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Tourist areas usually sold tourist souvenirs.

These tourist souvenirs represented the characteristics of the tourist area.

They had a collection and gift value.

Tourists dont collect tourist memorabilia because its antique and priceless.

Its a souvenir of a tourists experience as a vehicle, an expression of the meaning and value of life.

Qinglin Villa did not sell any tourist souvenirs now, and this triangular plum plant could become one of them in the future.

It could also represent the characteristics of the villa.

After the triangular plums were transplanted, not only did their quality decrease, but many of their attributes were also gone, such as attractiveness, the easy survival rate of transplants, ecological harmony, and appearance.

Quality 3 degenerated to Quality 2, but it still retained its attributes.

After all, there was still Quality 2.

It would definitely look good if it degenerated again.

Quality 2 degenerated to Quality 1, but it still retained gorgeous 1, ornamental 1.

If he continued to transplant with these potted plants, the quality and attributes would probably decrease again.

However, regardless of whether it was Quality 1 or 2, there were still some gorgeous and ornamental attributes left.

That was definitely more beautiful than ordinary triangular plum potted plants, not to mention that it was in full bloom.

As long as the tourists who bought it back raised it carefully, the blooming leaves and flowers would definitely not be comparable to ordinary potted triangular plums.

The triangular plum plants had to be pruned regularly.

The triangular plum plants produced by the game were of Quality 2 and 3.

After pruning, the branches grew very quickly and would invade the tourist area.

A few landscapers trimmed a lot of branches, and each pruning could nurture a lot of potted plants.

It was perfect for recycling.

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The triangular plums had no cost.

The cost of cultivating the triangular plums was only some artificial and fertilizer soil and flower pots.

And for a family bonsai like this, ordinary single-colored flowers were cheap at 10 to 20 yuan.

That kind of multi-colored would have to be 30-100 yuan.

After cultivating 7 colors, he would still need to spend the entire year.

Even if his attributes were greatly reduced, it shouldnt be a problem for him to sell Quality 1 for 100 yuan and Quality 2 for 200 yuan, right

The exact price could be read later.

The most important thing was that no one else could cultivate it.

Even if a triangular plum cultivation base bought his potted plant and wanted to cultivate it themselves, its attributes would still decrease.

It was far inferior to his potted plant.

Qin Lin had always been a decisive person.

After confirming the attributes of the two triangular plum potted plants, he decided to cultivate them.

The small potted plants did not look like they were taller than a person.

They could be transplanted with a flower pot and cultivated by cutting the branches.

Tourists could even carry them around if they bought them.

If tourists wanted to bring them back, they could even bring the high-speed rail up.

Because the Quality 2 and 3 triangular plums had the attribute of being transplanted alive, it was especially easy for the branches to be transplanted.

The branches that he tried to cultivate had already grown roots again in half a month.

Even the flowers on the original branches did not wither.

This also meant that the cultivation time was short.

However, there was a limit to the number of branches that could be trimmed with just the Quality 2 and 3 of the triangular plums.

Therefore, after the Quality 2 watermelon on the Quality 3 land was ripe and harvested, he controlled his game character to go to the Ore Town Seed Shop and directly bought the seven-colored symbiotic triangular plum seedling (group).

He planned to create some more mature triangular plums.

Then, he would transplant these triangular plums to a special place for planting.

They were especially used for transplanting potted plants.

Only then would Qinglin Triangular Plums be able to form a scale.

After that, Qin Lin found Yu Shui.

Yu Shui was the best among the landscapers.

When they first transplanted the triangular plums, Qin Lin asked Master Lin to help supervise them.

At that time, Master Lin had also recommended Yu Shui.

“Boss, what are your orders” Yu Shui immediately ran to Qin Lin.

Qin Lin instructed directly, “Yu Shui, Master Lin recommended you previously.

He said that youre diligent, capable, and have good skills.

I plan to hire some landscapers to find a place in the wasteland of the villa to cultivate the triangular plum potted plants.

I plan to leave this matter to you.

Go and see which piece of land is suitable later.”

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“Boss, no problem.” Yu Shuis face lit up.

This was a promotion.

