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There were two types of bidding documents.

Business and technical.

The wine bottle design plan of Qinglin Villa was considered a technical standard.

After winning the bid, the winnings would be produced according to the blueprint.

As for the difference in materials and production specifications, it depended on how Qinglin Villa chose.

“Ill choose this proposal!” Qin Lin read the four proposals and finally chose the first plan.

This plan was the same as Zhang Shis back then.

It was a little opportunistic.

Zhang Shi had turned the bottom of the milk tea cup into Qinglin Villas Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.

It was a perfect match for the logo of Qinglin Villa.

The company now belonged to Sand City.

Youcheng Countys company did not have the advantage of being in a favorable position.

That was really no ones fault.

The design was not bad.

Unfortunately, they did not know what their villa really wanted.

Although this first plan had borrowed from his imitation bronze wine bottle, or rather, copied a large portion of it, their design plan was completely compatible with Qinglin Medicine Wine.

Although Qinglin Wine was an ordinary series of white wine, it was still from Qinglin Villa.

The other partys plan was very recognizable.

The designs of the other three families were not bad, but it would be too abrupt to put them in the villa.

Technical marks were different from business marks.

Business marks depended on the base price, while technical marks depended on whether the mark could capture the clients heart.

Some people who failed in bidding often self-righteously joined in their many ideas.

Actually, many people who lacked talent were in this situation.

Not only did they not know what their clients wanted, they tried to get them to accept their ideas.

This was like going to the hospital to get some medicine when you had a cold.

In the end, the doctor clearly knew and still wanted you to do this checkup.

Then, the checkup would conclude that you had caught a cold and the 1,000 yuan would be gone.

In the doctors words, this was for your own good, but this was not what you wanted.


What right did they have to force the client to pay them

Qin Ren nodded.

“Alright, lets inform the other party and get them to send the sample over for inspection as soon as possible.”

After this matter was confirmed, Qin Lin looked at Hu Fei and asked, “Hu Fei, how do you feel now”

Hu Fei knew what Qin Lin was asking and immediately said, “President Qin, it doesnt feel that painful anymore.

I feel that it will get better in one night.

It will take almost a week for it to get better without having to apply hemorrhoid cream.

The key is that it will be so uncomfortable after applying that thing.”

Qin Lin nodded and instructed, “Take the rest of the wine back with you.

Tell me when it gets better.”

There was not much medicinal wine, so it was impossible for it to be sold on a large scale.

It could only be used occasionally for activities to increase the popularity and reputation of the villa.

It also made the villa have another legend besides the medicinal wine that nourished the kidneys and strengthened the body.

But he still had to figure out the exact effect first.

This was only a small bottle of wine.

It was not much.

He would treat it as a benefit for Hu Fei, the chief experiencer.

“The rest is for me” Hu Fei immediately took the wine with a look of surprise.

He obviously hadnt expected such a perk.

He was well aware of the discomfort of hemorrhoids, especially since he was a programmer who sat for long periods of time.

This time, it was so serious that he could not eat or sleep in peace.

With this medicinal wine, he felt that he would no longer be afraid of hemorrhoids in the future.

Beside him.

Qin Ren and Chen Dabei looked at the wine in Hu Feis hand with envy.

Chen Dabei was even more vexed.

The boss had asked him first.

If he didnt start acting coy, the wine would be his.

Li Kais figure appeared at the entrance of the backyard again.

He sighed slightly.

He had also felt the effect of the medicinal wine.

Sometimes when he did experiments, he also sat in front of a microscope for a long time.

He was also prone to acne.

Once it got serious, he would be distraught while doing an experiment.

How could he have missed this bottle of medicinal wine

So, sometimes men really regret missing out.

“What about the three of you How do you feel about hemorrhoids now” Qin Lin looked at Qin Ren, Chen Dabei, and Li Kai.

This freaking embarrassed the three of them.

“Its alright.

Mine isnt serious!” Qin Ren said sheepishly.

Although nine out of 10 men had hemorrhoids, it was still quite difficult to admit that he had hemorrhoids in public.

Chen Dabei also said with an awkward expression, “Boss, its not serious.

I feel better.”

Li Kai was no longer at the backyard door.

Obviously, what Qin Lin could know now was that the medicinal wine for treating hemorrhoids was very effective.

Hu Fei had severe hemorrhoids.

When he went back to see when it would get better, he would know how effective the medicinal wine was.

“President Qin, thank you so much for today.

Ill take this wine back with me.” Hu Fei thanked him like it was a treasure and planned to leave with Qin Ren.

Just as the two of them were about to leave, the walkie-talkie on Chen Dabeis waist rang.

“Supervisor Chen, something happened at the sales center.

Two tourists had a conflict and even fought.”

Chen Dabei immediately stood up and asked the walkie-talkie, “Tell me clearly, what happened Have you informed Captain Hong”

The security guards report came over the intercom again.

“Captain Hong has been informed.

Its just that there may be some trouble this time.

Its a woman whos had a falling-out with a foreign tourist.

That woman even scratched the foreign tourists face.”

“Lets go take a look!” Qin Lin frowned slightly.

As Qinglin Villa developed, not only were the domestic tourists attracted, but some foreign tourists also came.


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