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Lu Jianxian might now know why someone like Chen Shengfei was so polite to the boss of such a villa.

Li Qing probably didnt just come here often, right

If the other party was just here to play, why would Chen Shengfei have such an attitude

Qin Lin naturally didnt know what Lu Jianxian was thinking.

He just felt that Lu Jianxian didnt have the humility that Chen Shengfei and Marlewen gave him, even though he was smiling.

Chen Shengfei saw the fishing rod in Qin Lins hand and asked curiously, “Boss Qin, are you going fishing To the fish pond”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Im going to the reservoir.

Its an old reservoir thats more than 60 years old.

There are many wild goods there.”


Qin, wait for me.

Ill go with you.” Chen Shengfei suddenly became interested and instructed the driver at the side, “Go to the parking lot and help me bring in the two fishing rods in the trunk.”

Previously, he had also seen the news of an old reservoir letting out water.

There were dozens of wild big goods under the reservoir.

The reservoirs that had been holding water for decades were actually natural fish reservoirs.

It was just that it was usually difficult to catch large goods at the bottom of the reservoirs.

Hearing Qin Lins words, as a fishing enthusiast, he was really eager to try.

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The driver heard the order and turned toward the parking lot of the villa.

Seeing Chen Shengfeis expectant expression, Qin Lin could only wait.

Not long after, the other partys driver returned with two fishing rods, fish food, and a bucket containing hooks, wheels, drops, drifts, and other items.

This thing was quite complete.

Who would have thought that a tycoon like Chen Shengfei would have these things in his car

“Boss Qin, lets go!” Chen Shengfei said and handed one of the fishing rods to Lu Jianxian.

“Old Lu, this is for you.”

Lu Jianxian was a little helpless.

He had long heard that Chen Shengfei liked to fish, but he really didnt.

Didnt he say that he brought him here to eat delicious wild goods Why did he drag him out to fish

It was already winter.

Wouldnt it be torture to go to the reservoir

However, although their company was partners with Chen Shengfei, their company relied on him more.

He did not dare to refuse and could only follow behind with his fishing rod.

Qin Lin led Chen Shengfei and Lu Jianxian to the east side of the reservoir.

Their villa was close to the west, not far from the reservoir drain.

Most fishermen knew not to fish in the reservoir drains.

Firstly, the current was strong.

Secondly, there would not be any big fish in this area, so they had to walk in.

But not long after, Qin Lin saw another unexpected person.

Wasnt this Liu Hua

The other party seemed to be darker than before, and his face was much more haggard.

He was walking out with a bucket that seemed to be filled with many fish and prawns.

Could this guy still think that he could catch wild albino tiger fish here and was still trying

What was wrong with having this tenacity

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Liu Hua was still a little embarrassed when he saw Qin Lin.

He was secretly catching wild albino tiger fish here.

He really didnt want to bump into Qin Lin unless he really caught the fish.

Qin Lin couldnt be bothered with Liu Hua and continued walking in with Chen Shengfei.

Liu Hua looked at the fish, crabs, and prawns in the bucket and frowned.

Although these things could be sold for some money, why couldnt he catch a wild albino tiger fish

He even broke up with his girlfriend in order to catch this fish.

How could he be satisfied until he caught one

He watched Qin Lin leave and secretly followed him.

He felt that the location the other party mentioned previously was definitely a lie.

The location where the other party caught the wild albino tiger fish was definitely not that area.

Not long after.

Qin Lin brought Chen Sheng to a relatively stable spot in the middle of the reservoir.

There happened to be a small, sloping terrace, a good spot for fishing.

The conditions were limited, so he could only find a rock to use as a stool.

Chen Shengfei followed suit.

When fishing, he could overcome many situations.

On the other hand, Lu Jianxian was a little helpless.

His butt hurt from sitting on the rock.

After Qin Lin sat down, he took out the LV2 bait from the game and threw it out.

The hook and bait instantly fell into the water.

When Chen Shengfei saw Qin Lin use the rod to pierce through the bait and throw it away, he said in surprise, “Boss Qin, is fishing this simple”

He used fishing rods that he had assembled himself.

Every fishing line and float had to be tuned, and then the bait had to be mixed by hand.

He had even specially consulted a fishing master and knew how to fish with a high success rate.

Boss Qin seemed a little casual to him.

He didnt even have a net.

As Chen Shengfei thought about it, he continued to adjust his fishing rod.

When he adjusted his fishing rod, he was surprised to find that the fishing rod in Qin Lins hand had started to shake.

A fish had taken the bait.

“So soon” Chen Shengfei was a little surprised.

Qin Lin reeled in the line.

It was a tilapia fish.

He was a little surprised to remove the fish from the hook.

Although he was not good at fishing, he had seen others fishing in the reservoir.

They might not come up for half a day.

How long had it been since he had casually thrown it down

This should be the effect of the LV2 fishing rod and LV2 bait.

With that in mind, he loaded the bait again and swung the fishing rod in another direction.

A moment later, Chen Shengfei also prepared the bait and threw the fishing rod out.

Seeing that Qin Lin had caught one so easily, he gave up on the idea of hunting.

There should be a lot of fish in this reservoir.

Looking at the tilapia fish in Qin Lins bucket, he smiled and said, “Boss Qin, your luck seems to be pretty good today.

Lets compete and see whose fish takes the bait first this time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Lins fishing rod started shaking crazily again.

Another fish had taken the bait.

“” Chen Shengfei opened his mouth and gradually looked embarrassed.

Qin Lin reeled in the line and took the fish down again.


Chen, what did you just say”

“Nothing!” Chen Shengfei had selective amnesia.

“Oh!” Qin Lin placed the fish in the bucket, confirming his thoughts.

This was definitely the effect of a fishing rod and bait.

In other words, such items in the game would retain their attribute effects like watermelons and fish.

Qin Lin got on the bait again and threw it out.

This time, no fish took the bait for a long time.

The reservoir was so big that not all areas had fish.

Only if there were fish beside them would they be attracted by the bait.

This was also why many people wanted to catch fish in order to gather them together.

Qin Lin retracted his fishing rod.

This time, it was empty.

He reloaded the bait and threw it towards another area.

Chen Shengfei had already thrown down the bait.

It was only normal for him to feel empty when he saw Qin Lin.

It seemed that he was extremely lucky the first two times.

Although he wasnt a master, he was still a professional at fishing.

If he couldnt catch a fish, how could he still have the face to call himself a professional in the future

Just as Chen Shengfei was thinking this, he saw Qin Lins fishing rod shake violently.

“” Chen Shengfei.

Qin Lin reeled the fish in.

This time it was a large catfish.

After putting the fish in the bucket, he put on the bait again and swung it in another direction.

Now, the speed of this fishing was not in the fishing rod and bait.

In the place he had chosen, as long as he chose a place with fish, under the game-attribute fishing rod and bait, he would immediately take the bait.

Qin Lin seemed to be very lucky this time.

Not long after the bait was thrown, the fishing rod started shaking crazily again.

Besides, there seemed to be a lot of activity this time.

“…” Chen Shengfei looked at this scene and then at the fishing rod in his hand.

On what basis

He was here to fish.

Boss Qin was probably here to stock up!


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