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“The key is that this kind of guy has yet to remind the readers in the book.

If this watermelon seed goes extinct and affects my research, I will definitely post on the forum to criticize him for misleading the children.”

“…” Qin Lin.

At this moment, Li Kai handed the watermelon vine that he had pulled out to Qin Lin and said, “Do you see that The two roots are entangled together.

Genetic mutation species and ordinary species usually have an invasive relationship.

This will happen when the roots are intertwined.”

Qin Lin could not understand what Li Kai meant by exploiting their relationship.

He could only be confused.

This time, Li Kai could tell that Qin Lin didnt understand, so he said bluntly, “Its just that you planted it too close.

The distance between ordinary species is still alright, but yours has to be further away, so I pulled out some of the vines between your two species.

This way, theres enough distance between them.

Well see what happens in the next two days.”

Qin Lin had to admit that a professional was different.

He could tell that there was a problem with this, but he still asked curiously, “Mr.

Li, this distance has increased and is beyond the pollination distance.

What should we do”

Li Kai frowned and asked, “Havent you ever been to junior high school Dont you understand this basic biological principle”

“Uh!” Of course, Qin Lin had been to junior high school, but he was stunned by the question.

How could he remember what he had learned in junior high He had forgotten all about high school.

Now that he had been out in society for more than a year, he had started to forget about college, okay

Li Kai shook his head and said, “Catch some flying insects, like bees.

If you really cant do it, Ill pollinate it one by one by hand.

How simple is that”

“…” Qin Lin seemed to know why Li Qing looked so helpless now.

This was really a f*cking blow.

It was so simple for a professional like him, but he had never come into contact with it before.

Li Kai didnt waste any more time talking.

He started moving around the shed again, pulling out a lot of watermelon vines and throwing them outside.

In an instant, the two types of watermelon vines that Qin Lin had planted previously became a little sparse.

“Okay, thats about it for now.” Li Qing patted the dirt from his hands.

“Depends on the growth.

If nothing goes wrong, both kinds of melons will bloom and pollinate.

The timing is pretty accurate.”

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Li Qing smiled and said, “In order to calculate the time, I specially kept an eye on it.

This kind of watermelon grows twice as fast as normal melons!”

“Twice…” Li Kai opened his mouth in surprise when he heard this.

He had guessed that the growth cycle after the mutation of the melon genes would be different, but he really did not expect it to be twice as fast.

He knew for a fact that some old guy was doing experiments on the shortened growth cycle of watermelons.

It had taken that guy a long time to shorten the growth cycle of watermelons just a little.

But now, this watermelon seed that he had accidentally obtained could grow twice as fast.

If that old fellow found out, he would probably vomit blood.

This was fate!

As Li Kai thought about it, he suddenly said to Qin Lin in embarrassment, “Boss Qin, can I ask you for a favor”


Li, please go ahead.

Ill definitely help you if I can,” Qin Lin said with a smile.

Li Kai was still a little conflicted.

In the end, he said in embarrassment, “Um, can I stay at your place The kind where I dont know when Ill leave Li Qing will pay.”

“What Why should I pay for it” Li Qing was stunned.

“No, didnt you say that you wanted to solve the problem quickly and rush back to Ming City”

“Li Qing, dont slander me.

Which ear of yours heard me say that” Li Kai immediately denied righteously.

“…” Li Qing was speechless.

He was already so old, could he not be so childish

Li Kai ignored Li Qing and said to Qin Lin seriously, “Boss Qin, your melon might be helpful to the experimental problem Im doing now.

Therefore, I want to study your melon.

Dont worry, Ill only publish papers, academics, and books through the fruits of this melon research.

The patent rights for the fruits will be yours.”

These words stunned Qin Lin.

Li Kais meaning was very straightforward.

As long as the other party was famous, everything else would belong to him.


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