After leaving the hall, Yu Shui immediately ran towards the villas wasteland time, wanting to do what his boss had instructed him to do.

People always wanted to grab onto opportunities.

Big shots had their opportunities, and small people had their opportunities.

Even a small promotion and a raise in wages were opportunities for some people.

After Yu Shui went to the wilderness to find a suitable place, Qin Lin also moved the dozen or so triangular plum potted plants he had cultivated from the backyard to the hall and placed them on a table by the window.

More than ten potted plants were placed together, and the seven-colored flowers intertwined.

It was really a competition for beauty.

As soon as these potted plants were placed, tourists entering the hall were attracted.

“Its a triangular plum pot.

Its actually seven-colored like the ones in the Sea of Flowers.”

“Although its not as stunning as the Sea of Flowers, its still very beautiful.

Its petite and delicate.”

“A few pots on the balcony would definitely be nice.”

When Qin Lin heard the conversation of these tourists, he felt more confident.

Many flower friends would raise flowers in their homes and balconies and then take good care of them.

Triangle plum potted plants were also the choice of many flower friends.

When they arrived at the bar, Qin Lin took out his phone and called Fu Hais plastic packaging, Zhang Shi.

Not only could it be used to make milk teacups, but it also had to be made into all kinds of products for a small company in a small county.

There should be injection basins among them.

Since he was going to get a potted plant, he was sure that there would be flowerpots.

There were many kinds of flower pots, such as sandstone, porcelain pots, porcelain pots, and so on.

He would only use these pots if he was crazy.

Naturally, he would follow the flow and use the injection basin.

He could also create various shapes and base maps.

In the office of Fuhai Plastics, Zhang Shi looked at his phone.

When he saw that it was Qin Lins number, he immediately picked it up.

Qinglin Villa had already signed a long-term contract with him.

Moreover, Qinglin Villas medicinal honey water, fruit tea, milk tea, medium, and small cups could consume more than 2,000 a day, which was nearly 70,000 a month.

This was already a big client of his small company.

Moreover, he knew very well that Qinglin Villa would definitely consume more resources in the future.

Everyone could see the construction projects at the villa.

Zhang Shi hurriedly picked up the call.

“President Qin, what are your instructions”

Qin Lin asked directly, “Can you supply flower pots We also need the Qinglin Villa logo with the triangular plum blossom map.”

“Sure.” Seeing that business had come knocking, Zhang Shi said anxiously, “I wonder what requirements President Qin has for the appearance Why dont we take a few popular-looking finished products up the mountain for you to choose from”

“Alright, Ill wait for you at the villa.” Qin Lin didnt refuse.

After hanging up, Zhang Shi hurriedly left the office and went downstairs to make arrangements.

He didnt dare to be negligent at all.

He knew very well that if President Qin spread the news, there would definitely be people snatching this business.

For example, Xiao Chen Packaging had failed the previous time.

The first thing President Qin called him now was the credit he had fought for during this period of time.

He definitely couldnt waste this opportunity.

After Qin Lin hung up the phone, he returned to the backyard and squatted down in front of the artificial water field to observe.

There were already seeds planted inside, but none of them seemed to be sprouting.

It looked like they were about to fail again.

Although there was a chance that the Xiangshui Tribute Rice seeds produced by this game could mutate and adapt to the attributes of the geographical environment, the probability did not seem to be high.

In the afternoon, Zhang Shi arrived with seven different shapes and flowers of different colors.

The picture was still of a triangular sea of plum blossoms with the words “Qinglin Villa”.

There were cute ones, strange ones, and normal ones.

As soon as he saw the strange-looking one, he immediately eliminated it.

Damn it, turning a flower pot into a poop-shaped pot Which genius came up with this

In the end, Qin Lin still chose a more normal type.

The potted plant sold flowers, so he couldnt steal the limelight.

His attention was attracted by the strange flower pot.

In the end, Qin Lin gave Zhang Shi 10,000 orders.

Zhang Shi naturally left happily.

When he returned, he would definitely keep an eye on this batch of flower pots.

He believed that these flower pots were definitely only the first batch.

He had to cozy up to Qinglin Villa.


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