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From this, he could roughly understand why those rich people liked to light agarwood incense in the office.

He did not know if the agarwood incense used by Jack Ma had this effect, but his quality of agarwood incense was definitely a holy item in the office.

The aromatic richness 2 went without saying.

Calmness 2 could allow people to handle office matters better.

They were not impatient and their efficiency doubled.

As for qi circulation 2, it was a divine item for staying up late.

In medical science, qi circulation referred to liver depression and stagnation, which meant that there was something wrong with the liver.

Staying up late meant burning the liver.

The aperture opening here referred to the blockage of the cardiovascular acupoints and was also a problem that could easily be caused by staying up late.

There was naturally no need to talk about promoting body circulation 2.

A healthy persons body circulation function was definitely very good.

Reducing dizziness and fatigue by 2 was what happened when an office worker used his brain for a long time.

For a specific group of people, this thing was expensive for a reason.

He had to keep these things in his office.

One box for himself and one for Zhao Moqing.

Zhao Moqing was working harder than him now.

Not only did she have to manage the finances, but she also carefully took care of some tedious matters and paid attention to the employees situation.

It was a blessing for a boss like him to have such a virtuous wife.

However, there were too few of these things.

The agarwood tree that was cut in the game was only made into two small boxes of incense.

The total weight was less than 200 catties.

However, even if it was only 200 catties, it was priceless.

Even if Jack Ma appeared to buy it for 20,000 yuan a catty, he would not sell it.

He and Zhao Moqing didnt even have enough for themselves.

Given the size of his and Zhao Moqings office, it would take about 3 to 4 catties of incense to leave a fragrance in their office.

These two boxes were not enough for him and Zhao Moqing to use for long.

Qin Lin solemnly put away the two boxes of agarwood incense powder.

Then, he touched the desk of Quality 1 rosewood and brought it out of the game to the minivan.

Then, he entered the game again and brought out the red sandalwood tea table and theHeaven Rewards the Diligent plaque made of rosewood.

This plaque could still be hung in the office.

After moving everything out, Qin Lin started the car again and pulled them all to the villa.

When he reached the parking lot, he called Chen Dabei as usual and asked him to bring more people over to help move the things.

Chen Dabei was also very good at moving goods.

When the boss asked him to bring more people, he directly brought a team of security guards over.

Qin Lin instructed directly, “Move all these things to the office area.

Also, get Master Ma to hang that plaque on my office.”

Master Ma was a woodworker specially hired by the villa.

Sometimes, he could help the various departments make some additions.

Chen Dabei was the first to climb into the car.

When he saw the high-end desk and tea table, he subconsciously asked, “Boss, this desk and tea table dont look cheap.

What material are they made of”

Qin Lin had no need to hide this.

“Theyre all made from rosewood.”

“Rosewood Isnt that expensive” Chen Dabei had heard of this thing before.

Although he didnt know the details, he knew that it was valuable.

Seeing his security guards get into the car and start moving things, he hurriedly said, “Be careful.

Its expensive.

Dont knock it.”

These security guards had all been discharged from the military and were trained in the army.

They were not so weak that they would bump into each other when carrying such a small amount of things.

They quickly moved everything out of the car.

After entering the villa, Chen Dabei led his men straight to the office.

This commotion naturally attracted Zhao Moqing and a few accountants in the office.

They all came out, curious.

“Qin Lin, is this a desk and tea table” Zhao Moqing asked curiously, “Doesnt your office already have a desk and tea table”

Qin Lin explained, “When I was customizing the signboard previously, the other party had some aged rosewood and red sandalwood, so I booked this desk, tea table, and plaque.”

Zhao Moqing said in surprise, “Red sandalwood and rosewood That must cost a lot of money, right I heard that these two types of wood are very expensive.”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “Its a little expensive.

The money from the villa might have to be transferred to my account first.”

“More than two million” Zhao Moqing was obviously shocked by the price.

A table, a tea table, and three plaques, and this two million yuan was gone

She immediately snorted.

“Youre willing to buy this for more than two million yuan.

What a spendthrift.”

However, after saying that, she did not say anything else.

After all, Qinglin Villa was already very famous for its development and was about to apply for a 4A scenic spot.

Moreover, there was a food company and he had taken over the winery.

As the chairman, Qin Lins office had to be more high-end.

After all, he was a representative.

In the future, he would definitely receive rich people like Mr.

Chen and Mr.


“This is the signboard” Zhao Moqing looked at the signboard that the three security guards were holding.

When she saw the shape of the signboard and the words “Qinglin Villa” on it, she was immediately surprised.

“This handwriting is too good.

I feel like Im admiring art.”

She had seen countless signs since she was young.

The shops on the street, the company signs in the metropolis.

But she had never thought that a sign could be made so grandly, as if it were a work of art.

Qin Lin smiled and said, “These are the words that Mr.

Chen helped find for a calligraphy master.

The other party is the vice president of Min Provinces Calligraphy Association.”

“No wonder the words are so lively.” Zhao Moqing nodded.

Suddenly, she thought of something and asked, “Is this sign board also very expensive”


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