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Qinglin Villa became popular again.

If it was because of the Triangular Plum Blossom Seas popularity before, it was because of the constipation topic this time.

After the announcement of the special medicinal honey water at Qinglin Villa, the price and effect of this medicinal honey water had already caused a sensation online.

The price could be said to be very expensive.

At first, many people thought that even if it was a scenic area, the price of the medicinal honey water was too exaggerated.

However, after that certified medical professor became popularized, everyone finally knew what medicinal honey was.

What they were conflicted about was not the price but whether the medicinal honey was real or fake.

If it really was medicinal honey, there was no doubt about the price.

And now, there was no doubt that Douyin had been flooded by Qinglin Villa again a few hours ago.

He could almost see the video about the medicinal honey water in Qinglin Villa with just a few videos.

Almost all the tourists who went were praising the medicinal honey water.

In addition, the effect of treating constipation had been confirmed.

The video of the long line outside the toilet explained everything.

That scene was really…

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This was what amazed people.

This was really the effect.

It had to be known that the best aloe capsules and laxative capsules in the world would take about six hours to take effect according to ones physique.

However, drinking this medicinal honey water for less than two hours was definitely effective.

Therefore, no one questioned the price of medicinal honey water anymore.

What they were conflicted about was how to drink it.

After all, the medicinal honey water was limited, and Qinglin Villa also had a limited supply.

For a moment, many people on the Internet said that they had a channel or source of medicinal honey water.

As for whether it was true or not, no one knew.

In Qinglin Villa, two wonders could be seen today.

One was the long line in the front row of the sales center, and the other was the long line in front of the toilet.

When Chen Li arrived, he was stunned by this scene.

He said to the young man beside him, “Zhong Lei, it seems that we dont have to worry about how to maintain the popularity of Qinglin Villa for the time being.”

Zhong Lei smiled and said, “The heat of this medicinal honey water is too hot now.

There are even bored people who want to do a Youcheng County public toilet strategy.

Dont make things difficult for the toilet in the villa.”

Chen Li smiled knowingly when he heard this.

This meant that the villa had become popular again.

It was a good thing.

Yesterday, in addition to the approval of the Qinglin Villa Support Fund, the county also made a data report.

Because of the tourists from Qinglin Villa, Youcheng County had already been affected in many aspects.

Especially hotels, snack bars, car trips, and so on.

Naturally, there were also some problems.

For example, traffic.

The exit of the villa was located at the intersection of Sand City, the city, and Youcheng County.

Now that online taxis and taxis were converging there, it was easy to get into accidents.

Therefore, while the approval was given to the villa, the county was also hesitating about whether to build a special passage from Youcheng County to Qinglin Villa.

They even asked the bus company to add more shifts for this route.

Given the current popularity of the villa, this was necessary.

It would be of great benefit to both Youcheng County and the villa.

Chen Li was not in a hurry to find Qin Lin.

Instead, he brought Zhong Lei to the sales center.

Apart from the support fund, they also wanted to see the sales center.

This sales center was already the size of a medium-sized supermarket.

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They entered the sales center, which was divided into areas.

There were vegetable areas, fruit areas, and seafood areas.

There were already some tourists choosing ingredients to cook for themselves at the mountain villa at noon.

A special-quality product area did attract his attention.

And there were clearly more tourists in the area.

Chen Li walked over to take a look and realized that there were actually introduction cards erected in this area that introduced those products.

“Special variety of okra, a specially cultivated okra.

It has more beneficial effects than the ordinary okra on the market… It has a stronger effect on the lactation, general circulation, and filling of the kidneys.

It costs 15 yuan per catty!”

This was naturally a Quality 1 okra.

A couple of tourists were already there, selecting okra.

“The Internet says that the special variety of okra in this villa is very effective.

Its not easy for me to take time off to play.

Ill make you more.”

“Its a pity that the villa doesnt serve the kind that costs 400 yuan a catty anymore.

Otherwise, I would have to take a leave of absence to play.”

The male tourist looked at his date suggestively as he spoke.

Chen Li led his men to look at the other products in the special products area.

There were also introduction cards.

The sales center was already starting to take shape.

It was just that most of the areas were empty.

For now, with more than 1,500 customers, these things were a little small.

“Lets go see Boss Qin!” Chen Li said and left the sales center.

When he saw Qin Lin in the hall, he said with a smile, “Boss Qin, congratulations.

The villa has successfully launched another consumer project.”

“Chief Chen, sit here!” Qin Lin immediately shook hands with Chen Li.

He didnt forget to instruct Chen Dabei, “Make two cups of medicinal honey water and cut a special watermelon.”

After Chen Li sat down, he handed a document to Qin Lin and said, “Boss Qin, Im here today to tell you a piece of good news.

The support fund has been approved by the county.

Moreover, the project has already been contacted.

After the contract is signed, the project can be developed as quickly as possible.

Take a look at the information contract.”

Qin Lin nodded and took the contract.

Just as he was about to look at it, Chen Dabei also came over with watermelon and two cups of medicinal honey.

Qin Lin immediately introduced, “Chief Chen, try this villas special watermelon and this medicinal honey water.”

Chen Li did not stand on ceremony.

He picked up the medicinal honey water and inserted the straw.

It was also his duty to inspect the consumer projects in the scenic area.

He had to try it out so that he could answer questions about this in the future.

After taking a few big gulps, Chen Li said sincerely, “Boss Qin, I finally know why your medicinal honey water became popular.

This taste is really good.

Coupled with the special effects, theres no reason it wont become popular.”

Zhong Lei nodded in agreement.

After drinking it, he realized that the rumors online were not exaggerated.

Unfortunately, the price of this medicinal honey was too expensive and the production was small.

Their tourism bureau had also done an investigation last night and could buy some medicinal honey regularly.

However, there was not enough traffic and fame.

This project really could not be as easy to get as Qinglin Villa.

The key was that Qinglin Villa had succeeded, so there was no need for them to do anything else.

Otherwise, if there was an internal conflict, it would be detrimental to Youcheng County.

The two of them picked up the watermelon and ate it again.

Then, they looked at each other.

Watermelons were probably one of the fruits that everyone came into contact with the most.

Many fruit farmers in Youcheng County planted watermelons every year, but the key was that these watermelons were really too delicious, right

It was difficult for them to describe the taste.

One thing was certain, they had never eaten such delicious watermelons.

Chen Li sighed and said, “No wonder it costs 100 yuan a catty.

This taste is really amazing.

Boss Qin, where did you get this melon”

When Qin Lin heard this question, it was really difficult to explain.

This was a game product, so he definitely couldnt say it.

Moreover, sooner or later, someone would ask this question and it would be noticed.

Fortunately, he had a solution.

He smiled and said, “Director Chen, this is a new variety of melon.

Its still being cultivated for the time being.

Therefore, the villa cant supply it now.

If this watermelon seed can be cultivated, not only will the villa be able to supply it in large quantities, but even the people in the county should be able to grow this watermelon.”

Didnt he specifically try to plant game seeds to deal with this situation

If the county knew that he could really cultivate a game watermelon seed, they would probably ask if the watermelon could be promoted to the entire county.

How much benefit would that be for the entire county

When Chen Li heard Qin Lins words, he did not think too much about it and did not probe further.

Then it would be impolite.

It might give the other party a particularly bad impression.

It would not be conducive to further cooperation.

However, he felt that there was something special about Boss Qins words.


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