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Be it the Ming City Internet Publicity Fraud Department or Chen Lis goods platform, they instantly exploded on the Internet under the popularity of Qinglin Ketchup.

Recalling the brainless haters from before, everyone calmed down and roughly understood what was going on.

After all, the official notary power was not something that an Internet celebrity could compare to.

Many people ran to the comments section ofInternet Celebrity Products Counterfeiters Chun Chun to question her.

Especially those tourists who had been scolded together, they all went up to the comments section to mock them.

“So this is exposing the counterfeits”

“Hehe, what a black hand.

How much did you charge”

“Money can sell your conscience.”


“How did this happen” Chun Chun was stunned by this turn of events.

“Chun Chun, our fans are already dropping fast.

We have to think of something quickly,” the other assistant reminded her hurriedly.

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Chun Chun hurriedly took her phone and her expression turned even uglier.

In a short period of time, she had lost tens of thousands of fans.

In Qinglin Villa.

Qin Lin also received a call from the Youcheng County Tourism Bureau.

Naturally, it was about the goods.

If they wanted to bring his products, they had to inform him first.

Without signing the documents, it was an emergency.

There was still trust between the two parties.

He had no objection to that, of course.

But the developments online surprised him.

He suddenly realized that his actions of asking Qin Ren to get the Internet ghostwriters to deal with it seemed a little redundant.

It was understandable for Chen Li to turn on the farm assistance Livestream again to help him stand on the platform.

Firstly, the county must have confirmed his ketchup.

Secondly, this popularity was just right to attract traffic.

Many people should have flooded into the farm assistance live stream in the county by now, right

It was a matter of mutual benefit.

However, he was a little surprised by the online publicity scam department in the city.

Anyone with eyes could tell where the other party stood.

The timing was too coincidental.

Although he could not rule out the possibility that this publicity fraud department was paying attention to this matter, the probability that it was not a coincidence seemed very high.

Qin Lin thought about it and first transferred the money to Qin Ren.

Then, he took out his phone and called Ma Liewen to ask about the situation.

“Boss Qin, that has nothing to do with me.” Ma Liewens voice sounded from the phone.

“Previously, Li Qing also asked for my bottle of medicinal wine.

Boss Qins wine is very effective in treating frequent urination and urination.

It can also replenish blood and nourish qi.

The elders in Li Qings family used to work too hard and have some health problems.

Moreover, the elders have a few comrades.”

Ma Liewen didnt say it explicitly, but Qin Lin understood.

After hanging up, he thought about it and called Li Qing too.

“Boss Qin, why are you calling me” Li Qings laughter sounded on the phone as if the online publicity fraud department had nothing to do with him.

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Qin Lin was naturally not a fool.

He knew whether he should say it or not, so he smiled and said, “Mr.

Li, I wasnt convinced when you easily tasted the wine the last time.

I obtained two bottles of older medicinal wine and wanted to test you again.”

“Since Boss Qin wants to test me, Ill naturally accept it.” There was obvious joy in Li Qings voice.

This wine was indeed useful to him, or to his family.

The old man had worked hard in the past.

It was always inevitable that he needed to pee frequently and had insufficient vital energy and blood.

Boss Qins medicinal wine was as effective as the secret recipes of the two families that inherited Chinese medicine.

However, the more effective such things were, the more complicated the process, the harder it was to master, the rarer the materials, and the rarer the production.

It was very rare after all.

Even if their family did not get much wine from those two families, if they wanted it, others also wanted it.

Therefore, Boss Qins wine was a rare commodity.

Qin Lin hung up and heaved a sigh of relief.

At this point, the storm on the Internet should have passed.

Instead, it made his Qinglin Ketchup even more popular.

Not long after, Zhao Moqing brought her phone to Qin Lin and showed him a live broadcast video.

“Qin Lin, that Chief Chen is live streaming again.

A lot of people are streaming it.”

