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[Congratulations on obtaining an ordinary rosewood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining an ordinary rosewood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining Quality 1 rosewood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining Quality 2 rosewood!]

[Congratulations on obtaining Quality 2 rosewood!]

In some game terms, that was a big hit, wasnt it

Qin Lin immediately became motivated and controlled the game to continue searching for trees.

Todays discovery of trees revealed several new species: willow, rubber, fir, and so on.

Moreover, the yew appeared stubbornly.

Seeing how stubborn it was, Qin Lin reluctantly picked up the materials after cutting it down.

He would go back and sell them in the game!

However, the rosewood did not appear again.

This also showed that the trees that could be cut down were also very random.

The refreshed trees were also different.

Seeing that there were no more trees to cut on Mount Notre Dame, Qin Lin locked the office door.

With a thought, he entered the game and saw the information about the quality of the rosewood.

[Chinese Rosewood: Quality 2]

[This is a special kind of wood cut from a rosewood tree: fragrance reduction 2, wood hardness 2, texture perception 2, insect repellent 2.]

Then, he looked at the growth rings.

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“321 growth rings”

Qin Lin was really shocked this time.

This Quality 2 rosewood was directly more than 100 years old This year was also very rare on the market.

And what was the price of a 100-year-old rosewood

It was really not mentioned in the news that Qin Lin had seen.

He was not sure either, so he could only log out of the game again and search online immediately.

However, the information they found was varied.

Some said that the 100-year-old rosewood was 10,000 yuan per catty, some said 15,000 yuan per catty, and some said 20,000 yuan per catty.

This was a price difference based on the diameter, hardness, and texture of the white wood removed.

His game was enhanced by attributes, so it shouldnt be a problem to sell it for 20,000 yuan at the most expensive price, right

Just as Qin Lin was thinking about it, he received a message on WeChat.

It was from Chen Shengfei, the blueprint for the signature template.

“Boss Qin, its done.” Chen Shengfei also sent a message.

Unexpectedly, Mr.

Chen had taken care of everything yesterday.

The first design had the words “Qinglin Villa” written on it.

It was written by Master Chen Fengwu.

When he saw the wordsQinglin Villa, Qin Lins eyes lit up.

Even if he didnt know calligraphy, he still felt that it was written really well.

The brush strokes were round and full of energy, reminding him of a poem that praised the calligraphy of a brush.

“The dew is full of spring, and the clouds are falling!”

This was a true master painter.

There was a huge difference between him and a certain master who could do it.

In addition to the signboard template, there was also aQinglin Brewery signboard.

The words were still perfect and highly appreciated.

Without hesitation, Qin Lin downloaded the blueprint and printed out the blueprint template before bringing it into the game.

Then, he immediately logged out of the game and controlled the game character to bring the blueprint and Quality 2 rosewood to the machine experience hall.

Soon, two signboards for Qinglin Villa were built, as well as one for Qinglin Liquor Factory.

This one was made from a Quality 1 rosewood material.

After all, there werent many people who saw it at the winery, so he didnt need it to be of high quality.

When Qin Lin entered the game again and saw the three branded items, he was very satisfied.

Especially when he saw the wordsQinglin Villa, he could feel an atmosphere and an inexplicable attraction without looking at the attached information.

The words did not have any signs of being processed at all.

In fact, they were even more lively than Master Chen Fengwus handwriting on the template.

This was unbelievable.

Usually, no matter how well a master wrote, it would seem a little rigid after being processed into a plaque.

His signboard was even more lively than what the master had originally written.

Even Master Chen Fengwu would be shocked to see it, right

Qin Lin went forward and picked up one of the signs.

The 100-year-old rosewood was denser and heavier.

This sign weighed about 20 catties.

Then he calculated and was shocked himself.

Wasnt the price of this sign 400,000 to 500,000 yuan

This wouldnt be stolen if it was hung outside the villa, would it

When the time came, they would probably have to get a camera and send security guards to watch the signboard.

Moreover, if this price was known, it would probably cause a sensation.

Which scenic spots sign could be worth hundreds of thousands

With the masters inscription, perhaps many stories would be made up about the rosewood signs.

At that time, it might even become a famous scenic spot.

When the tourists arrived at Qinglin Villa, they would probably stop, look up, and take photos.


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