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In the office, Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing played around for a while before Zhao Moqing received a call and went out to settle some matters.

He, on the other hand, looked at the game on the screen in his mind.

Then, he controlled the game character to go fishing.

After catching all 35 refreshed fish, he controlled the game character to go to Mount Notre Dame with an ax to cut trees.

He controlled the game character to cut down trees every day.

He obtained some precious wood and made it into a desk and tea table.

He could bring it back with him when he went to get the sign.

However, his luck seemed to be very bad today.

He controlled the game characters to cut down all the trees that spawned today.

There were actually six poplar trees and the rest were ordinary trees.

Which meant no harvest at all.

Qin Lin could only sigh.

In the afternoon, he drove the truck to the warehouse and parked it.

He got out and closed the door.

First, he carefully carried the three signs to the car, then entered the game with a thought.

In the game, Qin Lins gains from the past few days appeared.

Desk, tea table, two boxes of incense powder!

They were all created by the wood processor after the trees were cut down and harvested for wood materials.

Besides, he had only made these three things in a few days.

[Rosewood desk: Quality 1]

[Red sandalwood tea table: Quality 1]

Red sandalwood was also one of the 10 most expensive trees.

It was only slightly less expensive than rosewood.

These were all made by Qin Lin with a realistic design plan and were planned to be placed in the office.

The rosewood desk alone required three sets of Quality 1 rosewood materials to build.

These days, he was unlucky.

The rosewood materials he had harvested were all turned into this table.

And this table weighed nearly 140 catties.

Although red sandalwood was not as expensive as rosewood, it still cost more than 3,000 pounds per catty.

The tea table was semi-solid, but it was heavier than a desk.

It weighed 180 catties.

The desk and tea table had already been automatically waxed after the processing machine was completed.

The surface was lustrous and looked very pleasing to the eye.

Moreover, because of the design, the appearance was very high-end and classy.

However, if he brought all these things and the signboard back, they would be worth more than two million yuan.

He would have to transfer a large sum of money from the villa.

Previously, the villas turnover was hundreds of thousands, and a large portion of it was done without capital.

When Zhao Moqing was alone, he could still bluff his way through, because Zhao Moqing trusted him completely.

Now that there were accounting and finance methods, he could not do what he did in the past.

After all, those accountants would definitely be confused about the cost when they counted.

Therefore, after hiring accountants, he would periodically transfer a sum of money to the private accounts that he had set up.

In name, it was the cost of those things that were not part of the game.

What he told Zhao Moqing about this portion of the money was also a secret business channel.

He did not use the villas account.

It was just that the operation was a little troublesome.

In the eyes of others, he had become a middleman between the villa and the suppliers.

However, he had 100% shares of the villa.

It would not be a problem to say that it was a business secret.

Naturally, this money couldnt lie in his account forever.

That would only increase.

Therefore, he transferred all the money into the stock market and used it all to buy Penguins liquid shares.

He was going to have to do the same thing this time.

Buying the shares of a large company like Penguin would usually not result in them being trapped.

If they were in a hurry to sell them, they could just sell them at a lower price.

In any case, they would not have any capital.

Qin Lin then looked at the third item, which was the two boxes of incense powder.

Even rich people like Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen would find it difficult to buy them.

The incense powder was packed in the box that the system had successfully created to be attached.

It was powdery, pale yellow, and delicate in color.

It was incense made from agarwood.

Many people might not have heard of agarwood.

Even many rich people had no access to the stuff.

Agarwoods were the best of the best among incense.

In ancient times, they were called agar.

In ancient times, only the royal family could use it.

Since the Han Dynasty, the royal family had worshiped the heavens, prayed for blessings, worshiped Buddha, worshiped gods, and smoked incense indoors.

Agarwood was the most important incense material.

In ancient China, three essential spices were needed in the bed of the emperor, namely: agarwood, musk, and ambergris.

The agarwood incense was at the head of these three.

Moreover, often the agarwood of a 100d-year-old tree could be made into a grade for the emperor with only a little central part.

Now, the price of real agarwood on the market was ridiculously high.

The most expensive one could reach 13,000 yuan per catty.

Thats right.

13,000 yuan a catty.

But even so, there were still many rich people who would buy the agarwood and light them in their offices when they were working.

Rumor had it that Jack Ma liked to light agarwood incense in his office the most.

Furthermore, it was rumored that he used a rare 20,000 yuan-per-catty agarwood incense made from an unknown number of years of agarwood.

Naturally, this was only a rumor.

Whether it was true or not, he would only know if he went to ask Jack Ma.

In the game, the respawn rate of the agarwood tree was also low.

Ever since that time, Qin Lin had not encountered another agarwood tree respawn.

However, since this tree seed had spawned, no matter how low the probability was, it would definitely spawn again.

Qin Lin took the two boxes of agarwood incense powder.

[Agarwood fragrance powder: Quality 2]

[This is a type of incense powder made from agarwood of Quality 2.

After the incense burner is lit, it will emit a faint and elegant fragrance.

Moreover, it has many effects: Rich fragrance 2, promotes the circulation of the body 2, calms the mind 2, opens the apertures of the Qi, relieves dizziness and fatigue!]


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