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When Li Qing heard his uncles words, he subconsciously looked at Qin Lin.

Money didnt do much for families like theirs.

It was troublesome.

But having a reputation was different.

Good reputation and fame were definitely a huge support for their family.

At the very least, it would make people feel that their family was upright.

His family knew about his uncles research and knew that if his research could produce results, it would definitely bring his family a lot of fame.

Li Qing also said to Qin Lin, “Boss Qin, dont worry.

My uncle can sign a contract with you.

You can sponsor the research.

The contract states that the patent for the research is yours.”

“Besides, in our situation, we cant touch anything except this name.

Otherwise, well get ourselves into trouble.”

Qin Lin still believed in Li Qings character.

Moreover, with the popularity of the villa and the number of fans, he was not worried that Li Kai would play any tricks with his research.

It was not a joke to cause online public opinion.

Most importantly, the Li family was a family that had been around for several generations.

They would not ruin their reputation for a watermelon.

What he was thinking was that Li Qing could help him cover up with the wine, but Li Kai was a better tool.

Who asked him to be an expert in this area

He not only had watermelon seeds, but also Xiangshui Tribute Rice seeds.

There would even be other seeds in the future.

However, he had to think about how to make it look normal and plan carefully.

Therefore, Qin Lin immediately said to Li Kai, “Mr.

Li, I naturally cant ask for more if you want to study this watermelon.

Since its considered sponsored research, Ill arrange a special bridal room and an office for you.

There are many empty offices in the villa.”

Li Kai was even more anxious than Qin Lin in this matter.

When he saw Qin Lin agree, his face was immediately filled with joy.

“Brother Qin, dont worry.

Ill definitely make sure that I understand this melon.

When you earn money, Ill publish a thesis and write a book to complement it.”

His form of address had changed from Boss Qin to Brother Qin.

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Li Kai said to Li Qing, “Li Qing, why are you still standing there Go get someone to send the things from the research institute over.

Dont delay our business.”

“…” Li Qing rolled his eyes at his uncle, but he started making arrangements on his phone.

Li Kai said to Qin Lin anxiously, “Boss Qin, go and prepare the contract too.

Lets quickly sign the contract so that I can rest assured, right”

“Sure!” Qin Lin looked at Li Kai, who was even more anxious than him, and nodded with a smile.

Then, he called Gao Yaoyao over and asked her to arrange the first bridal chamber for Li Kai.

After that, he went to his office to find Senior Brother Chus WeChat and sent a message.

“Senior Brother Chu, are you free Help me draft a contract.”

At the same time, he transferred 20,000 yuan.

This was the fee for a senior lawyer like Senior Brother Chu to draw up a contract.

He naturally did not know anything about sponsorship research and patent ownership contracts.

He still had to rely on Senior Brother Chu.

Senior Brother Chu quickly replied, “Qin Lin, the need for your legal business is indeed increasing.

Tell me, what are your requirements this time”

Qin Lin briefly explained his situation with Li Kai, but hid Li Kais identity.

Senior Brother Chu replied, “Alright, Ive made a note of it.

Now that our law firms Director Robin is holding a senior lawyers meeting, I can only go back tonight and help you rush it out.

Ill send it to you tomorrow.”

“Sorry to trouble you, Senior Brother Chu,” Qin Lin replied and put down his phone.

A day passed.

Early the next morning, Qin Lin moved the things in the game out.

After transporting them to the villa, he went to the backyard again to see the situation of the watermelon vines in the greenhouse.

As soon as he entered, he saw that Li Kai was already squatting in the small watermelon field and sprinkling water inside.

He didnt know what he was doing.

When he saw Qin Lin enter, Li Kai said, “The situation in the greenhouse is very good.

It will bloom and pollinate soon.

Anyway, theres not much left.

At that time, I will directly pollinate it manually.

You dont have to catch any flying insects.”

“Thank you, Mr.

Li.” Qin Lin nodded and walked into the greenhouse.

As expected, the remaining watermelon vines did not continue to show signs of withering.

Instead, the situation became much better after a night.

It also reassured him that he didnt have to start wasting time planting again.

It was nearing noon.

Qin Lin received the contract document from Senior Brother Chu in his office.

He downloaded and printed it immediately, then went to the original hall to look for Li Kai.

In the hall.

Li Qing and Li Kai sat at a table by the window.

In front of them were some watermelons.

He could tell from the dirt still on the watermelon rind that it was from the watermelon field in the backyard.

It had been cut open without washing.

But neither of them ate the melons.

Li Kai sat staring at the watermelon.

Li Qing stared at Li Kai helplessly.

“Uncle, its a waste for you to cut the melon and not eat it.”

However, Li Kai replied, “This watermelon is sweeter and has a better texture.

It must be made up of different ingredients such as carbohydrin, glutamate, arginine, phosphate, endorphine, and so on.”

“…” Li Qing fell silent again.

He could only remain silent about his uncles incongruity.

Seeing Qin Lin coming over with a document, he hurriedly greeted, “Boss Qin, have you prepared the contract”

“Yes, take a look at the contract.” Qin Lin handed the contract and a pen to Li Qing.


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