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Li Qing said at the right time, “Boss Qin, be careful.

My uncle is still single at his age.”

“…” Qin Lin was stunned.

Be careful Did he really think he was a woman

However, he suddenly asked Li Qing, “Mr.

Li, if you use Xiangshui Tribute Rice to make wine, that wine must be very good, right”

This was also his way of testing the waters.

Naturally, he had already thought of an excuse for the source of the Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

The Xiangshui Tribute Rice harvested from the paddy field was actually a bit of a waste, except for the Quality 2 ones that were kept at home to eat.

That was why he had this idea of making wine from Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

After the winery took over, although the winery could use the reputation of Qinglin Medicine Wine to publicize it, there had to be something outstanding among the ordinary wines.

That batch of aged wine could be used up in the beginning, but it would be used up later.

If he could brew some of the wine made by the ringing water and rice every year, even if it was only a very small number, it would definitely make countless people flock to it.

It would also be a style and publicity.

Li Qing was clearly shocked by Qin Lins bold idea.

“Boss Qin, are you sure youre not joking Is it Xiangshui Tribute Rice”

That thing was extremely rare.

His family could get some every year, but they could only get enough to satisfy their cravings.

With such a rare quantity, who would dare to think of brewing wine with it

“It is.” But Qin Lin nodded with certainty.

When Li Qing received this agreement, he asked anxiously, “You can brew wine, but where did you get Xiangshui Tribute Rice from”

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“I used Qinglin Medicine Wine to exchange for it!” Qin Lin smiled and started to fabricate a story.

“Someone came to contact me and said that they had connections.

Someone wanted to use Xiangshui Tribute Rice to exchange for some Qinglin Medicine Wine, but there wasnt much rice.”

“Damn, how can that be” Li Qing was shocked by this.

This was something he hadnt even thought about.

After all, he didnt have Xiangshui Tribute Rice or Qinglin Medicine Wine.

But when he thought about it carefully, the reputation of Qinglin Medicine Wine had already spread.

Everyone knew that Qinglin Medicine Wine was better and more high-end than the Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

Under such circumstances, it was really possible to exchange Qinglin Medicine Wine for Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

Moreover, now that someone had come looking for him, it would depend on Boss Qin if he wanted to exchange it with the Qinglin Medicine Wine.

Li Kai suddenly felt as if he had discovered a new continent.

There were many good things in the country.

Xiangshui Tribute Rice, the medicinal wine of the two inherited families, and many such rare items.

These things were difficult to obtain even for someone of their familys status, but what if the person who owned them wanted the other partys things

People who owned these things didnt exchange things like this in private, did they

The more Li Qing thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible.

Otherwise, why would someone come looking for him when Qinglin Medicine Wine had just become famous

This was really something he could not come into contact with.

No wonder they said that there was a rat path and a snake path.

If it was not the right path, it was useless.

As for the people and connections that Qin Lin mentioned, Li Qing did not probe further.

After all, it would not be good to ask about some things.

He might offend a group of people.

“Can you really exchange it for Xiangshui Tribute Rice” Li Qing asked again.

“I think so,” Qin Lin said in uncertainty.

That was the excuse he had in mind.

Besides, no one else had any way of proving the truth.

Even if someone wanted to ask, he could choose not to tell them.

Who was he to tell them Li Qing and the others would not ask further, so they were very comfortable with each other.

Other than those who were sent to the capital, the rest would be sent to various places.

As long as they controlled the number, they would not be able to confirm it.

In the future, the Xiangshui Tribute Rice seeds could be said to have been obtained this way.

After all, it could not be planted anywhere else, and the control of the seed was not too strict.

If he triggered the mutation, it would be because Youcheng Countys geographical environment was good.

In addition, Li Kai was a professional.

What did it have to do with Qin Lin

If this news could spread from Li Qing, it would be equivalent to doing this.

Tool people had to be useful.

Li Qing said anxiously, “Boss Qin, you have to hand it to me when the time comes.

Ill brew it for you personally.

Ive never drunk wine made from Xiangshui Tribute Rice.”

“Sure, Ill definitely let Mr.

Li come.” Qin Lin smiled and nodded.

Beside them, Li Kai looked at the two of them in shock.

Naturally, he knew about Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

But what were these two discussing Brewing wine with Xiangshui Tribute Rice

He wanted to drink this kind of wine too.


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