Ketchup than Qin Lin, the boss.

Moreover, these factories were all in the industrial zone, which was not far away.

Naturally, the employees of these factories would also accept them.

They would first go to the old factories to familiarize themselves with the use of production lines.

Otherwise, even if they had already started recruiting, they would not be able to recruit enough people in a short period of time.

When the 35 production lines ordered this time could be put into production, Qinglin Food Company would have 42 production lines with 1,000 bottles of production capacity per hour.

At that time, Qinglin Food Company would be carrying out double shifts.

Once the recruitment was full, there would probably be more than 600 employees.

However, at that time, the maximum production capacity of Qinglin Food Company could reach 840,000 bottles of 200g tomato sauce in a day.

Not only would it be enough for Cheng He to spread out quickly in the province, but he could also find other agents in other provinces.

Naturally, when the time came, Qinglin Food Company would also face a problem of raw materials.

Youcheng County did not have so many tomato raw materials to satisfy this production.

If they bought tomato materials from elsewhere, the price would be even more expensive and the cost would increase invisibly.

However, the development was too rapid.

There was no choice.

Qin Lin followed Deng Guang and spent half a day dealing with the factory.

He handed some follow-up details to Deng Guang before driving back to the villa.

When he reached the bar, he saw Wang Cai lying on the ground and Red Hair jumping on its back.

The little squirrel seemed interested in the dogs back.

After a few days, Wang Cai seemed to be helpless against it and resigned to its fate.

At the bar, Zhao Moqing was also busy introducing something to the four girls in front of the computer.

That was one finance and three accountants just recruited.

With the development of the villa and Qinglin Food Company, Zhao Moqing would not be able to handle it alone.

She would definitely need help.

She had planned to recruit more people previously, but she could not find anyone suitable for the time being.

A few days ago, she happened to arrive at the countys civil service examination.

Coincidentally, Zhao Moqing had left the tax bureau, so she had to recruit another one.

After the public examination made an announcement, many accounting and finance majors tried it.

Naturally, only one person could pass in the end.

These people definitely wanted to stay in their hometowns.

Zhao Moqing had an uncle in the tax bureau, so she naturally contacted a few people.

Qin Lin didnt disturb Zhao Moqing.

He walked straight to a table by the window and looked at the game scene in his mind.

Then, he controlled the game character to go to the Spring Mine to mine.

Previously, he had obtained a secret recipe for ketchup from digging a Mystic Stone Slab on the first level.

He was still looking forward to the mine.

After controlling the game character to enter the second level of the mine, he found a spot and started digging.

As he dug through the stones one by one and found a few pieces of gold, silver, and copper, Qin Lin received an unexpected notification.

[Congratulations on obtaining Violet Jadeite Ore: Quality 1]

Violet Jadeite Ore

Shouldnt it be called a stone


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