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“Why else do you think I bought those” Chen Shengfei replied angrily.

Then, he sighed with emotion.

“However, Qin Lins agarwood incense is of a higher grade than the one I bought.

Not only is it fragrant, but it also has an effect.

You should have already felt it.”

Master Chen Fengwu also felt the effect of the agarwood incense.

Although he and Chen Shengfei had only come by car, they were still very tired.

After the incense was lit, the fatigue quickly disappeared.

At his age, he could boast that he was knowledgeable, but he could not believe that he had not experienced such a magical incense personally.

“Qin Lin, do you have a way to get this agarwood Incense” Chen Shengfei asked expectantly.

“Old Chen, this really depends on luck.

I might not have it even if I wanted it myself.” Qin Lin knew what Chen Shengfei meant, but he could only tell the truth.

The refresh rate of this agarwood tree was too low.

Ever since it had been refreshed previously, it had yet to be refreshed.

If they were unlucky and did not refresh this thing for a month or two, he and Zhao Moqing would be out of stock.

“Sigh.” Chen Shengfei sighed and did not continue asking.

This was indeed very rare.

“The tea is ready.

Try my collection of oolong tea.” At this moment, Ma Liewen also called for everyone to sit down.

He only loved tea.

This oolong tea was worth a few thousand yuan.

Boss Qin had many good things, but there were no good tea leaves.

Good tea leaves were not easy to come by.

Qin Lin also liked tea, but the tea he drank was ordinary tea.

After taking two sips of the oolong tea, he felt that it was different from ordinary tea.

First, there was the fragrance of tea.

The fragrance was very strong in the mouth, and there was a sweetness after bitterness.

The sweetness was very evocative.

The reason why Northerners did not like to drink tea was actually because they could not stand the bitterness of tea.

It was because they resisted and their hearts were in chaos.

They could not taste the sweetness after the bitterness.

The taste of tea was the sweetness after the bitterness, as well as the process of slowly returning to blandness and fragrance.

There was a saying: When tasting tea, bitterness is its journey, fragrance is its gift, and returning to blandness is its nature.

Therefore, many people had different opinions when they tasted tea.

Some people drank tea as if they were tasting emotions.

It was always difficult to pursue, but once they succeeded, it would be sweet.

However, no matter how sweet it was, it would slowly return to normal as time passed.

But when they were old, the sweetness of the past could be recalled carefully, like the fragrance of tea.

Naturally, some would say, how could there be such a metaphor How many men and women could go from courting to growing old together

But that was because they did not choose the right tea leaves.

The tea leaves were all moldy and rotting, and they were still making them.

Could tea like that be fragrant Apart from the bitterness, theres nothing left but nausea.

Ma Liewen finished making a pot of tea and chatted as the time passed.

In the blink of an eye, it was evening.

“Lets go to the hall and see what were having for dinner.” Qin Lin called out to Chen Shengfei and the others.

The three of them were invited to support him this time, so he was naturally in charge of entertaining them.

When he arrived at the original hall, he realized that Master Lin had already brought over the ingredients for dinner with an apprentice.

When Master Lin saw Qin Lin, he said, “Boss, the lady boss has already instructed that you have to entertain Mr.

Chen and the others tonight.

I came over in advance to prepare.”

Qin Lin nodded.

Zhao Moqing was always so understanding.

He would arrange many things for her.

He then said to Master Lin, “Master Lin, Ill help you later.

Ill make the fish and eel.”

“Yes, boss!” Master Lin nodded.

Li Kai suddenly appeared at the entrance of the backyard and shouted in surprise, “Brother Qin, are you cooking again tonight”


Li, youre here too” Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen naturally knew Li Kai.

However, they were good friends with Li Qing and Li Kais seniority was different.

They were not very close.

Li Kai nodded at Chen Shengfei and said to Qin Lin with a smile, “Brother Qin, remember to call me when you eat.”

Just as Li Qing had said, after eating Qin Lins fish, Li Kai had been thinking about it.

With that, Li Kai walked back into the backyard.

Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen looked at each other.

This person was indeed as jumpy and neurotic as the rumors said.

Wasnt it just a meal And he made it sound like he was afraid of missing it.

Boss Qins food is delicious, but he was from the Li family after all.

Theres no need for that, right

“Boss Qin, why is this person here” Chen Shengfei asked curiously.

