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“Sign it!” Li Qing handed the contract to Li Kai without even looking at it.

After Li Kai took the contract, he only took a rough look at it and signed it after confirming the ownership of the thesis, academics, and books.

Then, he returned one of them to Qin Lin.

“Brother Qin, now that we can be considered partners, I can study it without worry.”

“Happy cooperation.” Qin Lin took the contract with a smile.

The contract with Li Kai was a little casual and was completed easily.

There was indeed no need for too many situations for both sides.

After chatting with the two of them for a while, Qin Lin took the contract to his office and placed it in a safe that Zhao Moqing had bought for him.

As noon approached, he went into the game and killed a wild fish of Quality 2 and two 3-catty Quality 2 eels out of the space.

The eel and loach were cultivated in paddy fields.

He had never taken out the Quality 2 ones, so he had a lot of stock.

Qin Lin carried the fish and the eel to the original hall.

He planned to personally cook for Li Kai to celebrate signing the contract!

The eel was also a fish.

The fish culinary skills he had obtained from the game could also serve as additional attributes when making the eel.

In the hall, Li Kai was still looking at the melon and taking notes.

Qin Lin was puzzled when he saw this.

The watermelon had already been cut open, so what was there to see

He saw that Li Kai was seriously memorizing something, as if there was really something going on.

Li Qing, on the other hand, was on the phone with Lin Liuping.

“Honey, you know my uncles personality.

How can I be at ease Ill only be at ease after watching him for a few days.”

Li Kai looked up and glared at Li Qing.

“Dont use me as an excuse if you dont want to go back.”

Li Qing hurriedly hung up the phone.

When he saw Qin Lin coming in with fish and eel, he said in surprise, “Boss Qin, you specially brought fish and eel over.

Are we going to have a good meal at noon”

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He had eaten a lot of good food in Qinglin Villa, but what he kept thinking about was Boss Qins fish banquet.

That was the kind of taste that people would never forget after eating it once.

“Its also a happy thing to sign the contract.

Lets celebrate next time in the kitchen.” After saying that, Qin Lin carried the Quality 2 black carp and eel into the kitchen.

“Boss Qin, then I think you should celebrate more often.” After Li Qing received confirmation, his eyes lit up as he followed her into the kitchen.

Qin Lin put down the fish and eel and took the knife to deal with them.

He had never practiced any knife skills, but after obtaining the fish culinary skills, he was an old master at handling fish.

Li Qing watched from the side as Qin Lin handled the fish smoothly.

It was quite pleasing to the eye.

He really admired Boss Qin.

Not only were his accomplishments in wine better than his, but the fish he made was even better than the dishes at Old Yangs Red Door Feast.

Now that Old Yang was already old, everyone knew that he couldnt hold a banquet anymore.

While everyone was feeling regretful, no one knew that Boss Qin wasnt inferior to Old Yang.

Soon, a dish of delicious 3, texture 3, appetite 1, and many other effects were served.

“Leave it to me.” Li Qing took the fish almost immediately and carried it out of the kitchen.

When he was outside and placed it on the table, he said to Li Kai, “Uncle, quickly bring these melons over.

Youre lucky this afternoon.

You can eat good food as soon as you come.”

Only then did Li Kai put away his pen and take the watermelon aside.

Li Qing put down the braised fish and went back to the kitchen.

A moment later, he came out with another serving of fish soup and steamed fish.

Putting down the fish soup and steamed fish, he was satisfied to see that the braised fish was still intact.

“You didnt eat without me, good.”

Li Kai immediately had an opinion.

“Li Qing, do you think Im a glutton or plain silly Its just a plate of braised fish.

Why would I eat without you”

However, Li Qing smiled and did not say anything.

He could not wait to go to the spare disinfectant cabinet to get a bowl.

He was very familiar with this place now.

After taking out three sets of cutlery and distributing them, he picked up his bowl and ordered a portion of fish soup.

After taking a bite, he looked intoxicated.

“This is the taste.

Uncle, this meal is really thanks to you.”

“Li Qing, can you not act like youve never seen the world during a meal” Li Kai shook his head at his nephews exaggerated behavior.

After all, he was someone who had eaten the Red Door Feast before.

Was there a need for a meal

He also picked up his chopsticks and put a piece of braised fish into his mouth.

Then he was stunned.

This taste… seemed to be even better than the Red Door Feast.

Li Qing teased at the same time, “Uncle, do you suddenly feel like youve never seen the world”

Li Kai really couldnt argue with that.

Who would have thought that Boss Qins culinary skills were so good

Wasnt it said that his attainments in wine were very high, even surpassing his nephew How did he still have the energy to study culinary skills so highly

At this moment, Qin Lin also walked out with the last two eel dishes.

One was fried and the other was braised.

After he put down the things, Li Qing made way for him and got him a bowl of fish soup.

“Boss Qin, sit.”

Qin Lin sat down and took Li Qings fish soup with a smile.

Li Kai had already picked up another piece of braised meat and put it into his mouth.

He looked as intoxicated as Li Qing.

Taste 3, Delicious 3, Food 1.

It was also a pleasure for everyone.

After finishing the bowl of fish soup, Li Kai couldnt help but look at Qin Lin and say, “Boss Qin, if only you were a woman.

With your culinary skills, I really want to marry you.”


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