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Chapter 509: Even a pig is so hardworking, what qualifications do you have to be lazy

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Qin Lin was really attracted to the name “weight-loss pig.”

The key was that this was a random rare species with a hidden number.

One had to know that the previous leeches were all good things, but now it appeared on a pig.

Pigs were famous for being fat, and eating pork made it even easier for one to gain weight.

It seemed to have nothing to do with losing weight.

Could it be that this pork is high in protein, low in fat, and can help you lose weight

Wasnt this a little anti-science wasnt this not giving those pigs in reality a way out

Qin Lin immediately clicked on the list to check the piglets information:

[ weight-loss pig: quality 2 ]

[ this is an unknown breed of piglets.

Its a mutated pig that was produced after breeding a type of pig that was accidentally caught by the ranch store staff in the depths of Mount Saint Mary.

Because of its low meat production, its the most unpopular piglets in the ranch of ore town.

The specific attributes will be known after the breeding matures! ]

Qin Lin looked at the message as if he hadnt read it at all.

Other than the fact that it was a special species from the goddess mountain and that it had very little meat, there was no useful information at all.

However, he was also interested in this weight-loss pig and immediately clicked to buy three.

[ the weight-loss piglets you bought have been sent to your farm.

Youll see them when you get back! ]

When Qin Lin saw the notification, he controlled his game character to go back to the farm.

When he entered the pigpen, he saw that there were already three cute, pink Little Pigs lying inside.

How should he put it

This weight-loss pig was super cute.

It was probably even more attractive than those pet pigs.

However, with this toot, if it grew up and gained weight, even if it was very delicious, if it ate too much delicious, it would grow fat, right

This really didnt seem to have anything to do with losing weight, right

On the other hand, these toot pigs were a little lively.

They moved back and forth in the pigpen, looking very energetic.

just as qin lin was deep in thought, someone knocked on his office door again.

This time, it was Li Kai who came in with a stack of documents.

its for you.

Fill it out and give it to me.

Ill mail it back.

Theyll send back the proof of ownership and the procedures very soon.

Qin Lin took the stack of documents and read them.

They were about quarantine and rearing procedures.

Previously, The White Peacock and the little lions procedures had been entrusted to this old brother li.

He had contacted the students from the relevant Department to apply with the excuse ofLinlins laboratorys special experimental use.

He didnt expect that the application would be so fast.

to save time, Ive asked the other party to send more of these documents to the laboratory, ” Li Kai said.

if you still have such problems, you can use them directly.

The quarantine department in you city can make a quarantine certificate and stamp the document.

“Brother Li, Im really sorry to trouble you.” Qin Lins eyes lit up.

This really saved him a lot of trouble.

In the future, if there were such animals, he could just fill in the information directly.

He didnt need to think of any countermeasures.

For example, as long as the lion cub was registered with the relevant Department of Ming city, the owner could raise it openly without any trouble.

“Since you know its troublesome, then please remember to reward me,” Li Kai said, as if he was pointing at something.

“I understand, I understand!” Qin Lin understood.

Wasnt it just the Linlin medicinal wine he didnt even get one or two bottles of wine from his brother li.

However, brother li seemed to have a huge demand for the Linlin medicinal wine.

Qin Lin didnt waste any time.

He took out the quarantine forms and procedures that The White Peacock and the little lion needed, then called Zhang Guizhu.

A moment later, Zhang Guizhu ran over.

She was still wearing a white coat and a veterinarian uniform.

Her clothes were still stained with animal fur.

“Boss, do you have any orders” Zhang Guizhu asked immediately.

Qin Lin handed the documents to Zhang Guizhu.

these are the information forms about The White Peacock and the little lion.

Take them and fill them out.

Also, contact you city Animal Quarantine station and ask them to come over to do a quarantine check for The White Peacock and the little lion.

After stamping them, give these documents to professor Li Kai.

“Okay, boss!” Zhang Guizhu took the list.

This was her job.

After leaving Qin Lins office, she immediately contacted the quarantine station.

You citys quarantine station was only a peripheral Department in you city.

They didnt dare to neglect the Linlin Manors Affairs.

Everyone knew how important Linlin Manor was to the county.

So, in the afternoon, Zhang Guizhu finished filling up the forms and stamped the quarantine certificate at you city.

Then, she gave all the things to Li Kai and asked him to mail them to Ming city.

There were many kinds of pigs, and they were all different.

Some of them were raised for a short time, while some were raised for a long time.

The average time was about half a year.

therefore, not long after noon the next day, qin lin received the system prompt that the zhusan weight loss pig had been successfully raised.

The first thing he did was to look at the game screen in his mind, and then control the game character to go to the ranch and Pigpen.

However, when he saw the three Zhouzi weight-loss pigs in the pigpen again, he was a little dumbfounded.

The three z weight-loss pigs were no longer pink and toot.

Their skin had turned into a wheat color, and the hair on their bodies was surprisingly short.

Its appearance was exactly the same as the Durock pig in the Starstreak Kingdom.

The Durock pig in the star-chalked country was also a very famous pig breed.

At first, they were fat pigs, but later on, due to market requirements, they were directly cultivated into lean pigs.

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