Qin Lin explained, “Theres a problem with the watermelon seeds in my backyard.


Li, please help me take a look.”

After Chen Shengfei, Ma Liewen, and Chen Fengwu sat down, Qin Lin asked Gao Yaoyao to send over some fruits and snacks before entering the kitchen with Master Lin.

After Chen Shengfei sat down, he looked at the hall and felt a little emotional.

“When I first came here, I came in accidentally because my tire was broken.

At that time, the villa was still in a panic and there werent many tourists.

Now, in such a short period of time, the villa is already so lively.”

“When I entered this hall, I still felt that this hall wasnt at that level.

It was far inferior to the Hundred Fragrance Pavilion.

But now, I feel that the hall of the Hundred Fragrance Pavilion is far inferior to this.”

Ma Liewen smiled and said, “Old Chen, its a good thing that your tire broke at that time.

Otherwise, we would have missed too many good things.

We might still be eating those things from the Hundred Fragrance Pavilion and buying Li Feis empty things.”

As they chatted, Li Qing walked in.

He was still wearing his apron and had obviously just come down from the winery.

When Chen Shengfei saw Li Qing, he immediately pulled him to sit down and asked curiously, “Li Qing, you havent left since Old Ma and I left last time, right What are you doing here in the villa”

“Cant you smell it Im making wine,” Li Qing said as he picked up a piece of watermelon and ate it.

“Wine” Ma Liewens eyes lit up.

“Its not the Qinglin Medicine Wine, is it, Li Qing You cant brew ordinary wine yourself.”

“I want to brew the Qinglin Medicine Wine too.

Do you think I have the chance” Li Qing sighed and took two more bites of the watermelon before saying casually, “Boss Qin made 100 catties of Xiangshui Tribute Rice to brew wine.”

“Making wine with the Xiangshui Tribute Rice” Chen Shengfei was surprised.

Chen Fengwu was also a little uneasy.

He had eaten Xiangshui Tribute Rice at Chen Shengfeis place before and knew how rare it was.

Rich people like Chen Shengfei could only get some occasionally.

But did someone actually want to use this kind of rice to make wine

Ma Liewen was even more incredulous.

“Good grief, I cant believe you guys would do something so extravagant.

Thats the Xiangshui Tribute Rice.”

Li Qing said with an expression that said, “Let me tell you, this Xiangshui Tribute Rice is a luxury for us, but not for Boss Qin.

For example, you cant buy it even if you have the money.

However, someone from Xiangshui took the initiative to exchange the Xiangshui Tribute Rice for Qinglin Medicine Wine from Boss Qin.

This is how the Xiangshui Tribute Rice for brewing wine came about.”

“Theres such a thing” Ma Liewen was immediately taken aback, but it made sense when he thought about it.

There were things that money couldnt buy, but it didnt say that equally precious things couldnt be exchanged.

In a certain small country, they could even change people, such as changing culture.

“Old Ma, could it be the same that time We still thought that Qin Lin was deceived.” Chen Shengfei suddenly said to Ma Liewen.

“I think so.

At that time, Qin Lin also thought that the other party was a swindler.” Ma Liewen also remembered that they had shared some of the Xiangshui Tribute Rice and brought it back.

At first, they thought that Qin Lin could not have obtained that much Xiangshui Tribute Rice and thought that he had been deceived.

However, it was not that Qin Lin had been deceived, but that Li Feis Xiangshui Tribute Rice was far inferior to Boss Qins.

At that time, Qin Lin even said that he had taken it from a friend and thought that he had been deceived.

Perhaps at that time, someone from Xiangshui knew that Boss Qin had medicinal wine and came to contact him.

When Li Qing heard what the two of them said, he roughly knew what was going on.

The time the two of them mentioned must have been when Xiangshui found out about the medicinal wine from some unknown source.

It was the first time they came to the house to interact and Boss Qin treated them as cheats.

“By the way, wheres Boss Qin” Li Qing asked.

Chen Shengfei explained, “In the kitchen.

He said hell help Master Lin make fish.”

“Hes cooking again” Li Qing was pleasantly surprised and walked straight into the kitchen.

Boss Qin had been cooking a little more frequently recently, which was a good thing.

Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen looked at each other.

Why did they have to be so shocked


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