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“President Wang, I really dont know how to persuade you.” Qin Lin could only shake his head at Wang Xins story.

He said, “Im very satisfied with this factory.

I plan to buy it.”

At this moment, Wang Xin was not in a hurry to agree.

“President Qin, I can sell you the factory, but I have a request.

You cant fire the employees.

As for management, I only have a factory manager.

If you want… Forget it, Ill compensate him myself!”

He also knew that if a boss bought a factory, the factory director would most likely use his own people.

When Qin Lin heard Wang Xins request, he thought for a moment and said, “President Wang, even if I buy a factory, I still have to produce things.

I wont fire your employees unless they make a mistake.

As for that factory manager, let me meet him!”

Since the factory wasnt running into problems, and there was no problem with the employees, then there was no reason not to want the ready-made skilled workers.

As for the factory director, he himself did not have a good candidate.

Now that this factory manager could make Wang Xin think of him under such circumstances, he was obviously a good person.

He could be used for inspection first.

“Thank you, President Qin.” Wang Xin thanked him sincerely.

Then, he called a man in his early 40s over.

“President Qin, his name is Deng Guang.

Hes the factory manager.

Deng Guang, this is President Qin.

Ive decided to sell the factory to him.”

Deng Guangliang looked at Qin Lin.

He also knew the situation of his bosss family.

He could only sigh and say, “President Qin, Ill help President Wang hand over the details of the factory to you later.

If you want to continue using me, Ill work hard for you.

I understand if you want to send someone over.

After all, this position is very important.

I wont make things difficult for you.”

Qin Lins first impression of Deng Guang was not bad.

After some thought, he instructed, “Manager Deng, Ill go with President Wang to settle the procedures later.

Help me tell those employees that after I buy the factory, I need everyone to add a confidentiality agreement.

If they violate the confidentiality agreement, the compensation will be huge.

If theyre willing to keep it, they can keep it.

If theyre not, I wont force them.”

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The secret recipe for ketchup was not high-tech.

It was easier to crack.

Some security precautions had to be taken.

After that.

Qin Lin also signed the contract with President Wang and headed to the commercial property change center.

A change in the factorys property rights did not mean that the transaction would be completed after both parties signed a contract.

Whether it was the factorys property rights or the use of the factorys property rights, they had to be reviewed by the relevant departments.

Only when there were no problems could the transaction be carried out.

In those big cities, this series of processes would take a long time to complete.

A small place like Youcheng County was very fast.

It was done in the afternoon.

After the change review was approved, Qin Lin applied again to change the name of the factory to Qinglin Food Co.


The following procedures would take some time, which had nothing to do with Wang Xin.

“President Qin, this factory is yours from now on.

I wish you a prosperous business.” When Wang Xin left, his expression was complicated.

After all, it was a factory that he had built single-handedly.

He had originally wanted to achieve great things.

He could only blame himself for not teaching his son well.

After that, Qin Lin went to the factory again.

Deng Guang was waiting to meet his new boss with about 20 employees from the factory when he arrived.

Deng Guang stepped forward and said, “President Qin, these employees are willing to stay and sign the confidentiality agreement.”

Every employee looked a little uneasy.

After all, if they changed bosses, they would have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

However, they really didnt want to lose their jobs.

Qin Lin also knew what these employees were thinking, so he said, “Since everyone is willing to sign the confidentiality agreement and stay, Ill also tell everyone a piece of good news.

After the confidentiality agreement is signed, everyones salary will increase by 100 yuan.

Ill also promise everyone that if you work hard, your salary will definitely increase in the future.

If anyone tries to cheat, I wont accept it.”

When the employees heard that their salaries could be increased by 100 yuan, their faces lit up.

Small-town workers were obviously easily satisfied.

Qin Lin continued, “Also, let me introduce myself.

My name is Qin Lin.

I own Qinglin Villa.

In the future, the products produced by the factory will also be sold in Qinglin Villa.”

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These words finally surprised the employees, including Deng Guang.

“The new boss is the owner of Qinglin Villa”

“I even went to Qinglin Villa during the holidays.”

“My daughter has also been clamoring to go to Qinglin Villa to drink medicinal honey water.”


Qinglin Villa was too popular in Youcheng County now.

It was said that the county had given money to help Qinglin Villa expand.

For some reason, the entire factory staff seemed to be full of energy.

Over the next few days, the paperwork for the factory was completed.

Zhao Moqing knew that he had really bought another factory.

He checked the various bills of the factory again and again before feeling at ease.

As for the villa, the medicinal honey water would be sold out every day, and the turnover had always been around 400,000 yuan.

However, the popularity of the online mountain villa no longer seemed to have increased significantly.

This was a little different from what they had expected at the beginning.

At first, Qin Ren told him that if the villa blew up the flow pool, the popularity would definitely last for a long time.

Which Internet celebrity who blew up the flow pool didnt easily get millions of fans

However, his official account only had more than 900,000 fans.

It did not even reach a million.

When he scrolled through the popular videos of long-legged women flirting on his phone, he seemed to understand something.

She seemed to be an Internet celebrity who had suddenly appeared and was already in the top three trending searches.


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