Qin Lin looked at the live broadcast and said in surprise, “There are quite a lot of people.”

There were actually more than 100,000 people online in the farm assistant live stream.

Chun Chun, bloggers who wanted to ride on the popularity, and some big verified accounts were all benefiting from Youcheng Countys farm assistance Livestream.

Chen Li looked at the number of people in the live stream with a smile on his face.

This should be the most-populated farm live stream in the county, right

How much produce could be sold to so many people

After selling 4,000 catties of honey in seconds with the help of Qinglin Villas popularity for the first time, the countys farm assistance live broadcast had improved a little.

Compared to the dozens of people at the beginning, there were at least 3,400 people in the subsequent three scenes.

They even especially got a female reporter from the countys television station to be a fixed anchor.

Today, he had personally come to Qinglin Villa so that it would not be affected.

He wanted to stand up for Qinglin Ketchup.

At the same time, he wanted to make use of this popularity to create a big wave.

Today, the county had contacted all kinds of fruit farmers in Youcheng County to make preparations, especially the special products, golden ferns, and winter bamboo shoots.

The number of viewers in the live stream clearly did not disappoint him.

This could be considered another win-win situation between the county and Qinglin Villa.

Chen Li said to the people in the live stream with a smile, “For this farm helper live broadcast, we have prepared fresh gold foil from Youcheng County and winter bamboo shoots for everyone… However, the first product before that is a special product, which is Qinglin Ketchup.”

“I know there are comments online about Qinglin Ketchup being bad, but there are many things I dont comment on easily.

I tasted this ketchup.

Its really good.”

“Naturally, it could be a personal taste problem.

Theres a difference between that and the test on the Internet done by Chun Chun.

So Id like to invite her to test it in public too.”

As soon as Chen Li spoke, the live stream became lively.

Dense comments floated past.

“This streamer isnt nervous anymore.”

“Were seeing the director do a live stream again.

The director directly called out Chun Chun.”

“I choose to believe the director.

The counterfeit-exposer is a counterfeit herself.”

“Haha, how would Chun Chun dare to come She was just tagged by the Ming City Internet Publicity Fraud Department.

She must be very embarrassed now and doesnt know what to do.”


Chen Li said again, “Ive tasted Qinglin Ketchup personally.

If everyone believes me, you can also try bidding for a bottle.

We promise to deliver it in three to seven days.

If it doesnt suit everyones taste, you can also return it when the time comes.

Now, lets go on the link first…”

Actually, at this point, even the dumbest person would know that it was Qinglin Ketchup that was interfering with the interests of the other ketchup.

Therefore, someone had paid Chun Chun to make negative comments about Qinglin Ketchup.

Didnt this mean that Qinglin Ketchup was really delicious

Therefore, the more it was defamed previously, the more popular it was now.

As soon as the link to Qinglin Ketchup was uploaded, people began to order it under such reverse psychology.

Everyone even ordered several bottles, or this could be called revenge consumption.

The frustration of being played for a fool.

In Qinglin Villa.

Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing also watched Chen Lis live broadcast and tried to click on the link.

After all, he was selling his own product.

However, when he clicked on it, he realized that 50,000 had been sold in a short period of time.

“” Qin Lins expression changed.

Was this just the beginning

Another refresh: 100,000

Another refresh: 150,000 .

Then, 200,000 .

There were only more than 100,000 people in the live stream.

How many bottles had the people who ordered it bought

Qin Lin immediately called Zhong Lei, the directors secretary.

Since Chief Chen was so fierce, did he consider whether his small factory could support him

It was only then that he signed the 300,000-bottle order with RT-Mart and had to supply the villa every day.

The promise to arrive in three to seven days wasnt enough time.

Perhaps he was the only boss who was afraid of having too many orders

If he wanted to take bigger steps, the factorys strength did not allow it.

The key was that he could not damage his reputation.

If the county said that they would deliver the goods within half a month, they could do whatever they wanted.


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