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Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen had not eaten Qin Lins cooking yet, so they naturally did not know what Li Qing and Li Kai were looking forward to.

Not long after, dishes were served by Li Qing and a kitchen apprentice.

When Qin Lin came out with the last dish of braised meat, there were already more than ten dishes on the table.

Among them were three courses of fish and two courses of eel.

He had made them with the systems culinary skills.

They had the attributes of 3 delicacy, 3 texture, and 1 appetite.

Li Kai didnt even need anyone to call him.

When all the dishes were served, he had already washed his hands and sat down at the table.

“Brother Qin, the fish and oysters are ready.

Ive been craving them for days.”

Li Qing took the bowls and chopsticks and distributed them to everyone.

After sitting down, he said, “Fortunately, we came down in time today.

Otherwise, we would have missed this meal.”

As he spoke, he had already made himself a bowl of fish soup.

Li Kai ate in silence, not wanting to waste any more time.

This was the time to eat.

“The dishes are all here.

Everyone, eat!” After Qin Lin sat down, he said to Chen Fengwu, who had come for the first time, “Master Chen, its your first time here.

Try our villas dishes.”

Chen Shengfei also explained, “Uncle, you should really try Qin Lins food.

Its much more delicious than the food in those hotels, restaurants, and restaurants.”

Chen Fengwu was also looking forward to hearing Chen Shengfei say that.

He picked up a piece of fish with his chopsticks and put it into his mouth.

The 3 taste, 3 texture, and 1 appetite of the fish made the master look incredulous.

How was this just more delicious This taste was not comparable to those restaurants at all, okay

He could not describe the delicacy.

Anyway, at his age, he had never eaten anything that tasted so good.

“Uncle, how is it Its delicious, right” Chen Shengfei knew what was going on from Master Chens expression.

He smiled and picked up a piece of braised meat for himself.

Just as he started chewing, he realized that something was wrong.

“Eh, why does this braised meat taste even better today Is it my imagination”

“I dont think youre imagining it,” said Ma Liewen.

“I think the fish is even more delicious today.

Its a level stronger than before.

It even reminds me of someone.”

“Old Yang!” Chen Shengfei subconsciously said a name.

Ma Liewen nodded.

The Red Gate Feast was once famous in Ming City.

They had eaten the Red Gate Feast before, so they naturally knew how delicious the dishes that Old Yang had carefully prepared for a long time and only opened once a year were.

Unfortunately, as Old Yang grew older, he no longer had the energy and stamina to hold a popular banquet.

His few disciples did not learn well either.

Even if they used the same materials and did the same thing, no one would buy it.

Old Yangs disciples didnt want to improve either.

They had already gone to deal with low-end games and got some services like the Red Gate Feast for ordinary rich people or rich second-generation heirs.

Unfortunately, the Red Gate Feast was going to be lost in the open market.

The two of them never expected to be able to eat dishes that were comparable to the Red Gate Feast.

They even felt that the taste and texture were slightly better.

The two of them looked at Li Qing and Li Kai, who were silently eating fish, and suddenly recalled their reaction to Qin Lin cooking.

They must have eaten it before.

In other words, Qin Lin was the one who did all this

That left them too shocked.

The two of them ate more than ten dishes and realized that the taste of the okra and yam had not changed.

It was still the same as before.

It should have been made by Master Lin.

Only the fish and eel tasted better.

This should be made by Qin Lin.

Chen Shengfei looked at Qin Lin in surprise.

“Qin Lin, weve known each other for so long, but I didnt expect you to be so good at cooking.”

Ma Liewen agreed.

“Well, obviously, Old Chen and I met you first, but Li Qing tasted your cooking first.

Im envious.”

Li Qing looked up and teased, “Old Ma, can you not be like a resentful woman This is not how you get jealous.”

Qin Lin also smiled and said, “Old Ma, dont you and Old Chen get to eat now Besides, I dont cook often.

I was just thanking Mr.

Li previously.”

When Li Qing heard this, he felt that something was wrong.

“Wait, why are they Old Chen and Old Ma while Im Mr.

Li Boss Qin, weve been in your villa for longer than the two of them, right I even helped you mix and brew wine.

Do you treat me as an outsider”

Now Ma Liewen retaliated.

“Li Qing, thats not how you get jealous.

Its just a title.”

Qin Lin was stunned.

It was no wonder that Chen Shengfei, Ma Liewen, and the others would play together.

They were mocking each other and did not let go of any opportunities.

Li Qing said to Qin Lin, “Call me Old Li in the future.

I cant be excluded.”

Qin Lin smiled and nodded.

He naturally did not think that Li Qing cared about this.

Those who really cared about this would not say it out loud.

Instead, they would hide it in their hearts.

Those who could really say it out loud actually treated them as friends.

At this moment, Li Kai suddenly interrupted, “Brother Qin, you can call me Brother Li.”

This was all just playing around.

At this moment.

Zhao Moqing called him to discuss the listing tomorrow.

Now, he was going to release a promotional video.

He could only inform Li Qing and the others before leaving the table.

Ma Liewen couldnt help but sigh.

“Who would believe that the person who can brew the Qinglin Medicine Wine is comparable to Old Yang in culinary skills I wonder how much ability Qin Lin still has hidden.”


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