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In the Ore Town Forging Shop, Qin Lin received a notification through his game character:

[The fishing rod has been upgraded to a copper fishing rod.

I heard that the owner of the seed shop can make a special LV2 bait.

With the copper fishing rod, it can increase the chances of catching high-quality fish.]

[Copper Fishing Rod]

[Powered-up LV2.

It can be used to fish deeper areas.

Coupled with LV2 bait, it can be used to fish more types of fish.

It has an increased fishing chance of catching Quality 2 fish.]

After reading the fishing rods information, Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to head to the seed shop.

The seed store sold bait.

He wondered what the brains of this new version of the game planner were thinking.

In the old version of Ranches Story, the probability of catching a higher-level fish increased as long as the fishing rod was upgraded.

This new version seemed to be different.

In addition to the LV2 copper fishing rod, it had to be specially equipped with bait.

Upgrading the fishing rod could accumulate more power, fish deeper, and then lure more advanced fish.

This seemed reasonable.

Because there were six boxes of land and ringing water for sale in the game, as well as gold, silver, and copper from the mines, there was no shortage of game gold coins now.

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[Bait: Level 2]

[The seed shop owner is a fishing enthusiast.

This is a special bait he made.

It needs to be used with the LV2 copper fishing rod in the game!]

From the information on the bait, it was obvious that it could only be used with the game fishing rod.

After buying bait, Qin Lin controlled the game character to return to the riverside and started fishing again.

A moment.

A notification of a fish taking the bait appeared in the game.

The game character pulled up the hook and a fish was brought out of the water.

[You have caught a wild bass (Quality 2)!]

He caught a wild bass of Quality 2 on his first try.

He controlled the game character to take the bait again and threw out the fishing rod.

A moment later, another fish was caught.

[You have caught a wild black carp (Quality 2)]

[You have caught a wild bass (Quality 2)!]

Three fish in a row were all Quality 2.

The effect of the copper fishing rod and the bait seemed to be astonishing.

Previously, his LV1 iron fishing rod could catch 35 fish a day, but it was only 3-4 Quality 2.

Qin Lin continued to control his game character to fish.

There were still many fish that had not been caught today.

[You have caught a wild grass carp (Quality 1)]

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[You have caught a wild ornamental flowerhorn fish (Quality 1)]

After Qin Lin finally caught a Quality 1 wild fish, he actually caught another ornamental flowerhorn fish.

This should be a new type of fish, an ornamental fish.

He immediately controlled his game character to continue fishing.

He would catch all 35 fish today first.

[You have caught a wild grass carp (Quality 2)]

[You have caught a wild bass (Quality 1)!]

[You have caught a wild ornamental cichlid (Quality 1)]

[You have obtained a wild ornamental redtail catfish (Quality 1)]

[There dont seem to be any fish in the river.

Please wait for the refresh to resume!]

After Qin Lin received the notification that he had finished fishing today, he controlled the game character to retract his fishing rod and head towards the fish pond.

With the upgrade of the fishing rod and the open bait, of the 35 fish caught today, 24 were of Quality 2, eight were of Quality 1, and there were three other wild ornamental fish.

The wild fish of Quality 2 could not be eaten even if others wanted to, but he could not finish it at all.

24 Quality 2 wild fish a day meant 240 fish in 10 days, and 720 fish a month.

What would happen if 720 wild big fish were taken into the fish pond

It would definitely shock everyone.

He could imagine that scenario, but then he would be in trouble too.

He could only imagine.

However, he was curious about the three ornamental fish, the cichlid, the redtail catfish, and the flowerhorn fish.

Previously, the dwarf Arnies fishing competition had given him a wild albino tiger fish of Quality 2 for him to sell for 650,000 yuan.

Now that the fishing rod had been upgraded, it could even catch ornamental fish with LV2 bait.

Moreover, it was only Quality 1 now.

If the fishing rod was upgraded to an LV3 Silver Fishing Rod, it should be able to catch a Quality 2 ornamental fish that was at the level of the wild albino tiger fish last time, right

Qin Lin thought about it and found an empty place to enter the game to replace his game character.

He walked to the fishpond and saw its statistics.

He skipped the ordinary wild fish with Quality 1 and 2 and directly looked at the information of the three ornamental fish.

[Wild Flowerhorn Fish: Quality 1]

[This is a very beautiful fish.

Looks 1, texture 1, delicious 1!]

[Wild Cichlid: Quality 1]

[This is a very beautiful fish.

Looks 1, texture 1, delicious 1!]

[Wild Ornamental Redtail Catfish: Quality 1]

[This is a very beautiful fish.

Looks 1, texture 1, delicious 1!]

These were clearly three delicious-tasting ornamental fish.

Qin Lin really didnt understand ornamental fish, so he simply took out his phone and took a set of photos of all three fish.

Then, he exited the game and took out his phone to look for Lin Shengs WeChat number.

Previously, the commission for selling wild albino tiger fish was transferred to the other party through WeChat.

Now, he could ask the other party about the price of these three types of fish.

After sending the photo, Qin Lin sent another message.

“Boss Lin, help me look at the price of these three fish.”

Lin Sheng quickly replied, “Mr.

Qin, are you selling fish again”

Qin Lin thought for a moment and said, “Boss Lin, this fish was distributed by someone else.

I want to buy it, but I dont know the price.”

He had no intention of selling the ornamental fish.

Since he could catch ornamental fish in this game, even if he could only catch three fish a day, there would be 30 fish in 10 days.

That would be 90 fish a month, which meant 1,080 fish a year.

Moreover, the fishing rod would definitely be able to catch higher quality and more types of ornamental fish.

Then he could totally set up a small aquarium and take out ornamental fish from the game all year round.

He definitely wouldnt lack fish.

When the rafting project and the restaurant project were completed, the tourists would eat at the restaurant.

The hall would also be moved to the main hall of the rafting project, which was much larger than this place.

When the time came, the hall here could be transformed into an aquarium.

The main building would not be affected and the interior would be empty.

The main thing was that it would be more troublesome to modify the organic tempered glass and water cycle.

These still needed to be done professionally.

Sun Mings Youcheng County Construction might not even work.

Then, it would be another project that could be diverted.

At this moment, Lin Sheng replied, “Mr.

Qin, the appearance of these three fish is very good.

However, the redtail catfish and the cichlid are common ornamental fish.

Their prices are similar and not too high.

According to the quality, your two fish are about 4,000-6,000 yuan.”

“On the other hand, that flowerhorn fish will be more expensive.

According to the quality, it should be about 10,000 to 20,000 yuan.

Naturally, this is only a preliminary observation.

I can only judge the details when I see the fish.

After all, many situations can affect the price.”

After obtaining this price, Qin Lin roughly understood.

Although it was far inferior to the wild albino tiger fish, the price of this Quality 1 flowerhorn fish far exceeded that of the Quality 2 wild grass carp, bass, and black carp.

Wild grass carp, bass, and black carp still had a lot of nutrients, but they could not compare to the quality of the flowerhorn fish.

Therefore, people often said that one could not be superficial.

However, in this era where looks mattered, even if one was full of talent, one might not necessarily be able to compare to someone who was superficial.

The company required good facial features to recruit employees.

Didnt men choose their girlfriends because they were good-looking

There were definitely men who did not pay attention to appearance.

He was definitely not there for milk tea because the server was young and beautiful.

But most men who said they didnt care about a womans appearance should be lying, right

There had to be a bottom line, right


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